Article author: Asatro News / Published: 2nd Night of Sol-mōnaþ 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 2nd Night of February 2015 

Zombie Society: The zombie book that metaphorically depicts European ethnic rights issues through striking, thought provoking literary imagery.

One of the major problems when it comes to spreading the message of the European ethnic rights cause is that our people have now, for at least two generations, been conditioned to switch off the moment we mention racial or pro indigenous European ethnic cultural, political or even spiritual issues.

Many of us will be familiar with seeing a dark fog enshroud the eyes of a large proportion of the politically conditioned European person to whom we so much as mention problems like falling demographics, the under reporting of racial crime against ethnic Europeans, the conditioning of our folk through mass media repetition of mixed race coupling: racial degradation and defilement.

Then there is the most publicly important and yet most suppressed issue of all – The exposing of those most responsible for the displacements of Europeans the world over, from the Jewish Supremacists like Barbara Roche, Barbara Spectre, Ed Miliband to the cultural Marxists and Neo-cons such as Tony Blair. A great problem for we folkish individuals is that when talking to a significant proportion of our own population we cannot even name the enemy without some of our own people, whom we’re trying to enlighten, switching off, often resulting in harsh reactions – That’s brain washing for you. And the counter-effort we are courageously engaging in must use multiple methodologies, yes even to attempt to reach and awaken these most indoctrinate cultural Liberals or nihilists.

Our movement desperately needs to devise new methods of delivering our message in a way that will help covertly awaken even our most indoctrinated detractors into understanding our people’s predicament and the need for action. In relation to the most reactive indoctrinate sections of our population this needs to be done in partial-safety, overcoming their irrational fear of being shunned or labeled a “racist” for reading our material. We need our people to start caring about their very survival and we need them to do it quickly. Most importantly, our folk need to sympathise with our message in a way they can actually relate to, even at a deep level.

I’ve often thought that if only we could get our point of view in front of fresh eyes, without the risk of causing the proportion of inevitable negative reactions, then we’d gain avalanches of new sympathisers, supporters and more importantly enact a real cultural change that completely by-passes the need to engage in normal political interaction. This methodology was articulated through an article outlining nine fundamental approaches awakened individuals should seek to enact.

The author K. Bartholomew, who I personally know and have often corresponded with, has intelligently composed a new, subtle mechanism for awakening potentially thousands of individuals at an attitudinal, emotional and logical level.

The internet is currently the primary platform through which we can with ease communicate to our people our message without fear of losing our jobs, homes or University places. Through articles, forums, books and social media, awakened individuals have sought to awaken others, in crude, ineffective forms over the past 50 years. The problem is that unless you’re actually looking for this material, then you’re unlikely to stumble across a well written and convincing article explaining how Jews are behind the demographic displacement and disenfranchisement of ethnic Europeans around the world. If Andy, James, Edward, Anna, Sarah or Kelly did by chance receive a link to a European folkish or Nationalistic video on their Facebook profile, they’d be unlikely to give it the time it deserves because our people have been conditioned to switch off (the fog) the moment they read words such as; Jew, Nationalist, race, etc. Which is why it is important to use the terms, Jewish Supremacist, folkish, ethnic and indigenous European in place of the otherwise stigmatized reaction-words, which is the essential communication linguistics this website observes and continually adapts in accordance with. But there are methods far beyond this basic requirement of using appropriate terminology. A methodology the author of a new book has sought to pioneer, using completely indirect and implicit methods to awaken his audience, with a substantial potential to awaken large proportions of the fans who often read books of the genre and cult-classic the author has delved into.

Another problem is that such articles are often depressing and not many people are willing to give up their time to be depressed. This website focuses 70% of articles towards positive Asatro philosophy, either fully  or in the uplifting and motivating conclusions to articles and yet still many folk are not motivated.  Even though the immigration threats to our folk are empirically verifiable and real, many people remain indoctrinated, simply because they have not taken the initiative to see what is wrong with our current governmental and immigration situation.

They’d much rather play the much reviewed “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” , “Fallout 3”, "Half-Life", "Borderlands", and other life-replacement games. Or for the lowest masses: watch X-Factor, regular propagandizing television programming or become pointlessly involved in quasi-professional sports – Or in the case of the better of our although still uninformed brethren, read pointless modern-authored thriller books or other genres, or read politically fraudulent mainstream papers or articles.

If we wish to enlighten new people, we need to do what our enemies have been doing for years and use clever methodologies to inform them. Ideally this would be done in a positive and entertaining way with a minimal risk of the dreaded fog blinding them to the message.

Well, what if I were to tell you, my fellow enlightened folkish readers, new and old alike, that such a pioneering example of this methodology already exists; a book, a zombie book to be precise, capitalizing on a cult-genre with a majority youthful audience and has already been read by thousands of young European folk around the world?

I am introducing to you: Zombie Society – They Live Among Us, by K. Bartholomew. An individual who once helped edit articles on this website who has before and since written dozens of his own books.

Zombie Society, which by the way is free to download to your Kindle device or app, (which works on any Windows or Mac computer also) takes place in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, in the days following a Presidential Executive Order granting citizenship and equal rights to zombies – I’m sure you can imagine where the story will go and the insanity that will follow. Including the sickening metaphorical representation of zombie-human mixed abominations, Zombies cleansing formerly human neighbourhoods through demographic replacement, all whilst the effectively Jewish co-coordinators of the genocidal Zombie immigration system demonize and castigate any opponents as “mortist”, where mortism (the desire not to be replaced by Zombies) is the new racism (the desire not to be replaced by non-White ethnic groups).

This excellently crafted book engages and catapults the reader into the world of the Quinn family as they adjust to their new lives, -forced- to “co-exist” with zombies “assimilated” into human society, slowly resulting in cases of Zombies eating humans, the metaphorical equivalent to the horrific non-European crime and rape rates.

