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Article author: John Nordsson @ Asatro News / Published: 12th day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 12th day of September 2014
Honouring our Ancestral Inheritance
Growing up without a connection to ones ancestry is without a doubt very confusing, difficult and ultimately detrimental to ones quest in unleashing their full potential, or even for those who live their lives casually, which more often than not is as a result of not knowing the importance and worth of their ancestry and the significance of their existence from a historical and biological perspective.  Approximately one hundred thousand generations of ancestors have brought you in to existence. Their decisions have effected you in an infinite number of ways.

You ancestors survival and selection determined your phenotypes, or physical appearance, your genotypes have been directly dictated by your ancestors lives as they choose fit and healthy members of their fellow Northern Germanic folk to conceive with, this process of selection, upon each and every generation, for approximately one hundred thousand generations is what has made you into the Northern Germanic person you are today, your refined intelligence, even your basic bone structure, blood type, default personal character, tendencies, natural skills and sophistication is due to those ancestors and their proficiency. Whenever you look in to a mirror you are gazing into the past.

As a Nordic or Germanic person every time you stare into your own Germanic eyes or into the eyes of another Germanic person and upon your Germanic complexion, unique form and elegance you are witnessing the approximate biological reflection of the collective accomplishments of all your direct ancestors that proceeded you, alongside all your fellow kinsfolk who actually share tens of thousands of common ancestors with you.    

Every single part of yourself was inherited (or shared) from someone in your ancestral tree as symbolised by Yggdrasil, the cosmological concept of the world tree that is also plausibly a metaphor for the layout of the universe, and like the universe we Nordic and Germanic folk are ancient, wondrous, unique, mysterious, have infinite potential and are often immensely beautiful and work in natural cycles and rotations over the generations and within our lives alike, ideally at one with and excelling through our nature. All of the aspects that make us the unique individuals we are from our piecing blues , vivid greens and misty Grey eyes that compose the variety of eye colours that you and your children and parents share.

Your straight or wavy hair, the shape of your elegant, proportionally thin nose, even freckles are all shared with someone on your ancestral tree. And on a deeper level, the way we think, how our high IQ sentient minds work, the way we feel and react are all primarily inherited traits.

They give us the building blocks that make up the unique configuration that compose the elements of our being and the way we interact with the world around us, in totality, our ancestors compose who we are today. For us Northern Germanic folk who appreciate our blood there is an undeniably heartfelt and astonishing, statistically astounding chain of noble generations that have lead to our creation and life right now, this alone should be reason enough to want to know about these Nordic & Germanic and proto-Nordic and Germanic people and to pursue a spirituality that upholds and worships them, a spirituality many thousands of them knew and almost all of them would elementally recognize. To worship the Disir, your female ancestors and all of the brave, intelligent and noble male ancestors past and those still present who inform your blood is a noble thought. In today’s day and age we have an even more important reason to know them.

That is they provided us with excellent role models, that are ever more essential in this era where our genetic existence is being pressured as a direct result of Jewish immigration lobbying and the Semitic defilement of our politics and culture to the extent where our folk are at risk each and every day of death, on multiple levels. By knowing our ancestral examples or archetypes we can learn from them and learning about their triumphs and glories as well as their short-comings and follies we can get a head start in this life and begin to build and simultaneously reclaim our society, so that we can forge a society in which to live that is even greater than the ones from ancient generations past. In life we need virtuous role models to show us what ultimate human ideals can achieve. They give us glimpses of the heights Nordic & Germanic human kind is capable of reaching.

It gives us the inspiration and motivation to make the right choices. Our people are capable of endowing themselves with a powerful confidence by drawing inspiration from the knowledge that there is great strength and ability inside themselves encoded in their very D.N.A placed there by billions of acts of genius, bravery and sacrifice carried out by the thousands of generations of people who survived to pass on the bright crimson blood that flows through every part of you, giving you your pure and precious life, with your infinite generational future potential within our genetic folk population.
All of the European folk peoples, from England to Greece and their children all originate from a series of closely related ancient ancestral lineages. This lineage has an intrinsic and distinct way of life and spirituality that has motivated its children in to creating the most amazing accomplishments ever seen upon this earth. The museums of Europe, especially in France, England, Germany and Scandinavia are filled with the astonishing works of art, science, war and time left by our ancestors.

