Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 23rd day of Winterfiylleth-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 23rd day of October 2014

UKIP attacks anti-English/anti-British racial subversion:

UKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle responds to Bill Oddie

UKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle said:

"Bill Oddie's remarks this weekend, in which he described his shame at being British, and that the size of British families need 'to be contained' in the face of over population were odious and misinformed.

"If they had been made about any other country or its people, he would almost certainly be facing the sack. "The TV personality, whose salary as presenter of the BBC's SpringWatch, is effectively paid by British taxpayers, talked of the British as being a 'horrible race'.

"Such bigoted comments reveal a very distorted view and a complete ignorance of the facts. British families, like their counterparts in Europe, are on average small; indeed the indigenous populations of most European countries have been in steady decline for some timeIn fact, the current and ongoing population boom in Britain is driven overwhelmingly by mass immigration."

"It might be easy to dismiss Mr Oddie's remarks were in not for the fact that they are unfortunately typical of an attitude which has been unduly influential in British society for far too long: An unquestioning preference for mass immigration, a distain for ordinary British people and a distaste for Britain itself, are knee-jerk prejudices all too often prevelant amongst those who shape our cultural landscape." 

"We must challenge at every opportunity this kind of ill-informed, self-hating bigotry."

-UKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle

As the Director of Dan Rayner, I shall be investigating the comments by Bill Oddie alongside some key political contacts and may seriously engage in a legal case against Bill Oddie if it is possible, or promote that an individual with available legal funds investigates his comments and pursues a legal retaliation.

For Bill Oddie's typically Judeo-Marxist inspired anti-English racial intolerance, defamation and racially offensive discrimination must be exposesd and/or punished ruthlessly in accordance with defending my folk.

Potentially in order to make a landmark legal case against anti-English and wider anti-European racist subversives, especially against those with dangerously high media influence.