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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 27th day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 27th day of September 2014
As the surge in rightful hostility to immigration and the presence of immigrants reaches 94% amongst our English folk and the Labour promoted and Conservative permitted Judeo-socialist policy of multiculturalism is declared as failed by over 95% respondents according to a BBC poll there is revealed to be a vast gap between the opinions of our people and the illegitimate, counter-natural, vile ideologies of those subversives that reside within our country in positions of institutional, governmental, spiritual and even local community positions.

        Institutionally, academically, professionally and politically in light of the undeniable statistical reality that we folkish individuals represent the actual developing mainstream political opinion of our folk we must engage in our own war of exposing those who stand against our legitimate, noble and moral ethnic interests as English people and so too in all of Europe.

We must report to the police any and all even mere indications of anti English racism or bias, engage in written campaigns, lobby our MPs as private individuals and as groups in order to pressure out of power all these foreign subversives and foreign-loyal subversives who occupy positions in our local and national communities. We must also engage in boycotts of all foreign owned shops, businesses, franchises and always seek to buy British or buy English, or at the minimum to buy Danish produce whilst shopping or browsing on-line. Simply search for English shops or English produce, or Danish shops, within larger commercial store search options or generically on-line.

The gradual pressure for more Northern European produce, will create a market pedigree for any products of Northern European production and sourcing, which will also assist our local economies and gradually, our overall civilizations economic strength and security. Purchasing power is political power, but this ethos must be extended to everything you do, especially in relation to lobbying or pressuring your local governments, be that the local council, MP or directly to specific government departments. The practical deployment of our will to stand up for the rights of our people can be done instantly and you can begin on this path today, in the choices you make as to which companies to support in addition to writing letters to your MP and local council: avoiding the likes of Tesco stores, John Lewis stores, and all registered companies that do any dealing with Israel or import products or produce from cheap parasitic Third World markets that contribute nothing to the furtherance of our national industry and livelihood is a significant and effective way to support our nations economies and commercial stability.         

The success of boycott all things Israeli groups have been phenomenal, multiple supermarkets such as the Co-op and the majority of all small store chains now have an overt or covert policy that means they do not import or deal with Israeli companies. The academic success of UK universities that boycott Israel is a fundamental success. Although these successes are only the first phase and need to be applied in a wider manner to all non-European and even non-Northern European personal consumer choices, political actions and daily life conversations.

The first, fundamental and most important step towards enacting this political pressure campaign is for you, reading this right now, to choose actively to support only Northern European businesses, food suppliers, manufacturers, service personnel and members of government. Pressuring our fellow people to act in accordance with our ethnic interests, if only implicitly is fundamentally necessary in order to pave the way for a future overt identification with supporting only causes, peoples and businesses that serve or at least are not opposed to our ethnic interests, economically, spiritually, politically and logistically.

This also includes boycotting any and all non European businesses, including in this definition of non European businesses the organised Church and all Christian parasitic organisations.
This same fundamental lobbying ethos must also be enacted in relation to your personal interactions and should drive and inform your motivation to continue this ethos into more significant areas, such as writing letters to your local MP or newspapers, on a routine, if not daily basis, advising them to stop accepting donations from the Conservative friends of Israel or to complain about their stance on various issues as being unrepresentative (citing the 95% of our folk oppose multiculturalism and 89-94% realise immigration has been overwhelmingly negative for example). When writing to an MP, business, national group or even an individual, the letter should be phrased at the cost of losing your support and designed to convince them to change their public stance, or similarly written letters to the regional heads of store chains, manufacturers, universities, community groups and local clubs, such letters can be mass produced at a minimum effort (although they should be unique as to show a legitimate, natural individuals genuine concern and especially outrage) which can create a colossal effect.

