Article author: Modified article / Published: 14th day of Winterfiylleth-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 14th day of October 2014

The Jewish Labour party boycotts English votes for English laws in Parliament

Ed Miliband's Labour is to boycott ALL cross-party talks on the fundamentally important issue of "English votes for English laws" in order to continue the racist occupied-Westminster bias against England and English self-rule. 

Downing Street indicated that the talks would go ahead without Labour, and said it would be for Ed Miliband's party to explain its absence if it chose not to take part. 

The row blew up as MPs prepared to debate the promise of more powers for Scotland, amid nationalist claims that Westminster politicians are "back-pedalling" on the vow they made ahead of last month's independence referendum.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that the implementation of further devolution north of the border should go "in tandem with" moves to resolve the long-standing question of whether Scottish MPs should be allowed to vote on laws which affect only England or England and Wales.

David Cameron tasked Mr Hague with chairing a Cabinet committee to draw up a way forward, and the Commons Leader invited other parties to take part in discussions. 

But a Labour source has confirmed the party will not take part. Labour has thus betrayed all of its once English working class supporters who will not have no choice but to vote UKIP in order to obtain accurate representation on matters pertaining to England, to avoid the anti-English Labour party bias that is rooted in Ed Milibands Jewish, atavistic hatred of racially English people, as articulated in the works of his openly communist father: Ralph Miliband.

Asked for the Prime Minister's response, Mr Cameron's official spokesman told reporters:

"His response would be that it will be for those arguing against English votes for English laws to explain why they are not supporting it.

"He would point to the fact that his party and the other party of Government and a number of other parties are going to be having cross-party discussions on this.

"He would very much seek to try to reach cross-party agreement ... but if anyone chooses not to participate in that, they will have to explain why."

The explanation is clear and self-evident: Ed Miliband hates the ethnic English folk and will do anything to deny us even a proportionally fair or accurate political voice in parliament and thus Ed Miliband is attempting to deny us any parliamentary influence, we must give our voices for our people's sakes for no-one else will...

We are at what historians will call a critical juncture in the awakening of our people and the rise of UKIP as the de-facto English patriotic party, the Labour party and more accurately: the Jewish Ed Miliband and his political allies are fanatically blocking any constitutional changes that could potentially give us English folk proportionally more political power in Parliament.

We must rise up politically and secure for our folk a valid ethnic representation, for no-one else will do this for us.

I for one will not be silent, cease to be silent, write articles, sign petitions and professionally and articulately stand up for our folk's noble existences.

Our English people deserve and demand our active political engagement in order to safeguard our ethnic folk's future, we are at a critical juncture, an electoral turning point in the political history of our nation that will define the rest of our noble attempt to retake and secure our nation's future.

Silence is treason, complacency is treason, giving your all for our English folk is the only morally acceptable course of action. Spread the word, write articles, forward vital information, awaken the Asatro spirit within our folk so that all our folk can gain the moral courage to rise to re-discover and defend their ethnic rights and futures.