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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 7th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 7th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
Immigration enables Terrorism: covert racial and cultural terrorism and overt violent terrorism alike

Immigration Enables Terrorism
It is now undeniable, that the Immigration of non-European demographics prone to terrorism, primarily of Pakistani, Iraqi, Semitic and African ethnic origin allows the existence of terrorism in the UK.

  "Societies are changing apace... [the police are] struggling to cope] ... People arrive with different languages, people arrive having different perceptions of police officers... [citing London as the core example of this problem]...
  So it’s just a simple logistical point that the more people that arrive, the more quickly they arrive, all our bureaucracies struggle to cope with that, and the police are no different.”
  "Things are changing in different parts of the Middle East, and these are things that actually materialize on the streets of our countries. We have to work together to deal with that...
  We've discussed how we have a common problem, a common enemy, and how we need to act against that"
   -According to the current Metropolitan police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who stated the above before a New York Police Department (NYPD) hosted counter-terrorism conference on the 7th of November.

This obvious reality I stated as late as last year and to the full, uncompromising extent without fear for correctness.

Only now have the Metropolitan Police and GCHQ governmental liaison officials and department heads such as Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe gained even the slightest political courage and openness to be able to state (in the face of overwhelming leftwing-denialist political correctness) that immigration does indeed facilitate terrorism by allowing in these hostile ethnic groups making it harder to detect and detain them with the freedom of movement that is enforced across the entirety of the European Union.

It is undeniably an ethnic issue, beyond the mere linguistic and cultural levels which the Metropolitan police chief referred to, as the 2nd generation of occupying immigrants are continually becoming what are described as "home grown terrorists" even if they are fluent in English and have been educated in a public school, demolishing the weak argument that it is solely a matter of cultural and religious disconnect and conflict, although a significant percentage of Pakistanis detained on terrorist charges live in ghettos, increasingly it is where these ethnic communities border our own or other ethnic communities, where 'integration' is supposed to exist, where the biggest source of terror finds its epicentre.

It is a far more elemental conflict evidently than a mere matter of community relations, terrorism is a matter of race relations, as with the conflicts between these rival ethnic groups and our population that have existed since the 1950s, albeit on a one hundredth of the current scale.

Ultimately there is nothing home grown about these terrorists, other than that they develop in once English towns and cities geographically, they live in their ethnic communities which hold a racist and religious hatred towards Europeans, remember the placard held up by an immigrant that read "Europe is the Cancer" many of which push identical arguments against "western civilization" as the subversive left that occupies the majority of the universities all across our civilization.

This ethnic and religious hostility by non-Europeans was sought after by the Established Jewish left, such as Barbara Roche, the Labour immigration and Asylum minister under Tony Blair, with New Labour openly admitting to wanting to import such ethnic groups to "rub the right's face in diversity", they brought this current situation into existence artificially, intentionally and genocidally.

What this means in reality is that people die, our people, at the hands of minority criminals and overt terrorists alike and from a gradual comparative demographic perspective. The subversive leftwing policies of allowing and facilitating immigrant waves into our nation enabled terrorism within our homeland on a frequency not seen since the height of the Irish Republican Army's terror attacks in the 1980s, which was also enabled on an elemental level by the immigration of these Irish terrorists into England.

These immigrant waves which are ultimately composed of economic parasites and ethnic immigrants who are hostile to this nation, which moved here with the primary intention of establishing a foothold solely for their own gain with an intense opposition to co-operating even with the most basic principles of policing and civil behaviour, this is the majority behaviour among the majority of Pakistani and African immigrants who have subsequently formed ghettos-in-all-but-name all over the urban centres of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Leicester, Luton and almost every single city and large midlands town, such as Rotherham.

Immigration has been proven to lead directly to the mass murder of large sections of our population through a surge in murders, rapes and crime and in overt terrorist attacks as seen across London post July 7th 2005, the detection and prevention of such attacks is desperately ongoing, with a hairs width of distance between dozens of exclusively ethnically non-European authored terrorist attacks only having just been prevented, an occurrence that occurs so regularly that it is no longer reported on in the majority of cases of arrests made for suspected terrorism.

Ultimately immigration has brought this nation into a state of war, and the Police and Security forces know it as they are fighting on the front lines against it and with less equipment than our troops fighting abroad. In conflicts both brought into existence by Jewish political manipulators within our government, (Barbara Roche & co for Immigration and Paul Wolfowitz and co for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars).

The Jewish and Jewish Israeli instigated conflicts in themselves motivate more terrorists with each passing day, which are then subsequently able to access our nation, benefits and healthcare in the time before they plan to kill large numbers of our population through short term terrorism or their long term terrorism, otherwise known as demographic replacement, encouraged by the likes of Ed Miliband and countless thousands of Jewish "immigration activists" or "immigration assistance charities" which help immigrants move to our country, there is at least 1 of these agencies in every large town in the UK, many of them set up by immigrant communities themselves to further their own population at the expense of our folk and national infrastructure.

