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Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 20th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 20th Night of May 2019.CE
Jewish compliant Corporations Campaigning for the Jewish EU
The subversive Jewish-Supremacists are so desperate they have bullied their own allies into fanatical and futile political campaigning to desperate degrees of transparency.
The Jewish dominated and dictated to EU corporate scene has been bullied and lobbied by their Jewish staff and various campaign initiatives and talking groups into pushing corporate brands into overt political campaigning to attempt to sure up the EU's failing brand. These desperate Jewish frauds masquerading as 'neutral or 'concerned' activists, intellects, advisors and campaigners are so worried about the collapse of the EUs authority they are seeking to artificially hold it up by motivating indoctrinated corporate product users to go and mindlessly vote for what the platforms or products they use tell them to vote for. The message is clear: the Jewish dominated corporate scene is demanding, begging, imploring its users and even employees to vote to keep the EU together and continue the destruction of Europeans racially through the continuance of mass-movement and accompanied economic encirclement  of the EU and its regulations over their lives.

The EU put out a massive video basically designed to scare millennial European Women into not wanting to have children via all the emotion-laden and serious faces and screams of pain through a 3 minute long childbirth focused video that apparently is about telling them to vote: when it's clear, dysgenic aim is to reduce the native European birth-rate.
The EU has quite frankly given up on democratic approval: it knows its failing: it has turned to demographic manipulation efforts and is desperately trying to decrease the European population whilst importing non-whites. It has lapsed into a last ditch demographic warfare approach assisted by democratic vote manipulation or lies, false arguments and even employee-coercion of all the Jewish ideology compliant corporations and companies it has suckered into doing business under its rules.

The EU has encouraged these companies: its Jewish initiatives and lobbying entities have 'implored' or bullied companies into campaigning to get their more gullible supporters to go out and vote to attempt to counter the huge, seismic impact that will be the tectonic increase of anti-EU representatives in the EU Parliament and the knock on effect of increased confidence of the electorate in each European nation to have referendums against EU membership: one of which it has already lost through that exact process (the rise of UKIP, through victories in MEP elections primarily and the effect that then had on victories in parliamentary by-elections, forcing the Conservatives to grant a referendum which we the English people then won against the EUs worst efforts). The EU has turned in desperation to its loyal economic consumers and distributors of worthless products and services to help them -suppress- the awakening of European races to the nature of the EU (and thus the  Jewish and Jewish ideology coerced economic and political establishment).

Spotify, Microsoft, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Volkswagen, Iberdrola are among the hundreds of major corporations who have been promoting voting in the EU elections: the effect is they proportionally increase the turnout of the 'usual' unthinking (leftwing) voting base: the more gullible, less electorally active and less informed people (who think they are better educated because of x piece of paper says they are) their power relies upon in elections. Additionally US based, Jewish-compliant companies have been interfering also: encouraging their typically leftwing user or consumer base to vote. Among these (as well as the aforementioned Microsoft, Google, Youtube, Facebook and pretty much all the social media companies) are companies such as 3M and Lime (an e-scooter company) which is providing its leftwing users free scooter hire-rides to polling stations.

This is literally electoral bussing: they are moving their support base to where our support base normally is found: voting. This is being done by their own admission to create a more pro-EU outcome, i.e.: in order to defile and degrade the electoral outcome in accordance with their Jewish subversive aims (in examples such as Facebook) or Jewish-derived ideologies or Jewish-ideology compliant tendencies in the examples of companies (such as Volkswagen) not directly headed by Jewish Subversives, but dictated to (or forcefully-advised) by them.

Some of these companies have been manipulated so badly that they think supporting the EU is in their economic interests; seemingly having a selective memory for the economic crisis's the EU has created in Greece, Spain, Portugal as well as the huge wastages, restrictions and banning of entire products that occur periodically when the EU institutes a new set of rules.

The reality is that the perspective of these major corporations can only be explained by understanding that their 'perspective' is not actually a normal healthy perspective but is largely dictated to by Jewish lobbyists and campaign groups. Additionally all of the top CEOs and executives came through Jewish-ideology dominated universities which in almost all cases will have indoctrinated them into thinking the EU is somehow 'necessary' for business: when it is certainly not.

“Companies look at the Brexit referendum and see that the interests of companies did not come out as they hoped. They see that the future of Europe is single market [and as a single political] cooperation... It is a good thing that companies are taking their responsibilities seriously and campaigning for people to go and vote.”
- Fabian Zuleeg head of the  European Policy Centre, a Brussels based think-tank (ideology enforcement agency).

Ignacio Galan, CEO of Iberdrola, a Spanish energy producer claimed subversively that Europe could only provide security and prosperity to its 500million citizens (read: prisoners/gulag residents) through ensuring further political consolidation of power in Brussels.

“This is the best way to provide a stable return on investment, and consequently to attract investment and create jobs,”
-Maxime Bureau, Government Affairs Director, 3M (a US industrial conglomerate)

The sheer illogical insanity of these statements (such as the Iberdrola quote above), the regurgitating of non-applicable standardized answers (like in the 3M quote above), can only be explained through Jewish ideology-compliance of these companies. There is no rational, logical economic argument for the EU, based on actual historical precedent or even comparative logic. Infact we have precedents of similar models that failed economically: the USSR, the Latin Monetary Union, the Western/Eastern Roman Empires, Babylon, to name just a few recorded examples.

