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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 10th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 10th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014
Global Politics: our right - our duty
Global politics
The modern world is becoming more and more dangerous, with countless political points of tension forming internationally and an ever-increasing arms race emerging, pushed onwards by geo-political factions, of a fundamentally racial nature, forming and forcing their inevitable conflicts with one another closer and closer to our point in time both domestically and internationally.

The (literally) Jewish-Zionist dominated US foreign policy, Israel and the vague complicity of most 'Western'* nations are forming into an opposition against independent Russia and its broad alliance of independent Iran, Syria and numerous, self-asserting Eastern Asian nations and Southern Asian nations from China and North Korea to Pakistan and India.

*'Western': in itself is a term deliberately used and designed to deprive our identity of racial meaning, replacing European, English, Germanic and Nordic, with the identity of a mere geographical compass direction, instead of a deep racial history, unfortunately many nationalists have taken up this term, which is in its lack of meaning, detrimental to attempts to re-assert our own racial identity.
This fundamental conflict of aims and values on an international level, of Jewish tribalism, vs. the right to self-determination of each last sovereign nation and the aspirations of self-determination of those nations currently enslaved to Jewish-Political influence, cannot come to an end with both remaining; they are diametrically opposite visions for the future of international relations and of the existential format of the conditions of our race upon this Earth.

Interventionism for Jewish geo-political interests (through Israeli and US foreign policy manoeuvres) and a Jewish-world-hegemony, or when that is finally prevented: a world formed of free, independent nations, one folk per nation, as they always were, free from Jewish-sponsored cross-manipulation, war and sovereignty sapping international finance alike.  

We are although currently limited spectators to this conflict at this point in time, but we do not have to be mere spectators, we do not have to be just a "little Island that no-one really listens to anymore" or an "increasingly beleaguered" racial folk within our own lands, or worse still the inactive minority of those who are racially aware drowning in the sea of our silent racial majority.

We can stand up for our own interests and motivate all our folk to do the same: to stand with all the few remaining free races (Persians, Russians, Syrians & Icelandic's (comparatively)) on Earth to aspire for freedom, but more than that to assure freedom for all of our nations which are currently in chains, from Norway to New Zealand.

In standing up for our nations we can free all people, of all races, ourselves especially first and foremost, from the tyranny of having their and our nations simultaneously dictated to and manipulated into ruin by and solely in accordance with the interests and dictates of Jewish-Supremacists.

Right now the Jewish-Zionist dominated US is using the United States Air force bases in Poland and Eastern Europe to assert its dominance, not to potentially militarily counter Russian assertions of Russia's legitimate, nature given independent interests, but to suppress and repress the increasingly independent political discourse of European folk, that is emanating from Russia, from the inspiration Russia gives Nationalists all over the world, especially in Eastern and intellectual nationalist discourse in European populations worldwide.

Israel is increasing its nuclear and race-specific (anti-European) biochemical weapons stockpiles by the day. By the year 2100 it is predicted that every 3rd world nation on earth could have acquired Nuclear weapons, imagine what a manipulative Israel could do with a situation like that? Use Mossad to detonate Nuclear weapons in every European nation and then blame some third world nation no-one has ever heard of and talk about a war on nuclear-terror and a need to disarm us further? I expect the likes of our current government (especially the ex-CND communist head of the EU foreign policy department: Cathetine Ashton) would agree with that.

Every 3rd world nation could have access to nuclear weapons by 2100 and our government allows our military capacity to sink to its lowest comparative levels since before the 1500s, through the EU: every EU member state is being disarmed, under a vague lie of being a part of a singular, and massive EU army, that will never actually exist.

All whilst Israel continues to expand its armed forces, Zionist directed America surges forth with all kinds of game-changing military technology and Israel has been confirmed as having already completed and produced race-based weapons, for deployment against multi-cultural nations, that would target and kill only Europeans.

If they have managed to negotiate the genetic differences between Palestinians and Jews in their weapons one can be damned sure they could design a weapon that would kill only Europeans, they could already be deploying it inside our nations, and our governments allowing the free-access of Israeli citizens to our lands, is permitting this possibility to occur.

Even if they are not, allowing the state of Israel to have nuclear weapons is in violation of the Non-Proliferation-Treaty, let alone possessing Race-specific bio-weapons of absolute pan-racial annihilation capabilities, as was confirmed in relation to the Palestinians.
Such a weapon would go against every piece of UN legislation and principle in existence and yet Israel (the Jewish state) has been confirmed as developing such a decade ago, by one of their own scientific defectors.