There are dozens of terrorist attacks foiled every single year, possibly hundreds, the exact figure is unknown to the public, with hundreds of suspected terrorists brought into questioning every single month, thousands every year, and this number is only growing.

The terrorists share only one broad common denominator, that goes far beyond being Islamic or from the Middle East or Pakistan, the sole common denominator it is that they are non-European, they are of rival ethnic groups that see no interest at all in doing anything other than continuously engaging in political, cultural, demographic and increasingly overt and direct terroristic warfare against our beloved folk, in our own sacred lands. Immigration violates the sanctity, purity, quality and safety of our people's lives, on a daily basis.

A home office press release by the Conservatives stated that over 50% of our people are negatively affected by immigration, and this was only counting direct effects on public services.

When factoring in crime the percentage of our folk negatively affected is nearly 100%, cultural defilement, the political and cultural sense of loss and hopelessness as a nation and the ongoing hundreds of Rotherham's all over this nation, well over 99% of the indigenous population of this country are negatively affected by the criminality, demographic displacement, economic parasitism (around 75%-85% of immigrant women are unemployed), cultural degradation and political demographic dis-enfranchisement, that growing numbers of rival ethnic groups are resulting in, directly. In terms of the future of our people's ethnic future, 100% of our ethnic population are negatively affected or at risk of being negatively affected by definition.

   This is ultimately a main factor in why 89-94% of our population oppose immigration, and why above 95% believe multiculturalism has failed.

And that statistic, that 95% of our people (conducted with a live audience of several thousand respondents) believe multiculturalism has failed, is not solely indicative of 95% of people merely believing that multiculturalism has failed, (according to its literal definition as a political ideology that saw multiple cultures existing parasitically within our nation, to the extent where it ceased to be ours) it goes far beyond that, the majority of our folk not only rejected that, but in stating that “multiculturalism has failed” many millions are also stating implicitly that the associated elements of the broader definition of “multiculturalism”, which indicates that, as is well established but under-published, millions of our folk naturally and thus rightly oppose the presence of non-European ethnic groups within our nation.

Our folk are immensely folkish, even opposing the existence of related European groups within our nation, including but not limited to Eastern Europeans and the Irish, and rightly so, as this is our homeland.

96% of all racially motivated crimes are committed by Blacks and other non-Europeans, recently seeing a massive spike of crimes committed by Pakistanis classified as hate crimes, among the notorious cases, such as the murder of Chris Yates in London who died from having every bone in his face broken through being psychotically stamped on by Pakistanis who then boasted "we have killed the white man" or the 15 year old boy Kriss Donald, who was stabbed 13 times, mutilated and then set on fire by Pakistanis.

Our folk are increasingly getting motivated to take action against this, horrific growing threat, and are absolutely seeking the framework to work towards securing our national future, as witnessed through the rise of UKIP, which is a glimpse into only the first stages of the power potential of the political mobilization of ordinary folk, our folk who are starting to engage in politics for the benefit of their lives, their rights, their futures and our English nation.

Terrorism and ethnic groups that overtly engage in warfare against our folk every day, in every conceivable manner, are the catalysts that are waking up our folk, that are forcing ordinary folk to become political agents, to stand up for their local folk, increasingly in the areas of their forefathers, unlike the artificial mainstream political candidates, who rarely have an actual ancestral link to the constituencies they represent (especially with the minority candidates forced upon English constituencies, through the Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives alike.

UKIP although imperfect is acting as the political icebreaker, as stated, that is shearing through the frozen, icy waters of morally bludgeoning political correctness. Ultimately it is up to individual, patriotic folk to stand in their local areas, in the absence of agreeable UKIP candidates, as independents, with loyalty solely and absolutely to the English folk of their constituency.

These folk shall lead the way, by pressuring UKIP in-turn in the same way that UKIP has pressured the political establishment through its gains, but more importantly, and deeply, these independent, responsible, normal folkish individuals will be essential in inspiring other like minded folk to stand alongside them and mirror their courage, individual folkish English individuals have a responsibility in our era, to independently lead our folk with moral courage in standing up for our rights as English folk and inspiring tens of thousands of our folk to do the same in their immediate area.

This is the most important task we face, in the context of the threats facing our folk, through immigration and the overt hostility of these immigrants (terrorism) against our folk ultimately, in addition to the covert hostility through their subversive expansion of their demographic quantities and political influence.

We must realize that as individuals awakened to this reality, we are nothing, but in awakening our folk, our folk themselves will be everything, and make every difference in re-taking, re-correcting and safeguarding our geographical nation for the future of our ethnic nation whose ancestors bones and histories are entwined with the very soil trees, rivers, valleys, gorges, cliffs and mountains of these North Western Germanic lands that we call England.

So too this message reigns true for all our European folk, our immediate Germanic ethnic kinfolk, and ultimately for all noble European folk, this is a necessary understanding and a necessary political war-path, to awaken our folk themselves, for we are nothing and our people are everything.

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