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Article author: Dan Rayner / EnglishNews.org / Article Published: 8th day of Ærra Līþa 2269.RE / 8th day of June 2019
The Hedonistic Degenerates Occupying our Governments
Hedonistic Degenerates Lying Politicians and Governments1
It is disgusting the number of Heads of State, Presidents, Prime ministers and leading Cabinet level politicians that have had degenerate, hedonistic drug use in their immediate and long term pasts.

Here are just a few examples of degenerate drug use by political figures and the drugs they used: Trudeau - Marijuana, Bill Clinton - Marijuana, Obama - Cannabis, Cocaine, David Cameron - cannabis, Boris Johnson - cocaine, Rory Stewart - opium, Jeremy Hunt - cannabis, Michael Gove - cocaine (pictured in the headline image).

Recently this trend came to light in the UK due to drug use of the 4 aforementioned names of former cabinet ministers seeking election to become leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister of Great Britain.

These Jewish-Subversive compliant leaders all have 'dirt' in their past. Many theorists have suggested that a significant proportion of political figures have blackmail-able pasts and past histories of actions. However it is clear that the University sub-culture political leaders are 'coddled' in through their higher education years encourages and popularizes degeneracy in their lifestyle and political views.

As someone who has been 'straight edge' or T-total my entire life (not even drinking coffee or tea) I look at these degenerates with a level of condemnation. The ideal political leaders are stoic servants of their people not degenerate former University students like all the current political establishment. The Jewish subversive cultural war waged against European civilization in the 1960s attempted to normalise and in many instances did normalize degenerate behaviours along with corrosive, degenerate political ideologies, art and all round societal aesthetic and ultimately biological degradation.
It is from this sub-culture that persists at Jewish-ideology dominated and quite often, ethnic Jewish lecturer/professor/teacher dominated universities a scene of ambitious degenerates.

These students are taught to not question their lecturers views or face threats and coercion but to embrace their encouragement of sheer degeneracy politically, socially and aesthetically. It is from this scene that 99% of the West's political future leaders are selected. They are in many instances blackmailed, desperate 'yes men' but most commonly (in probably 90% of instances) they are willing 'yes men' through their ideologies of degeneracy they are made willing, willing to follow whatever the popular ideology of the day is. Or one of the two most popular ideologies or political forces in the false dichotomy established by two party systems and the media narratives that cage and degenerate the boundaries of 'mainstream' political discourse within our nations and internationally.

The future we fight for is one where pure Germanic individuals worthy of governance through self-discipline and wisdom alone are even remotely considered for the sacrificial role of serving in the mechanical structure that should be an ideal government of practical operational standards.

A future where ambitious internationalists are put on trial and removed from our national life for treason and their proxy degenerates are not only banned but a situation where our informed and high-standards society would consider it inconceivable that such types would ever be allowed to defile our national institutions.

A future where our education establishments produce high quality, pure hearted people, raised working in the fields and the factories and upon the sea, who have education filled to the brim with real life work experience so that the future generations of our nation are mature, aesthetically refined and self-disciplined as well as knowledgeable and perceptive.

A nation where indoctrination would never again be possible, where freedom of thought, where intellect, tempered wisdom and discipline are popularized instead of degenerate hedonism as is currently the case.

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