Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 11th day of Winterfiylleth-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 11th day of October 2014

UKIP: the 13 tonne Alpha-Bull Elephant in the room

Ed Miliband, the Jewish political extremist, came under accumulating personal criticism from his own Marxist political party, following the loss of exactly 5,364 Labour votes, resulting in UKIP coming within 617 votes of beating Labour, in what is considered a Labour electoral stronghold.

The colossal UKIP gains have ridiculed Ed Miliband's political campaigning credibility and cast doubt on his already anti-democratic minority electoral mandate election plan. It was Ed Miliband's Labour election strategy to attempt to illegitimately take over the office of prime minister on only 29% of the national electorate, which equates to gaining the support of less than 18% of the UK's overall population, heavily relying on minority voters and the left-wing media, such as the Guardian, to subversively soften the minds of the public to Ed Miliband's real agenda, which is anti-English at the core.

The 617 vote differential between UKIP and Labour in the Heywood and Middleton by-election can be entirely attributed to the effect of non-English minorities who vote for Labour along racial lines. Also the Labour postal vote is largely responsible for Labour's continued illegitimate hegemony over Heywood and Middleton. 

Labour managed to manipulate its way to retain only 41% of the vote, equating in real population percentage terms to less than 14.76% of the actual population of Heywood and Middleton...

Labour maintains power on an absolutely tiny so called "majority", this is the fraudulent nature of non-proportional democracy, an effectively negligible electoral mandate, where 85.24% of the population did not vote for Labour and this is just the insight we get from the Heywood and Middleton by-election.

Compare this to the 60% of the electorate on a 51% turnout of the population of Clacton for UKIP's Carswell in the Clacton by-election, an increase on Carswell's already 53% electoral mandate.

Following the horrific Labour performance in Clacton, where it lost pathetically and the nearly catastrophic result for Labour in Heywood & Middleton, Senior Labour figures have attacked Ed Miliband.

Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who described Ed Miliband as having bad public appeal, refering implicitly to Ed Miliband's Jewish facial features as having "panda eyes and strange lips", Ed Miliband was also described as being the living representation of a "dreadful retail proposition."

Numerous Labour MPs attacked Ed Miliband, this is illustrative of the illegitimacy of Ed Miliband even suggesting he can rule over the UK, as even his own political party largely disapprove of his policies, political style and now even his facial features and inability to make basic human or electoral propositions with any degree of credibility behind them. John Mann MP stated: "Ed Miliband needs to step up to the mark".

Frank Field, former Labour minister said after the Heywood and Middleton near-fiasco that “all bets are off” if Ukip’s strong showing in the Heywood and Middleton by-election heralds the start of the party’s “assault into Labour’s neglected core vote”.

The Heywood and Middleton by-election most definitely marks a milestone in UKIPs electoral war against the Jewish dominated Labour party, now UKIP is in a position to absolutely and categorically de-rail the Jewish Ed Miliband's manipulative "29 percent strategy" for the 2015 general election.

With the likely coming victory of Jack Clarkson, UKIP Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for South Yorkshire, and the possible subsequent revealing of wider anti-English abuse by ethnic Pakistanis and other non-European groups in South Yorkshire, the UKIP surge can only and will only accelerate and start to achieve an electoral snow-balling effect. In Rochester & Strood, Mark Reckless will honourably challenge the entire political establishment from which he defected, to join the 1st wave of the People's Army, despite predictions of his political death, like a true soldier, as with Carswell and at least 8 more potential defections, including one female MP rumoured to be defecting from Labour, these new found volunteers in the sacrificial front line of the People's Army are inspiring a political revolution that will make the political earthquake look like last year's news.

"We've got a chance here in a general election next year that is likely to be very tight, in an election in which no one party is likely to have a majority. If UKIP can keep this momentum going, we could find ourselves next May in a position where we hold the balance of power."

-Nigel Farage, leader of the People's Army.

The subversive leftwing opinion polls predicted Labour with a 20% lead, the reality was a minuscule >2% lead with only 617 votes.

This is highly revealing of how the subversive left utilize polls in an attempt to demoralize UKIP supporters, when the reality is that UKIP can therefore be estimated as 18% more popular than the polls subversively underestimated.

UKIP is the 13 tonne Bull Elephant in the electoral analysis room of every University politics department and media center in the UK and neither Labour manipulation nor Conservative deceitful lies can prevent UKIP from both smashing through the doors of parliament and annihilating the electoral prediction manipulations and hopes of hundreds of leftwing media reporter's, Jewish Supremacists and pathetic Marxist subversive students with it.

UKIP can and will not only hold the balance of power after the 2015 general election but shall move to define politics in the UK for a decade until it becomes the government in the next 11 years.

UKIP will be the catalyst for the further awakening of our English folk. UKIP is already indirectly authoring Conservative party legislation, through having forced David Cameron, to declare he will unveil an EU immigration crackdown effort, following the UKIP victory, for politics is primarily about pressure and UKIP exerts pressure like a 1,000lb depth-charge.

UKIP is with each day that passes: giving the courage to ordinary people to vote and stand against the tyranny of the left,to stand up for their own economic, demographic, political and cultural interests.

 Metaphorically, as with the Chinese People's Liberation Army campaign in Korea, the People's Army is always the first wave in the assault to re-take, re-unite and re-correct an entire nation, followed by the more direct and effective political identity weaponry and then the eventual political, spiritual and cultural liberation that will be the resurgence of our openly stated racial interests, racial identity & Asatru spirituality

 Article Author: UKIP / Published: October 18, 2014 7:52 PM

Latest Poll shows UKIP on 24% demonstrating other pollsters 'should move with the times' says UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

The latest poll from ComRes, prompting UKIP to potential voters, reveals the party on track for 24% in the General Election.

Most polls fail to offer UKIP as an actual [tick box] choice for voters, altering the outcome for the party significantly. [you have to write UKIP under "other"...]

However, ComRes [finally] gave voters the opportunity to opt for UKIP [fairly,] alongside the three establishment parties, with the result [the anti-English racist establishment try to hide from us] that almost a quarter of people [24%] choose Nigel Farage's party as their first choice in May.

Responding to the poll UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "This shows the massive difference between prompted and unprompted polling and it's about time that Peter Kellner of YouGov, who is regarded as the gold standard of pollsters, should move with the times [and stop being a de-facto subversive against the confidence of UKIP voters and activists]."