Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 15th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 15th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014

Sheffield UKIP meeting: Paul Nuttall MEP, John Bickley & Blair Smillie (MPs in 2015) 

Notes from the  UKIP Sheffield meeting in September of 2014, which I attended as a truly independent journalist and member of the public, obtaining exclusive recordings and notes on the speeches of the evening, no other content reporters nor national media were present.

What follows are the quotation highlights of the speeches from Paul Nuttall MEP, Blair Smillie and John Bickley, who are going to be UKIP MPs by 2015.

*John Bickley after having only lost in the Rochdale area by-election for Heywood and Middelton constituency by a miniscule 617 votes, a margin created effectively solely by the Pakistanis and other non-European minorities who racistly voted en-mass for Labour in order to have their ongoing crimes concealled in Rochdale (and in the South Yorkshire PCC election).

Paul Nuttal stated that the route of our problems facing our nation today are the "metropolitan elite" of the media and political establishment both in Brussels and Westminster.

Paul Nuttal rightly stated that Ed Miliband is the epitome of this "metropolitan elite" and that "Ed Miliband has never done a days proper work in his life"

Paul Nuttall although stated that UKIP would see continued foreign aid, albeit targetted at countries "not like India, Brazil, Argentina and China", citing India's space program, China and Brazil's economy and Argentina's political hostility to the Falkland islands.

Paul Nuttal said of the foreign aid given to the aforementioned countries: "That is your taxation" being spent on those countries, many of which have economies stronger and far larger than our own and with actually existent space programs and military budgets. 

Paul Nuttall made overdue realist statements, detailing just how much UKIP has achieved in such little time, making up for what all past patriotic parties failed to even come close to achieving, stating that:

"In September of 2008 UKIP was polling at 1% of the vote... as of September 2014 UKIP was polling at 16-17% of the vote. When the poll is done fairly, placing UKIP as an actual option on the response alongside Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems, as demonstrated by the recent YouGov poll, UKIP polls at around 24%, that is 1 in 4 voters...the PCC election will scare Labour and this time next year we will be getting MPs in the North of England""

Paul Nuttal articulated an excellent education policy, stating that "UKIP wants to see a Grammar school in every single town."

Paul Nuttal MEP then stated that "we believe in education based on intelligence" and that due to the lack of Grammar schools "we have social stagnation in this country" and to combat this "UKIP is committed to putting a grammar school in every town"  

Paul Nuttal openly articulated the fact that over "75% of our laws are made in a foreign country" and thus that "we want our country back"... "we want democracy to return to our nation"

Paul Nuttall also articulated a coincidentally pro-Northern European unity perspective through stating that in racial-realist economic terms:

"Freedom of movement would work between us, the French, the Dutch, the Scandinavians and the Germans" but not between Northern and Southern or Eastern Europe.

Paul Nuttal concluded his speech, stating:

"We [UKIP] are on the cusp of changing history in British Politics"

Blair Smillie's speech:

Blair Smillie's Great Grandfather was the co-founder of the Labour party who was also thus the President of all the Miners of Great Britian all the way back as early as 1911. The 'Robert Smillie bursary' actually made the careers of several Labour MPs, but now Blair Smillie is on side with UKIP, a party which he rightly sees as genuinely fighting for the long term interests of British workers in the face of the EU and mass immigration, threats that the modern Labour party promotes against the very interests of its founding principles.

Blair Smillie, UKIP's Parliamentary Candidate for Alyn & Deeside in 2015:

"I am UKIP's secret weapon in relation to Labour [being the Great Grandson of the co-founder of the Labour party]...for after I joined Labour very soon I realized it was not right, it was TOTALLY WRONG, TOTALLY CORRUPT"

Blair Smillie went on to point out the contradictions in the Jewish Leader of the Labour party's ideology and personal background:

"Ed Miliband lives in a 2.3 million pound house... Ed would never understand what it would be like to live on the minimum wage"

Blair Smillie continually stated that "the Labour party they founded is not the Labour party of today" and that Labour is responsible for creating "2.3 trillion in public debt, including bank bailout debts and liabilities." [equating to well over 20,000 debt per person].

Blair Smilie will contest the Allen and Deeside constituency for UKIP in 2015.