It was (our unique Northern European peninsula evolutionary environment that forged our racial quality along with separation that made us evolve the way we did and) competition between independent states/nations/tribes that made Europe exceptionally strong throughout our history and these subversives are doing the exact opposite all whilst increasing mass non-white migration. They are trying to trash Europe economically, politically and racially whilst saying that doing so is somehow: insanely 'in the interests' of the economy.

These Jewish indoctrinated and in many instances: directly Jewish directed companies (or their Jewish-dominated PR/campaigns divisions) are trying to use economic lies based upon entire failed theories of economic lies to scare voters into supporting their agenda against their own interests.

These Jewish Subversives are going beyond the pale with lies based upon entire theories of lies in order to try to disguise what it is they actually are working towards: which is the Kalergi plan and economic coercion is a key part of how they are keeping the otherwise powerful political mobilization players (corporations) in line and infact manipulated into working for them against their own long-term interests.

You see the few CEOs such as the head of Tate and Lyle Sugar who is English and who supported leaving the EU as the rare examples of independent minded companies who know the truth about the economic effect of the EU and its trajectory towards Jewish Bolshevik economic and social (already there in terms of migration) policies. The example of the Danish travel company that announced a competition to increase the birth-rate of Danes shows that sensible companies know what is good for them and that is not the EU nor mass-immigration of low-IQd non-whites, but increasing our own birth-rate: and sustaining a high-IQ, inventive, sensible, non-criminality inclined, peaceful democracy-sustaining population capable of achieving economic heights other nations cannot do precisely to their lack of this, civilized, inventive, High-IQ population.

We see this proven in other examples worldwide. But yet these supposedly well educated CEOs and top EU firms are all towing a dysgenic line and trying to hook us on it too in sufficient numbers to vote for the Jewish-ideology inspired EU project: which they must know is not actually good for us or our economy in the long term.

The situation is clear: 90%+ if not 99%+ of the big corporate names are trying to make their employees and users vote for pro-EU parties, not just encouraging them to vote: but telling them who to vote for in broad but transparent terminology. The reality is that most of the users or consumers of these products are more likely to be leftwing, so just encouraging their user base is the same as telling x' proportion of the population to vote for pro-EU groups. Beyond this most of these companies have overtly said to vote for continued 'freedom of movement' aka mass non-white migration and internal migration of those migrants and 'workers' throughout the countries that are imprisoned within the EU. These subversive Jewish dictated-to corporations and overtly Jewish ones alike are adorning malevolent objectives with misleading, ludicrous pro-EU statements.

These Hubris filled freaks fail to truly comprehend the fact that they tried this in the UK: there were huge petitions to the government by all the Jewish and Jewish ideology-knee bending, or subservient CEOs and despite that we voted to Leave. These same subversives have written letter after letter trying to neuter us leaving the EU into a form where basically nothing changes and we 'never leave' under the facade of leaving or if they can: to overturn the result completely. These frauds tell their users to vote but when they vote in a way they don't like: they tell us to vote again or that our vote was a result of lies.
Its hilarious, the hypocrisy is transparent, one has to wonder whether these establishment frauds are just so scared of their Jewish regulators and campaign groups that they are willing to literally say anything (including things they know are false) to satiate the leftist Jewish lobbyists and make themselves look retarded in their sheer hypocrisy and double standards in issuing talking points that are inconsistent with their immediate past behaviour and economic realities.

It is almost as if their heads of PR and campaigns are actually Jewish supremacists (or completely dictated to by deliberately misleading Jewish-Supremacist advisors or successful external lobbying efforts from leftwing Jewish-ideology derived groups) engaging in the same Semitic double standards: where perceptive, intelligent voters are told to not vote but gullible, unperceptive, unthinking last minute impulsive-purchasing grade voters (typical mainstream product or service users) are encouraged to vote. It is both hilariously pathetic and disgusting.

Ensure that you vote this election for the best of the worst: voting does have an impact in MEP elections through the aforementioned example: just like it mattered during our referendum: which we won and without which the EU would have been heading on a trajectory of insane power-consolidation with us forever locked inside.
The UK'S participation in the EU MEP elections occurs this Thursday,  23rd of May (2 days time)

It is critical, especially in knowledge of our enemies attempts at mobilization that you vote: in your respective country for the most genuine and viable anti-EU entity. In the UK, unfortunately we only have one choice: The Brexit Party, in Italy: League of the North, in Greece: Golden Dawn, in France: National Rally, etc.

These are the best of the worst for now: and the EU fears them let alone what comes after them and what comes after them is us: the opposite of the EUs subversion, the natural counter to their century of defilement will be brought to an end and reversed and with it all their anti-European dysgenic plans and decades of dysgenic multi-racial gradualism and slow genocide shall in but two gradualist phases be halted and then reversed entirely.
Then we shall have a free Europe of nation states composed purely of actual European racially-defined nations as our ancestors fought for over 40+ millennia's prior to the dysgenic Roman empire and the Jewish subversion that has clung to centres of power throughout the entire period of Europe post Judeo-Christianization.
Two millennia of gradualist subversion will be reversed: our people don't seem to realise (and the controlled opposition do everything they can to stop them realising) the profound nature of our struggle right now and the importance of voting this election to enable our reverse gradualist two-step manoeuvre to freedom and a future for our nations.

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