We follow Kerry Quinn, mother and history teacher who arrives at school to find her class has now been “enriched” (or effectively made more dead, which is also the effect of mass non-European immigration) with zombie children. Her lesson plans have been subversively changed by the anti-human Elite and now she must teach the zombie equivalent of slavery and the holocaust, topics designed to instill “human guilt” in the human kids as well as sheer hatred towards humans in the zombie kids, literally preparing the children to become sacrifices of the ever-growing Zombie hordes immigrating into their society – The real life parallels are sometimes subtle and intelligent, with the overarching theme of integration making human society effectively less alive and more zombie like, whilst the subversive Elite systematically “integrate” out of existence human society. The author takes a subconscious “shock-an’-awe” methodology of waking up the reader, who starts reading what is at first glance a well-written Zombie horror story-line and narrative.

The son of teacher, Kerry Quinn, poetically named Finn has his own problems; being on the receiving end of the above human guilt propaganda and the consequent anti-human motivated bullying from zombies, merely for being human. A contextual parallel to the conditions of the racial bullying and induced-death of Aaron Dugmore. Finn is a confused teen, unsure how to consolidate the propaganda he hears and the truth he sees – That maybe we’re not “all the same” or “all human,” a blatantly obvious truth, as in this novel, as in real life differences between racial groups. Especially in relation to IQ, ethnic behaviour, character and fundamentally distinct biological, racial composition, a distinction far-greater even than the difference between a living dead and living body, a fantastic fact this book indirectly illustrates.

Finn is also on the receiving end of the football team’s “affirmative action” quota and loses out on a place in favour of a one-legged, decaying zombie, alongside implicitly millions of people across this human-zombie “integrated” society who are victims to the malicious manipulation of the Semitic elites directing what is a blatantly obvious and undeniable genocidal agenda, when viewed from a logical perspective, as is our current situation in European v.s. Non-European immigration subjugated’ societies’.

Shannon Quinn is the daughter of the family and has extensively bought into her conditioning. A medical student at Harvard, she takes up the zombie’s fight and campaigns for zombie admission quotas and equal rights. Suffering from low self-esteem and ignored by the man she’s in love with, Shannon decides the best way of attracting attention to herself is by dating a zombie – After all, the television and make-up commercials encourage her to do so, confirming her liberal human-zombie “were all the same” ideology of self-degradation and defilement, created by the earliest Semitic proponents of human-Zombie interaction. Thankfully, Shannon realizes the error of her ways, comes to love her people, and finishes by dating her crush, only to graduate and discover the monstrous student debt they accumulated and that they’re now unable to obtain residencies or use her Harvard Medical licence and education at any hospital due to – You guessed it – Affirmative action.

The author intelligently engages with the real-life struggles of many liberal graduates and teenagers through appealing to their personal situations and exposing the causes behind their suffering, through a “morbidly” effective metaphorical transliteration of circumstances in these parallel and yet so closely related worlds, within the book and within the mind of the reader of the book.

The star of the book though is undoubtedly the father, John Quinn and owner of a construction company who faces problems with being forced by the government to fulfill his own zombie affirmative action quota. You can imagine the carnage resulting from zombies on the construction site. John also experiences biased reporting from “inter-mort” crime, being sent on a taxpayer funded “zombie assimilation enforcement course”, (much like the Roterham police investigator forced to endure an attitudinal alteration course for exposing the obvious Pakistani criminality and perversion against our English girls in Rotherham) and having to suffer the horrifying indignity and genocidal catastrophe of watching his daughter bring a zombie home to “meet the parents” – With hilarious, disgusting, horrifying and thought provoking consequences for any indoctrinated girl thinking about doing the racial equivalent.

Most important of all, there are chapters which effectively and accurately reveal the Semitic ethnic Jews (Jewish Supremacists) pulling the strings behind the scenes, for their own subversive racial benefit, to the detriment of all humans (a valuable lesson all the readers will learn) which neatly ties the book together, proving to the reader, what ethnic group is really behind the displacement of humans in the book, and through this emotionally and logically powerful metaphor, paving the way for making this realisation in real life, using the bodies of zombies and their literary victims as the framework for this awakening book.

Zombie Society touches on many other themes, most of which will be familiar to the folkish or Germanic individual; human brains in school meals to appease the zombies is the satirical equivalent of halal meat being served up to culturally non-Islamic children without their knowledge. The promotion of “zombie before human” culture is a constant theme. The author even coins a term I sincerely hope will never actually be used: the zombie equivalent of the word “racist” (mortist) which the zombies typically bring out whenever things don’t go their way – the parallels to reality are undeniable and yet subtle. Mixing chaotic depressive imagery with a slight irony. Though perhaps the best scene in the entire book is Zombie Pride Day, tax payer funded of course. John throws his own Human Pride Day the following week in a scene which highlights perfectly the double standards Europeans have to suffer – I’m sure you can guess where it goes.

In fact the political advantage of Zombie Society is that in chapter after chapter, the double standards are exposed, one by one, which leaves the inevitable anti-European ideologues unable to criticise, other than by their usual methods of screaming racism and anti-Semitism – Check the reviews on if you don’t believe me. Because this book is packaged as just another zombie story, the audience will therefore be different to the typical already awakened audience– And that is the whole point of it.

The book finishes despite all the morbid depressive metaphorical imagery with something that is very rare and necessary for us Germanic Nationalists and is especially necessary for any new awakening individual: Hope. 

Zombie Society – They Live Among Us, by K. Bartholomew is free across all E-reader devices and platforms, primarily Amazon. Please see the links. Also any reader who can take the time to author a review will be appreciated.

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