"I am going to stand for elections in 3 months time in a target seat in North Wales and I am going to beat Labour"

John Bickley's Speech

John Bickley is a UKIP member turned UKIP "hero" for nearly beating Labour in the Northern Seat of Heywood and Middleton (Rochdale) falling short by only 617 votes.

"The UKIP member who inspired me to stand for Parliament once asked me the question: "if you want your country back, what are you willing to do about it?"

"David Cameron has proved that Juncker is the Prime Minister of this country, so David Cameron is actually a great guy and you have to thank him for that"

" [The Heywood and Middleton by-election "was the bst start from nothing this party has ever had" in its electoral history, coming from 0% in the area to 39% in less than a few months of campaigning.

Refering to the Labour leader with prophetic foresight pertaining to Ed Miliband's leadership problems, John Bickley stated:

"we'd rather Ed Miliband stay where he is as the head of the Labour Party", predicting that Ed Miliband will lose Labour the general election.

In relation to electoral tactics John Bicklet stated that "Postal voters are x3 more likely to vote"..."we need to build UKIP clusters of support on a local've got to be the old street stalls... Send a personal letter from yourself, stating why you are standing... tell them why your doing it, why your putting your head over the parapet, your personal story."

John Bickley represents the typical UKIP candidate, standing up for his people and country in his local area, as best he can in the current political atmosphere.

"For many working class people voting Labour is the political equivalent of being in an abusive relationship [from which they are too afraid to change and escape]" "People in UKIP , we are political refugees, from parties we have had enough off and now were winning the arguments, we have seen the light and we are showing that Labour are MORALLY bankrupt"

John Bickley concluded his speech with:

"Vote Conservative, get Labour... and I think they are running scared"

Jack Clarkson's Speech

Jack Clarkson is the Sheffield, Stockbridge UKIP councillor and ex-PCC candidate.

Jack Clarkson made strong predictions for the growth of UKIP in Sheffield, stating that: "we'll get another 4 councillors next local elections

Jack Clarkson openly stated his disgust at the rotherham situation caused by ethnic Pakistanis an covered up by the Police, Rotherham Council and the media:

"I am ashamed.... of how a few senior SYP police officers behaved themselves"

"The Rotherham council are implicated... there are 4 years worth of meeting minutes missing, files removed, computers removed, a report was hand delivered to the SYP and the woman who complied it was put into a solitude work space as punishment for compiling it"

"14,000 girls abused, raped... girls who had abortions, miscariages, STIs, one girl was raped under the age of 12, a girl of that age cannot consent... that is a statutory offence and yet no prosecutions"

"two pakistanis recieved a verbal warning, now a verbal warning by definition can only be given if they admit the accusation"

"The Crown Prosecution Service has been deafening in their silence"

"The NHS, why were they not reporting these offences, when this under age girls were coming in with STIs, abortions, miscarriages, etc" [the NHS are complicit in the rotherham coverup]

"we must build a stronger force for the [immediate] future... for there was collusion, assistance and a turning of a blind eye in the South Yorkshire Police, [and in the NHS, child care charities, etc]"

[with a tear in his eyes] "These 14,000 they are our sons and daughters, some of them were only babies really"...thus... "I want to see political interference removed in the SYP"

"The Police spends more time trying to discredit the victim isntead of investigating the crime"... concluding that the Rotherham situaion remained covered up "simply due to the race of the perpetrators...shame on you Rotherham Council"..."there was a Christian Vicar on the Rotherham panel who engaged in the bullying culture that kept the Rotherham abuse quiet [The Labour PCC is also a certified member (Rev.) of the Christian clergy]"

"This is why I like UKIP, we think outside the Box, we are canny and we are going to win [in taking our country back]"..."I want [these and all] criminals to fear, and sleep with one eye open in South Yorkshire."

Jack Clarkson stated the pathetic police under-attempt to deport illegal immigrants costs "850 million to deport foreign criminals" concluding that "there is a political agenda at play"

*Back in September I was personally invited to the above UKIP Sheffield meeting, after meeting one UKIP member who was out leafletting. He notified me of a UKIP public meeting at the Victoria Hotel in Sheffield that evening that was to start at seven in the evening.