Article author: Express Published: 27th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 27th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014

We were WRONG, we are SORRY' Senior Labour MP pens open letter to Ukip voters

ONE of Labour's most senior figures has written an open letter to Ukip supporters today, apologising for the party's previous views on immigration concerns and urging them to "keep an open mind". 

Mr Khan lists a range of policies designed to entice former Labour voters thinking of voting for Ukip back to his party. The letter comes just days after Ukip saw its number of councillors across England rise by 161, eating into Labour support in Essex and the North. Below is the letter [modified]:

The Labour Party has [not] changed. We know we made mistakes [in not covering up the negative effects of immigration better with more media bias and spin].

We're determined to [manipulate you into thinking we are going to] put them right. 

I know you are fed up with politics as usual.

I get that you are angry at the political parties. I understand you feel that successive Governments have done too little to help you [as they have, by committing genocide against you].

Too many people have struggled for far too long. Too little of the benefits of growth have gone to working people and too much to the very wealthiest.

Wages have barely increased whilst the cost of everything - from housing to energy and food - has rocketed [because the Jewish-Supremacist banks and food corporations are waging logistical war against Europeans] and in too many places immigration has driven down local wages.

I understand why people think that politicians do little to help them. The expenses scandal and sleaze has broken trust. 

 There aren’t enough politicians brave enough to stand up to vested interests - the banks, businesses paying below a decent wage or bad landlords. And politicians seem to speak a different language. But the Labour Party has changed. We know we made mistakes. We're determined to put them right.

Take immigration. In the past, we were too quick to dismiss concerns about immigration, or even worse - accused people of prejudice. We all remember Gillian Duffy. We were wrong [in not turning off Gordon Browns mic when he made the comments. We are sorry [that you ever found out].

So what are we offering now? [More of the same].

Learning the English language will be a priority [to encoruage integration, to accelare the genocide of Europeans in the UK].

We will change the rules on child benefit - so that it's no longer paid to children outside of this country [instead we will import those children here first]. 

We will crack down on businesses that pay below the minimum wage and ensure local wages are not undercut. And companies that employ people from outside the EU will be forced to offer apprenticeships to local young people. But it's not just immigration.

We will close the gap between what you earn and what you spend [by attacking the food prices of indepedent retailers in favour of Tesco standardization]. 

We will stop hard working people from being ripped off in our economy.

We will make renting more affordable and scrap extortionate letting agency fees. On our watch, the minimum wage will be raised and we will promote a higher living wage for all.

Energy prices will be frozen [to disrupt and damage the energy services quality, resulting in more power cuts and infrastructure cost cutting].

It is always easier to lose someone's trust than to [manipulate them into giving] it back.

But over the next year we will do everything to [subversively manipulate you into thinking] that we are on your side.

We will work to improve your local [non-white] community and stand up alongside you against the vested interests [of the English and other European populations, by giving non-whites an unfair advantage via anti-white racist legislation].

All we ask is that you keep an open [gullible] mind.

Sadiq Khan is Shadow Justice Secretary and Shadow London Minister [for Labour]