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Ed Miliband admits UK will NEVER leave the EU under Labour

The UK will never leave the European Union (EU) under Labour, Ed Miliband has said.

The Jewish Labour leader admitted the EU bloc needed to change but insisted that Britain’s future lies within it. Speaking as the three main parties licked their wounds after a drubbing at the polls by Ukip, Miliband admitted immigration needed an open discussion.

But he warned that Ukip's approach, which he described as blaming "Europe and foreigners" for the country's problems, was "not the answer".

He said:

"Labour was founded on standing up for working people. But for too many that link was lost.

"That is what Ukip has sought to exploit.

"We know what their appeal is. They provide a simple explanation of the cause of our country's problems: Europe and foreigners.

"And they have an apparently simple solution: to get out of the European Union. "I have to say: this is not the answer for our country, this will never be Labour's mission or policy under my leadership.

Our future lies in looking outward to the world [and importing millions of non-whites]"

The 44-year-old [Jewish-Marxist] said his party should not follow the Eurosceptics' lead after their success at the polls but instead spearhead change in Brussels.

The Jewish leader of the Labour party stated:

"I think it's important to say that the EU has got to change. "You have got more than 20 million people out of work across the European Union, you have got millions of young people out of work across the European Union. "And you have got a sense - and you saw it in these results - that the EU doesn't work for people. "The best and most important thing the Labour Party can do is own that change and say 'we do want to change the way the EU works'. "But does that mean we should get out of the EU? In my view, no."

Mr Miliband made the comments as he visited Thurrock and took questions from residents. The Essex town is a key target seat for the general election. Labour failed to win control of the local council last week after a surge of support for the UK Independence Party (Ukip). That came days before Nigel Farage's party won the European elections ahead of Mr Miliband and David Cameron's parties. The historic victory marked the first time a party other than Labour or the Tories won a national election for 100 years. Mr Miliband said it was "not prejudiced" to be concerned about immigration and instead was "understandable".

The allegedly Jewish-Supremacist Ed Miliband stated:

"It's not right-wing for us to talk about immigration, it really isn't. "We have got to be willing as a party to talk about immigration. "We can talk about it in a progressive way."

[The manipulative Marxist Ed Miliband] said there was a need to stop wages from being undercut and to tackle recruitment agencies who only look for workers overseas

[The manipulative Jewish-Marxist Ed Miliband added]: 

"I totally understand the anxiety there is in the party about talking about this. "But if we don't talk about it [and manipulate the conversation with Jewish-Marxist lies] and we let Nigel Farage talk about it [accurately] or David Cameron talk about it then we are not going to have it talked about in the right [subversive and manipulative] way." 

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