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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 27th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 27th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
Geopolitical and vital security issues pertaining to the UK

Geo Political Interests of the UK
Chief of the General staff: The UK in the future will face a 'threat' from ballistic missiles. The UK will face a certain "growing threat" from ballistic missiles, the professional staff head of the Army has declared.
General Sir Peter Wall, the chief of the general staff, raised the prospect of enemy states being able to target the UK or its forces with intercontinental nuclear missiles:
   "We must pay special attention to understanding the rapidly shifting environment in which we may well have to operate sooner than some think.
   Demand for land power may well be low at this point in the cycle – more through public reticence than because the world lacks security challenges – but that could soon change: demand remains low - until it isn’t. "And we may not get as much warning of that change as we would like."

The Chief of the General staff has made these comments in the face of the planned cuts in the size and equipment allowances being forced by the pro-Israel Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government .

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond's planned cuts of all the armed forces, under the façade of a “restructuring” has and will cause the resignation and retirement of thousands of patriotic military personnel, angering entire military units, families and high ranking personnel, who have seen their military forces systematically and criminally downscaled since 1945, even whilst the ballistic missile threat from Israel and Pakistan has only increased, to nuclear proportions.

   "We’ll need all of our current resource allocation, and the freedom to reinvest efficiency savings in equipment support, if we’re to deliver Army 2020 in a balanced manner and realise Mr Hammond's (supposed) vision of an Army properly equipped and trained to be effective in supporting the nation’s interests.

   “ The threat to the UK from ballistic missiles is currently extremely low but it is quite possible that in the next 10 to 15 years that threat may grow".
   "In particular, any pressure on our equipment programme is likely to lead to an unbalanced force".
   -Major Charles Heyman, editor of Armed Forces of the UK

The Army is now effectively less than 100,000 personnel strong and the current cuts will likely only be accelerated under another Conservative or Labour government until the army is practically minute, and unable to protect our European population from an internal ethnic civil war, which is the most likely and pressing military threat to our nation.

There are over 20 times as many non-Europeans in the UK than there are military personnel, meaning in the event of a civil war, our folk themselves will be the main military force defending this nation in addition to themselves if the military is reduced over and over again at the current rate, which has already made our military forces the smallest in our nation's history for over 200 years.

The pathetic Army restructuring recruitment plan is failing, it had intended to make up for regular Army reductions with a larger reservist force.

Reservist numbers have only increased by 170 people since April 2013, in contrast over 500 Jihadists from the non-European, Muslim population of the UK joined the free Syrian army and have thus received civil-war specific training, the ones that Assad does not kill for us, will be returning to the UK, even though they are wanted as criminals by our government, they will only be threatened with arrest on return for interfering with a foreign conflict, the government and border agency has no realistic capacity to detect and arrest them when they can get their identities changed and whilst several hundred thousand illegal immigrants already reside undetected and potentially with thousands of them having access to illegal firearms in the UK anyway without detection.

In the face of this threat it is up to each and every patriotic person to assist in reporting suspected illegal immigrants, immigrant criminals and suspected terrorists to the Border agency and the UK police.

UKIP is the only viable political party that vows to increase military spending and simultaneously aims to expel all foreign national criminals, illegal immigrants and cut immigration numbers down to 50,000 after a temporary freeze on all immigration (reducing it to 0) for 5 years upon coming to office, according to the last UKIP manifesto, which will likely only become more realistic as UKIP gains more and more public support and is thus able to sustain more comprehensive policies regarding limiting and reversing immigration.

Roger Helmer MEP among other important comments highlighting threats to our demographic, military and spiritual security such as:

   “the Catholic Church is ‘systematically paedophile” also stated during the Newark by-election campaign that “If someone says, “I came here, gave it a try, don’t like it, can’t stand the weather, I’d really like to go back to Pakistan but I can’t afford to go.” I’d have no objection to taxpayers’ money being used to assist them”

This sensible short term* (*before a nationalistic, Asatru government takes over) policy prevents immigrants hostile to this nation from being economically forced to stay here, this policy in the short term* could help to prevent the build up of terroristic and radical anti-English and anti-European elements of third world origin, and prevent centres of military resistance upon the ascendancy of a more realist nationalistic UKIP government being formed post 2025.

Unlike the BNP, this policy can be articulated in a positive and logical manner, as Roger Helmer did, showing how the BNP are comparative defiler of our folk’s right to survival, typical of Jewish sponsored infiltration and defilement efforts, which are undemocratic, unaccountable and deserving of absolute punishment, quite frankly in a court of treason when a patriotic force comes to power, that is if they don’t flee to Israel before then along with 99% of the UAF, Searchlight and other such groups that are failing by the day.

In contrast and to illustrate the aforementioned point the Political Editor of the Mail on Sunday, Simon Walters stated of Roger Helmer’s comments that:

   "In the mouth of the BNP’s Nick Griffin, Mr Helmer’s words would sound vile, but like Mr Farage, he is so chirpy and brazen it is harder to take offence".

