Article author: Clare Ellis (modified introduction) / Published: 25th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 25th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014

The Jewish Socialist-Capitalist subversive alliance: the Fabian Society, the Frankfurt School, and Jewish Big Business


Almost one hundrd percent of our folk with a critical interest in the anti-European, 'Western policies' of the promotion of multi-racialism and mutli-culturalism through mass-immigration advocated for by Jewish Supremacists have heard of 'cultural Marxism'.  

This 20th century strain of Jewish Marxism, Christianity and Talmudic warfare was produced by the Frankfurt School a.k.a. the Institute for Social Research founded by and corrupted by Jewish Supremacists in Frankfurt, and later in New York where it was and still is responsible for all the anti-European psychology advertising approaches, Critical Theory, repressive tolerance, "diversity is our strength," and other insidious tactics, phrases, infiltration attempts, suppression phrases and strategies that are attempting to gradually strip away the cultural traditions, ethnic identity, national sovereignty, and historical memory of the ethnic European races, especially in Northern Europe and our off-continent homelands of Canada, America, Australia, NZ and elsewhere, relying on a bedrock of Christian tolerance and anti-natural philosophy to weaken their prey, allowing for the fundamental susceptibility to further defilement.  

But do most people know the link of cultural Marxism, in particular its strategy of the “long march through the institutions”, to another socialist society famed for its “gradualism” and its connection to the British Labour Party? This society is called the Fabian Society and heavily influenced, indeed was a precursor to, the creation of the Frankfurt School and has been staffed with Jews ever since its creation.  

There are many shared aspects between the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School:
  • Both claim to promote socialism, the counter-ideology of capitalism
  • Both have been and are funded by extremely wealthy Jews and groups who attained their affluence as Jewish capitalists
  • Both promote the radical transformation of Western civilization through Socialist utopianism, Christianity and non-European immigration, just like the Jewish, anti-Germanic, anti-European ideological founders and sustainers of the EU.
  • Both redirect revolutionary Marxism and instead use and advocate “gradualism”, a step-by-step long-term plan to change the spiritual (Christianity and atheism), ethnic (immigration) and political character (subversion of the political discourse) of European nations through stealth and infiltration of Jews and Jewish ideologies into every level of society, even attempting to infiltrate racially aware circles to bring the down from their own supposed ideological foundations, as with the (anti-thesis) promotion of Christianity in racially aware circles and certain types of pseudo-intellectual ideology and revisionism which actually does nothing more than weaken the resolve and productivity of racially aware folk.
  • An example of this is the promotion of collapse theology, the worse is better mentality, which effectively neutralises those who adhere to it from having a political influence, as they are manipulated into waiting for ‘shit to hit the fan’, which never occurs, until it is too late. Understanding the Jewish origin of these theories and distractions are essential for attaining a pure perspective. Disposing of the impurities promoted by the Fabian Jewish Supremacists and post-Frankfurt Jewish multi-racialists is essential for the survival of our folk.
Both must be disposed of via disposing of their ultimate trojan horse, and ideological and spiritual entry point: Christianity, through the re-assertion of Asatru is the only way to annihilate, once and for all, the chances of such vile, Jewish Supremacist infiltration and entryist movements from succeeding in defiling our folk in the future and ensuring the purity and thus success of our current beginnings of resurgent folkish Asatru movements in the present