Beautifully sculpted Bronze, Chryselephantine and marble statues. Wall sized canvases full of eye widening, breath taking paintings. The astonishing leaps in technology that has come from our folk’s ingenious ability to imagine and create. Since the dawning of the Norse/Germanic people we have had an intense desire within to create.

We have deeply yearned for a harmonious and productive civilization where one can live out the full potential without unnecessary struggle or foreign instigated turmoil and conflict, such as the class and then subsequently imported racial conflict caused by Marxists since the 1880s in almost all European cities and large towns.

Our folk have created so much beauty in this world and have tried so hard to make it a good place for our children to grow up. There have been tyrants along the way that have sought to steal and destroy rather than create and preserve, although, inevitably these tyrants internal and external alike can be overthrown, banished or imprisoned. The only enemy we cannot overcome is the one that comes from within, for in the face of externally caused adversity, what takes the power away from us and stops us from overcoming these spiteful efforts and achieving real progression and advancement is down to the individual level and the choices we make in our everyday lives.

If you are not functioning at the highest capacity you can then you cannot possibly being doing what you came here in this life to do, and whatever you are able to mange to accomplish is just a mere pittance of what could have been. When this is the case it is a grave travesty and misuse and should be sought rectified.  Our ancestors have looked to the Gods and Goddess for guidance and examples of what virtues to cultivate and a way of living to attain too, archetype-ally or inspirationally.

One can simply remember the Gods, their deeds, their attributes and remember that we are their very descendants and are connected through our ancestors and D.N.A and that their greatness is inherently within us, it only needs to be unlocked and unleashed.

There are those who fail and who cease to exist upon each generation, who fail to further their ancestral line, this is only natural that some elements of our folk will cease to be over time as a result of external influences and their inability to overcome them. If you wish to be of use to our folk you must not only seek to protect and continue your future generations but also the future descendants of the majority of our Nordic & Germanic folk.  This realisation of the nature of life and competition can help invoke and instil a power to propel us to greatness, as a folk and individually within our own lives, that must always work towards the benefit of at least the best co-elements of our ethnic population.

In today’s society we have been forced to endure a barrage of never ending external pressures that seek to indoctrinate within our folk a self loathing and shame for our heritage. From a small age we are the only people on the planet taught that it is wrong to have love and pride for our folk, our very own flesh and blood ancestors who worked so hard in giving their children a better life are often vilified and demonized.

Seek not only to overcome this, but to become immune to it and to surpass this status of demonization, or for most people, the mere spectre or shadow of this demonization until our entire folk all realise that those who deserve to be demonized are in-fact those hostile elements who demonize the genuine and love filled members of our folk who love their people. People who are hopefully like yourself, or the person you are becoming, as you become more aware of the current political and racial realities of our world and our beautiful folk, and our necessity to safeguard ourselves.

There can be no greater insult and injustices then to turn ones back on their forefathers and fore-mothers. You cannot let what is blatant insanity cloud your judgement and cause you to abandon your origins. This causes a weakness and ultimately leads to bondage and destruction.

Sons and daughters of Europe, sons and daughters of the Northern Germanic Gods and Goddesses, do not forget your true past, learn all you can about your genuinely meritorious folk, learn to wield the power of this knowledge to create strength, beauty and peace in your own life that which we all profoundly desire.

And if enough of us can do this and live to our full potentials then eventually the rest of our folk will begin to see.
Once this happen we the people will be at the helm of our destiny and to be able to dictate where we will go and not go.

No one can deny the plight of the rest of the world or of our peoples in our own nations at the hands of immigrants but we do not have to fall victim to the same fate, we can take a stand and say: ‘no we will not go down that road,’ which we are now being herded down, as we can see clearly it leads to a place unfriendly to our children and our future descendants and the descendants of all our folk.

However We CAN choose our own ethereal path and attain new, sophisticated and wonderful heights as a people.
We CAN build the future we and our people overwhelmingly want in their true hearts, and increasingly their minds, to a civilization designed and maintained for the benefit of our folk, for our descendants and alongside our ancestors, the first step to building our future is to know and understand our past.
See in these words an insight into the sustaining spirit of Europe, learn to sustain your natural spirit of noble nature, learn to sustain your spirit of truth, beauty and innovation, together we can sustain our real history and entire ethnic folk.
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