After all organisations such as the ADL operate mostly on sending letters and making phone calls to key officials and personal which literally pressures or reprimands them in accordance with what the illegitimate Jewish ADL’s interests are. We must counteract all such foreign lobbying groups also, directly and uncompromisingly, this can be done by writing letter to MPs to break away from the CFI (Conservative Friends of Israel) or letters written to Labour MPs to denounce and stop promoting multiculturalism as they almost always do, despite the fact that 95% of public opinion is against them. Public opinion means nothing to some ignorant political and commercial groups and individuals, until it is pushed into their office in the form of a well written, morally convincing and authoritative letter.
The cited BBC poll where 95% of respondents stated multiculturalism has failed does not even include those of us who never watch the BBC and thus did not partake in the polling, those of us who know multiculturalism has not only failed but was a designed failure, a façade for the attempted destruction of our nation, as Labour sources effectively admitted post 2010. That even a BBC audience responded to such a conclusive degree of 95% indicates that probably 99% of our ethnic English and fellow Northern European folk believe multiculturalism is a failure, although what replaces it is up to us, more integration of immigrants, or expulsion of these immigrants is the choice that we must engage in the political process in order to lobby and vote for our necessary and natural preference of removing the offending elements from our nation.         

The accumulative effect of even a handful of such letters sent to key personal, officials university staff and companies can be colossal and enact a personal or public stance change in even the largest or most well known public groups or politicians. UKIP and pro Independence movements are growing for all the European folk peoples, there now emerges a need to overtly report and to shame all anti English or anti Germanic racists, to shame all those who defame, degrade, defile or detract from any Nordic or Germanic peoples.
Lobbying has two fundamental tactics, commonly known as the “carrot” and the “stick”. I need to say no more, it is that simple.

To facilitate this in relation to MPs and businesses is essential, but do not forget to occasionally write a letter in support of a group, such as a letter in support of an individual's speech against immigration. These letters of support build up a personal connection between yourself and the official or company representative who reads the letter and helps them to maintain the confidence to uphold their decision to for example boycott Israeli goods in the face of what will inevitable be a behind the doors efforts by Jewish groups to counter-lobby against already successful pro-ethnic European lobbying efforts. We must provide moral and political support (if only in the form of private letters) to individuals who speak out against immigration or ideas of multi-racialism and then face subsequent attacks by, for example, the BBC (which is directed by its Jewish BBC CEO, James Harding). This is necessary as such simple letters of support can have such a colossal effect.- Lobbying also must be conducted on an everyday individual level.

To facilitate this, when in a public place you are fully allowed to carry any and all recording devices. If a university student or staff member or any random individual makes an anti-English racial comment, or even a slight indication of such, or makes a comment in support of the Jewish destruction of our nation, or of Palestine alike, record them, expose them and publicly condemn them. EnglishNews.org (Asatro News) will take and upload any submitted and genuine footage to start an archive exposing individuals who are opposed to our ethnic interests, but this is secondary, what is the most effective, is not a pro English Asatro website exposing an individual, group or company but instead, yourself, as an unknown individual exposing the offender to their own employer, public relations department, local community or to government departments in the case of businesses directly and autonomously.

Local investigative reporting and ruthless exposing of racial subversives is both necessary and commendable and is an immensely satisfying form of political warfare, enacted for the sake of our folk, to make examples of those who oppose the ethnic interests of our English and wider Nordic & Germanic folk.
When you find or know of a non-European or non-Germanic who insults or harbours racial hostility towards our beloved folk, expose them always, send such video footage or written statements ruthlessly to their employers or to the police directly when it is applicable.

This should culminate in a micro-managed cultural campaign against the public existence of all racial subversives who promote multi-racialism, integration, immigration and anti-English ethnic ideologies or agendas. Simply put: those who oppose our folk’s right to exist, we should oppose their public existences and work to destroy their public existence, be it an elected official, university lecturer, or even a mere (but insidious) vile anti-English colleague or reporter.

The effect of exposing all such peoples will reverse the atmosphere of political correctness, and eventually create our own political atmosphere which rightly and (the difference is) naturally and for our people’s sake, condemns and publicly annihilates the reputation, election or employment prospects of all those individuals, groups and companies that in any way work with a malicious, seditious or even unintentional engagement in racist subversion against our ethnic interests as Northern Europeans.