The UN openly seeks to 'undermine the hegemony of Nation states", where we Europeans are the majority, and simultaneously permits the Jewish-state to even exist, shows a massive anti-European hypocrisy and bias. The UN is a tool of the Jewish-Supremacists, although it puts up a front of being impartial, it is dominated by Jews and Jewish-ideological principles, that are in reality the opposite of principles and are naught more than manipulation, hypocrisy, degeneracy and defilement.

The very concept of the UN was founded by Jews and is to this day dominated by Jewish lobby groups, Jewish ideologies, theories and Jewish sympathetic or entirely Jewish-beholden politicians and thousands of ethnically Jewish political-thugs themselves, illegitimately 'representing' (or denying the true ethnic voice of) other nation states in addition to having their own ethno-centric viewpoint espoused by the Jewish state's representatives throughout the internal membership and council of the UN.

Despite the global Jewish-Supremacist manipulation and defilement we have a chance to destroy this entire malicious system, to wipe it aside, to incinerate, obliterate and annihilate it and to side with the growing forces of independence against it and to replace the Jewish UN with the representatives of our folk, for the rest of eternity: siding with the individual rights of ethnic and religious group's elemental rights to self-determination.
We have a chance to take a front row position in the shield wall of an independent and free folk, worldwide, and not only to make a stand against, but to destroy Jewish-Supremacism and all its systems of defilement once and for all eternity.

Fortunately* we have to make the small steps first, the seemingly irrelevant writings, attendances and gatherings of our groupings, the year or two of intense-work establishing a foundation, of minute but simultaneously colossal works of writing and organising in our ascension into a better position to stand for the rights of our folk, without which all that follows will be impossible.

*Fortunately because it is through this process that we forge ourselves like weapons, burnished by the heat and wear of our time, to be wielded on behalf of our noble Nordic and Germanic folk.

Our government wants to further reduce our military size and political influence in this coming era, deliberately so that we, the English folk are left defenseless and voiceless, and in our nation-state are sent into a perpetual route of decline until desolation and destruction.
The government has moved to lessen police numbers, whilst Jewish lobby groups are working to prevent the police from being able to protect us from non-white criminals, through obsessive far-left bludgeoning tactics, criticizing the already inadequate and restricted police measures that attempt to contain non-white criminality, so that our most fundamental laws upheld by the police are removed from protecting us European folk.

Contrast: In Switzerland, every citizen must be able to know how to use a rifle or other gun, by law, the majority of Switzerland's natural residents own a gun.

All natural Swiss citizens are trained and thus protected through National Service, after which they keep their military grade semi-auto rifles (the older generations) and assault rifles (sig 550s in recent decades).

That is what a government policy that is forced to care about its people through democracy should look like AT A MINIMUM.
The Swiss referendum to restrict migrant numbers coming into Switzerland is also indicative of a governmental and democratic system that is responsive to the interests of its folk population.

Our governmental system, our Westminster Parliamentary (elected delegate) 'democracy', cited all over the world as the 'mother of democracy' does not protect our rights and makes no provisions for our arms, armour or military security, that in itself tells you a sincere and dark fact about the nature of global democracy, that it deprives only its European 'constituents' of their rights and fundamental existential security.

Just re-search gun-rights in (Israel or) any African country, and the lack of our rights is comparatively self-evident.
It is thus down to each and every Nationalist & Asatru inclined person reading this to make ample provisions to arm (within the boundaries of the law), armour (no restrictions in the UK on civilians wearing bullet-proof body armour, so all of our folk should buy themselves a ballistic jacket) and to be able to legally, mentally, physically and biochemically defend themselves, their families, friends and kin-folk: to be able to provide for that most basic level of security that our Jewish-Supremacist dominated 'democracy' is depriving us of.

You have no rights to existence until you secure them yourself. Talk of abstract Human-rights truly is "nonsense on stilts" (Bentham).
To secure our rights: is our duty to our descendants and ancestors alike.

Each one of us, we nationalists, should forge ourselves like one-man armies in the defence of our folk, each one of us must be equivalent to a hundred soldiers or more, in our political influence, our personal security, in our mental strength and Asatru enlightened sense of purpose, pride and perseverance.

Nationalist Asatru is going to be here all the way to augment our folk, to lead and guide our folk, to inspire ourselves to action and eternal action at that, but upon the setting of each sunset and upon the rising of each dawn, it is you and you alone who will be responsible for saving and safeguarding your part of our folk in yourself and your immediate kin-folk and thus our nation as a whole.

Only as one, pure, folk alliance can we rise.
And rise we will.
Hail the Gods
Hail the Goddesses
Hail the folk.

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