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Article author: Volunteer writer (Bulgarian) / Published: November 16th 2013 (1st edition article) / 16th Blót-mónaþ 2263.RE
Immigrants and immigrant crime, a European Union wide problem

An Algerian immigrant was the perpetrator of an especially bloody attack in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The crime happened around 2 AM on November the 2nd. The crime comes after an increase in third world immigrant crime throughout every European nation.

Bulgaria has recently seen a massive increase in third world immigrant crime rates. The immigrant, entered a store in an attempt to steal from it, but instead attacked a 20 year old Bulgarian student, Victoria Hristova, stabbing her 10 times before running away. Luckily while running away, he was filmed by the security cameras on a nearby building.

After a number of surgeries, the life of the young girl was saved.

The police found that the attackers name is Salahadin Bin Aladin, who has had numerous criminal offenses on the territory of Bulgaria, since his illegal immigration into the country.

   In 2014 when immigration rules between Bulgaria and the rest of the EU are relaxed, illegal immigrants like the one aforementioned will have ease of access, not only to Bulgaria, but through Bulgaria: the rest of the Europe Union.

This is not the first murder of a Bulgarian since the beginning of the most recent and damaging immigration waves into Bulgaria, and it certainly will not be the last. Because of the brutality of the crime, it has gained much national attention, raising nationalism in Bulgaria.

The people of the country, having never experienced the problems associated with illegal immigration, showed little tolerance for the aggressiveness of the invaders.

   These disturbances add to the pressure on the current cabinet, whose incompetence and corruption have fuelled massive protests for more than 5 months. ... This is a new chapter in the history of Bulgaria, and perhaps the whole Balkans.

A refugee wave is something to be feared on its own, but as it happens, an alarmingly large portion of the immigrants are not Syrian refugees, but rather illegal immigrants from Africa.

   The first expectations were, that 45 000 refugees would flood Bulgaria, but now the figure has jumped to at least 200 000.

Many of the immigrants will not stay in Bulgaria, because of the already poor conditions of life, and will move to the neighbouring Balkan countries and then into Western Europe.

As always the Jewish-supremacists have managed to create a haven for criminality and destruction in Southern Eastern Europe through the use of the Syrian conflict as an excuse to force European nations to accept even more immigrants, the vast majority of the so called 'Syrian' refugees are not even ethnically Syrian, under the facade of a 'humanitarian crisis', the origins of such clearly lie in the manipulations of Israel in de-stabilizing the geo-political situation within Syria.

Fortunately Nationalism in Bulgaria is rising faster than the influx of parasitic immigrants.

   Bulgarian Nationalists themselves have a colossal duty ahead of them, as a nation of South Eastern Europe: to prevent their nation being turned into a gateway to mainland and especially Northern Europe and in doing so protect their own blood and sovereign territory.

What happens in South Eastern Europe is of concern to the entirety of Europe, from February 2014 onwards, due to the Marxist nature of the EUs mass-internal-migration laws, our fight for control of our nations will enter a new phase, where the intensity and urgency in the fight for our nations will increase.

The immediate short term objective is not only to leave the EU, to re-gain legal control of our borders and 93% of our legislation but also that...

    ...we also have an immediate duty to play a part in destroying the Marxist EU, from the inside or the outside, to assist our fellow Europeans still inside the anti-European, Jewish dominated European Union in obtaining freedom and ethnic self-determination.

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