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Article Author: Dan Rayner / Article Published: 18th Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 18th Night of April 2019.CE
The False narrative that Israel is a 'friend and ally' of the West: Israel is our natural, number one Enemy.

The narrative that Jewish Supremacists can ever be natural partners in a theoretical fight against Islam is a distractionist lie: they will always be our Enemies and they celebrate European ethnic and societal replacement.

There is a vicious, insidious lies being propagated on the internet: that somehow Israel is an ally or friend in the fight against mass-immigration or 'Islamification' globally. This narrative is false. This viciously subversive lie is pushed by numerous fraudulent individuals, even fake heathens and supposedly aware, alternative websites whose agenda is to control the emerging form of European racial nationalism into being less of a threat to Jewish interests and Israel. We know Israel wants Europe overrun by migration as many Israeli figures have celebrated this: including elected politicians and respected academics and community leaders: the below picture is just one example of this:
Equally false is the notion that Israel, the Jewish Supremacist's ethno state is somehow a key 'geopolitical partner' or 'friend' to the West despite its attacks against us directly and indirectly through the promotion of mass immigration and the authoring of such; for example by the Minister for Immigration and Asylum in the UK from 1999-2001 Barbara Roche, who oversaw the policy-change on migration under New Labour to increase migration exponentially: as Peter Mandelson referred to it, they: "sent out search parties for migrants".

In addition to this subversion there is a long history of aggression against European mankind, from  Jewish slave traders enslaving European men, women and children throughout the Roman era, followed by the proto-communism that was Christianity to modern examples. In modern history we have numerous unconfirmed (due to the Jewish Media domination that does not report on their occurrence or relays the false narratives given to cover for them at other times) examples but also known examples such as the attack by Israel on the USS liberty to try to blame it on Egypt. Still to this day they deny it was intentional, as their control of Wikipedia indicates.

One example they could not deny was the Lavon-Affair and back immediately after world war two the historical attacks against the British mandate of Palestine, that follow that same trajectory of false-flag terrorism to incite us into wars versus their enemies for them, as happened versus Iraq, Libya and almost in Syria and Iran. Do not forget we were in a state of war against the terrorist groups that founded Israel in 1947, Britain was at war versus Jewish terrorists, openly, this has never truly ended in the conflict between Jewish Supremacism and us Europeans.

It is clear and self evident that the Jewish quasi-state of Israel (occupied Palestine) in addition to being ultimately anti-Gentile, is specifically viciously anti-European and anti-Germanic, (as seen in the ideology of countless Jewish Subversives from Saul of Tsarsus to modern subversives such as Barbara Spectre) having acted as a  facilitator or artificial enabling factor in lobbying for, manipulating public opinion in regards to and creating the conditions to accelerate mass immigration into Europe.

This has been most recently seen with the Jewish co-ordinated ISIS operation, which systematically aims to undermine Middle-Eastern and North and Saharan African countries with the intention of causing a surge in immigration, whilst also destabilising numerous countries.

It is on record and is thus not even a conspiracy (by the true definition) that the Israeli government openly has articulated and enforced a standing policy to deport their African asylum seekers and immigrants to Sweden and other European countries and it has also been suggested by Israeli government officials to deport them to Australia even (prior to Australia's tightening of its immigration laws), no doubt with a significant potential to commit acts of terrorism. This Jewish subversive immigration manipulation is in itself a form of demographic terrorism against European nations, as well as being the sole enabling factor in enabling thousands of potential terrorists entering European nations. These are acts of war. Do not ever forget this. We are at war here.

Israel supports Islamic terrorism against European nations and takfiri terrorism simultaneously against all the Muslim states (Syria, Iran, etc) that even so much as refuse to agree to, or capitulate to Israel's dominance over the middle east and the wider world.  The reality is that we have more natural allies in the Islamic world internationally (such as Syria and Iran) in the fight, civil and economic, against Israel, with the aim of disarming (both bio-weapons and nuclear weapons)and  the dismantling of the terrorist regime of Tel-Aviv (Israel) to restore Palestine as a 'multicultural state' where all Jews can go and live and mix with Palestinians with equal rights and laws against discrimination just like they promoted as our fate here in Europe, which they surely cannot oppose consistently without further vindicating the truth of their malicious intentions towards us Europeans in the West and globally.

Simultaneously: Jewish lobbyists continuously seek to undermine the homogeneity and violate the sovereignty of all European nations, as we can see in our homeland of England through the use of mass non-European immigration and race relations laws which are all legislative products of the recently exposed Jewish financed and dictated Labour party, the same is true of the entire 'Left' within the European Nations, if we did not have Subversive Jewish Supremacists within our political policy and opinion formation infrastructure (the media, education and the government, including in the semi-permanent civil service which largely remains unchanged despite any  election changes in governments) then we would not have such a thing as the 'Left' in existence within our nations. It is 99% Jewish Supremacist co-ordinated, the true realisation of what this means is often hard for people to properly understand, the magnitude of the Jewish Subversive role in creating the self defined 'Left' politically, socially and multiculturally is all-encompassing and infuriating.

There is no such thing as an organic leftwing movement, they simply cannot and do not exist, by definition and proven by empirical observation of the causes or founders of such movements. The genocidal, racist hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacists knows no bounds and must be exposed by each and every logical , rational individual in Europe and worldwide.

  We who are aware must each in our own way partake in the international boycott against the Jewish Supremacist quasi-state, its subversive narratives (including the insidious and false notion that somehow Jews are allies in some 'clash of civilizations' against Islam) and 100% of all Jewish Supremacist retailers, political parties, media companies, education programs, financiers and individuals. This boycott effort must start immediately in your own life: check product labels, check suppliers, do your homework, even with things such as the owners of your electricity, gas suppliers or internet service providers.

Considering that we are at war: this is the least you should be doing...
Perhaps you should be writing articles (applicable to all readers) or if you live in England: to join our network of political grassroots mobilization: Email English Asatru At Protonmail Dot Com for inquiries. English News will publish any articles that are in accordance with our politically and racially well-informed English perspective.
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