The above quote from a veteran reporter shows the fundamental importance of effective and mainstream articulation of ideas, Jewish Supremacists would otherwise castigate as extreme, this is how you win back the opinions of a nation. Roger Helmer, as with all of UKIP is the only genuine and credible political force which places itself as a staunch opponent of the Conservative government’s pathetic restructuring façade, that is also facing widespread professional criticism:

The National Audit Office has already warned of "significant risks" pertaining to the Army reform programme.

General Peter Wall, Chief of the General staff:

   "The array of threats against the homeland, including cyber, ballistic missile attack and terrorism, is growing and I see this as an area of even higher demand within the next Strategic Defence and Security Review".

Major Charles Heyman, editor of Armed Forces of the UK:

   "The threat to the UK from ballistic missiles is currently extremely low but it is quite possible that in the next 10 to 15 years that threat may grow. "If we are to defend ourselves from the threat of ballistic missiles, we have to lay the foundations right now because it is high technology and it costs a lot of money in research and development."

It is self-evident that on our current political trajectory to over-throw the Jewish Supremacist media, political class and international classes of subversive Christians and Zionist advisers and government officials, our primary geo-political rival, will be the Jewish state of Israel, forcing the Jewish state of Israel to become one state with Palestine, to simultaneously negate its global threat will require a massive degree of military insurance to demonstrate to the Jewish Supremacists internationally and in Israel that they cannot win against us, and the combined world.

If the UK becomes the first nation of our folk to fully and uncompromisingly rise within ourselves and thus against Jewish Supremacism in the 21st century, our ability to show the international community we cannot be pressured out of existence militarily will be essential to our survival and also provide the basis for the security of all other states that throw off the chains of the Jewish Supremacist, subversive political classes and media in their respective territories.

Major Heyman has already stated that Russia and China are not the reasons for bulking up our anti-ballistic missile defences.

Revealingly, Major Heyman stated with an astonishing degree of foresight that:

   "Politics can change overnight. You have to look at the capability".

Currently the UK is only relying on testing sea based anti-ballistic missile batteries on Destroyers, such as the Type 45, to protect the UK by destroying hostile missiles before they cross the oceans to the UK.

This defence policy is insufficient and to properly show hostile states like Israel that they cannot win against us, we must develop and deploy high altitude based, permanent solar powered near-space-orbit drone fleets to intercept ballistic missiles flying in high earth orbit, and to establish an effectively impenetrable anti-air platform that would be capable of shooting down hostile aircraft, literally from above.

Such a solar powered drone fleet and re-armament and repairs platform based at a high altitude all over the UK and over many of the Earth's international waters and in space in general, would give the European world an unrivalled security, to the extent whereby any high altitude missiles would be rendered useless in the face of our defences.

Despite the view that such theoretical defence policy technology would be expensive, deploying a solar powered anti missiles drone fleet at high altitude would cost only a minimal amount, especially in terms of running costs as they would have a wingspan of at least 100ft, covered with solar panels enabling them to be solar powered gliders with a substantial lift capacity, requiring no fuel other than the solar power gained through their on-board solar panels over its entire wingspan, requiring only periodic maintenance testing and already carrying all their required interception missiles on-board 24/7, along with weather calculating and scientific observation equipment for civilian and research use, potentially also mounted with a rear laser turret (laser weapon technology is already used in numerous US military testing programs) and SEAD missiles to participate in anti-ship, anti-missile and anti-aircraft defence roles.

Such a platform would almost negate the need for a regular air force, especially if these drones were made EMP proof so they could operate at high altitude amongst any potential high altitude nuclear detonations aimed at disabling them.

   Such a plan as this would cost less than a fraction of the cost of the current aircraft carriers under construction and be a thousand times more potent, cost effective over service and combat effective for defence purposes.

Being in high earth orbit, these drones could position themselves over any nation on Earth and still be in international space, so as to show any hostile government that weapons launches against Germanic folk would be impossible, thus safeguarding our folk and preventing future wars.

All it takes is an Asatru informed individual or government to invent and deploy such ideas, along with numerous other ideas to improve our security and civilization's efficiency, such as super efficient housing, constructing super-efficient magnetic-levitation mono-rails to replace most roads, spreading out our cities to increase our connectedness with nature and replanting the great forests all over the UK.

Our folk's average life conditions (through an Asatru Ethic) and national infrastructure must be improved to be worthy of our inherent Germanic and Nordic elegance, ethereality, extraordinary genetic natures, forms and minds, only a nationalistic, Asatru informed government would have the inventive capacity high enough to be in a position to honour and lead our folk, as the inventiveness in this article demonstrates in comparison to the anti-security, regressive policies of our current traitorous government, much of which is as a result of EU directives and pressures, as an inherently anti-Germanic supra-national institution, founded by Jewish Supremacists.

It goes without saying that we must bring an end to the Jewish EU, and Jewish Supremacist politics all over Europe on a national level, but beyond that we must unleash our folk to a future worthy of our Germanic & Nordic beings on a biological & spiritual level.

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