Primarily the ruthless and individually-deployable aforementioned tactic should be enacted in relation to the political discussion and actions pertaining to or affecting immigration, culture, education and economics but also in relation to spirituality, political ideology and every conceivable aspect of life that effects the conditions and future existence of our Northern European folk, expose anti-Germanic Christian and Jewish Supremacists alike, for they operate with the same agenda at the core of their efforts.

The enemies of our Germanic folk deserve no tolerance, but through our inaction in not actively exposing and shaming them, these subversive, anti-English racists will never be brought to justice, through our inaction we are allowing foreign elements and traitorous, Christianized community and national leaders alike to undermine our people's future's and our people's ethnic spirit, with each day that passes. I for one will not allow these atrocities to continue against my English people, and neither should you.

Whatever you do expose the enemies of our people, be they within our national ranks our without, be utterly ruthless, for the very future of our people is at stake, hold no quarter, be meticulous and do not relent or rest until the day is reached where upon every last single Jewish Supremacist, anti-English or anti-European racist, communist, Christian or otherwise racially subversive cretin has been exposed and publicly shamed and prevented from enacting any future defilement against our beloved folk.

It is time we start applying pressure in our personal lives, even in relation to unknown individuals, to enact a societal wide pressure that will augment and accelerate the retaking of our nation by making it increasingly impossible for the enemies of our folk, those who harbour racist views against our English folk to even get a job or go through their day without being reminded that their anti-English views are unacceptable and will not be tolerated here in sacred Northern Europe.

Politics is the fundamental balance of power and claims-to-rights between all individuals, our lives and our future descendants lives in relation to genetic (including spiritual) archetypical ideals and the de-facto political effects emanating from other individuals, groups, races, rival ideals and all other nations internationally. Any action, however small is a political action.
You must ruthlessly expose all those actually or even attempt to racially defame, degrade, defile or detract from any Nordic or Germanic peoples, our histories, genetic composition, ancestral Asatro spirituality or economic living conditions. We must engage in an absolute political war on behalf of our beloved folk, this means you, today, need to make an effort to do find the name of your local MP, go onto their website, onto their expenses page or their expenses page, ruthlessly inspect their records and views and then start writing professional letters immediately, you should enact the same principle in relation to every last single individual upon this earth and especially those who reside within our nations and are in positions of political influence.

This is the start of a fundamental unleashing of an Asatro informed and inspired practical political warfare ethic, to enact the teachings of the Havamal. Found within the Poetic Edda

To start our own individual and autonomous lobbying war of exposing those who stand against our interests for the anti English, anti-Germanic racists and subversives they are and to simultaneously encourage those who implicitly or directly stand up for the interests of our ethnic folk, in our nation of residence and globally.

The self-declared enemies of our beloved folk will and have not ever given us quarter nor mercy, nor anything but destruction, degradation and defilement, in return we must stand tall with refined stature and pure hearts of love for our folk, and resolve in ourselves a superior battle ethic of ruthlessness imbued and driven forth by our love for our noble Nordic & Germanic folk and the dreams of what we can and will become, dedicated in hyper practical political warfare and if need be to sacrifice our very lives, in time, for that beauty of our folk that no others than ourselves can defend.
It falls to us upon this generation as it has upon the each and every noble generation past, to hold upon our shoulders the weight of our entire civilization, to be brought down to our knees and up to our necks in relenting personal, political action to lift high our beloved folk.

For we are nothing and our time is nothing compared to our people’s time, our people, our collective destiny and divine future is everything, apply yourself through a personally applied variant of this hyper-practical political warfare ethic, for all that you love in our beloved folk, for our descendants lives and our ancestral inheritance, motivate yourself to this end through an Asatro imbued religious vigour.
Hyper practical political warfare is waiting for you to enact it, such simple, easily accessible and yet simultaneously enormously effective political warfare techniques is what it takes for you to be more effective. It is what I will be doing, join me, in your own way, in your own life and know that together we are enacting an unstoppable influence into the very offices and minds of key officials, governmental staff, businesses and individuals. Even when the nights are seemingly calm and the days serene, we will be working ruthlessly and unrelentingly, day in and day out for the survival of our noble people, this is the only cause worth giving all for, as is my intention.
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