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Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 8th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 8th Night of May 2019.CE
The Failure of the National Dysgenic Service: The dysgenic and failing nature of the NHS

Despite record spending levels the NHS is undergoing a fall in the number of General Practitioners or GPs.
The NHS was designed to be a national health service. However the state ownership of medical care has degraded the quality and quantity of available medical resources, and now staff. GP numbers had been increasing gradually since the 1970s. Since 2009 the number of GPs per 100,000 people has been falling.

We know that our birth-rates have been  decreasing however the migrant population's has not been in addition to  Migration numbers increasing. Migrant numbers have been increasing  continually and at an apocalyptic level after the immigration policies  of Labour under the Jewish Barbara Roche's department for Immigration  and Asylum was rebranded and designated its purpose as being to increase  migration rather than regulating it.

The  NHS has been a pull-factor for migrants; free medical care paid for by  other people, us and our ancestors. The NHS has thus not improved the  health of our nation but has damaged the genetic health of our national  gene-pool. Even in a nation with no-migration anything that facilitates  increased likeliness of survival that is 'free' or provided on a social  or socialistic basis to everyone regardless of intelligence or merit  will downgrade the genetic quality of the entire nation in the long  term. The negation of natural selection results in genetic stagnation or  degeneration: this is dysgenics.

The NHS is the opposite of a eugenics system: it is a dysgenics system.

As  recent statistics showing the decline of the numbers of GP demonstrate:  the NHS not only enacts dysgenics: but its agenda and designed-purpose  of doing such is clear when it is realised that the NHS does not even  provide effective healthcare at sufficient quantities or qualities  compared to a healthcare system where there is competition both between  providers and customers. The idea of there being only 60 GPs per 100,000  people is absolutely insane: however this is actually quite normal for a  disgusting state run dysgenics system: as its objective has nothing to  do with health but with downgrading our nation and blocking against real  effective healthcare. The NHS is an extremely annoying political sacred  cow of degenerate freaks and dysgenic subversives.

The  NHS is a virus upon our nation inflicted upon us by the Labour party 'Socialists' (Communists) of  the 1945 Labour Government which the Jewish-controlled Conservatives  were told to not repeal despite their supporters wanting them to in  1950.

A  replacement volunteer and privately owned, competitive health care  system should exist: this would motivate individuals to take more care  over their physical existences and wellbeing. A replacement system for  example with doctors in every single family (through the provision of  free training and the dissemination of medical knowledge) would overcome  the apocalyptic failure of having only 60 GPs (the most commonly used  form of doctor) per 100,000 people as the current NHS situation has  creation.

A  replacement system should mirror the laws of nature and not suppress  them, ideally a health care system should be available for emergency  uses but genetic disorders should not be treated but investigated in  their causes in order to remove them from occurring in the future:  mirroring the effect of those people dying off in a natural environment  rather than keeping those disorders in circulation under a  false-justification of compassion. The NHS has nothing to do with  compassion or health , it is a vicious dysgenics system, designed to  make society equally unhealthy, equally non-serviced for and un-equally  degraded.

The  NHS should be criminalized and shutdown and the creation of any such  system in the future ought to be prevented and guarded against.
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