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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 1st day of Æfterra Līþa 2264.RE / 1st day of After (Æftera) midsummer month (Līþa) 2014
The genetically natural, psychological advantages inherent to our Nordic & Germanic Ásatrú spirituality

Asatru has its benefits proven via research conducted by the University of Exeter, England concluding in 2014. This research has found that our brains are naturally “hard-wired” and are evolutionarily designed for a rural and therefore natural environment. This hardwiring for what is natural from our evolutionary experience underpins an irrefutable argument in favour of Asatru.
The following article evaluates 2 key pieces of research in relation to proving scientifically the genetically natural, psychological benefits inherent to our Nordic & Germanic Asatru spirituality.

Dr Ian Frampton, an Exeter University psychologist:
   ‘When looking at urban environments the brain is doing a lot of processing because it doesn’t know what this environment is.
   ‘The brain doesn’t have an immediate natural response to it, so it has to get busy.
   ‘Even if you have lived in a city all your life, it seems your brain doesn’t quite know what to do with this information and has to do visual processing.’
Professor Michael Depledge, University of Exeter:
   ‘If you don’t get the conditions (to mirror their natural environment) right in zoos , the animals (as with humans) start behaving in a wacky way.
It is evidently a universal principle of evolution and nature, only a spirituality that is centred upon nature and for us Northern Europeans: our nature, as represented through the highest epitomes of our nature through Asatru: our Æsir and Vanir archetypes, the archetypes of our ancestral experience, can hope to honour and provide for this natural principle intrinsically and instrumentally in our individual lives and the lives of all our Nordic & Germanic folk.
Living in accordance with the conditions and principles of existence that our ancestors experienced (the principle this research has highlighted) over hundreds of thousands of years is fundamentally at the very core of Asatru.
In this respect Asatru is our genetic (or spiritual-Genetic) expression of spirituality relating to our codified ancestral experiences and subsequently formed spirituality, folklore, traditions, psychological tendencies, behavioural patterns, standards and perceptual outlooks upon the world around us.
Our minds are literally calling out to us to return to a lifestyle, environment and perceptual perspective that is in accordance with our evolutionary experience the aforementioned research has indicated.

The Research by the University of Exeter specifically found that looking at rural (ancestrally familiar) images makes our minds calm and confident, it also makes our thought capacity more coherent, logical and ordered, as opposed to the state of confusion induced by the negative effect of observing or living in an environment of artificial, urban ‘visual complexity’.

Looking at a complicated rural landscape does not induce the effect of the brain indicative of ‘visual complexity’, the area of the brain known as the visual cortex in the occipital lobe flares up when looking only at ancestrally unfamiliar scenes.

It is evident that our minds when faced with an environment we have not evolved in accordance with creates mental complexities, increases frustration and inherent, non useful, continual levels of heightened aggression, leading to less organisational ability, less logical thought and a spiral of mental performance decline.
This shows the importance of living in accordance with a mental environment familiar to our psychology from an evolutionary perspective, if the same occurs in relation to the contrast of merely observing a cityscape and a landscape, it is evident that this evolutionarily natural vs. evolutionarily anti-natural (in relation to our evolutionary experience) contrast is also true in relation to all of our evolutionary experience and perceptions.

If perception of an exterior world that is not natural in accordance with our evolutionary perspective can cause such empirically measureable differences then the wider effect of this mental performance contrast must be considered. Perception is changed by the external environment: what there is to be observed and the effects it has on our mental efficiency and also the internal environment of our perception or mental perspective, the way we perceive the world, this is where Asatru demonstrates its natural superiority to any and all other perceptions, in relation to our Northern European psychologies.

For if observing an environment familiar to our Northern European ancestral experience (that which gives us our unique, elegant, extraordinary racial character today and the same in our thousands of ancestors) makes a measurable difference pertaining to our mental performance, coherence, use of logic and emotional stability, as the University of Exeter study has proven, then this same principle must also be true on an internal basis and also in regard to all other aspects of familiarity in relation to what we have evolved for and alongside.
Thus living in accordance with the teachings, spiritual outlook and seasonal, or biologically-attuned rituals of our ancestors will also have an extraordinarily positive effect, to far more an extent than merely not living in a urban-city has on our mental capacity, efficiency, confidence, logicality and mental performance. The recent research findings give weight to the importance thus of living in accordance with the experiences of our ancestors, through Asatru in relation to us Northern Europeans. That our ancestors lived in accordance with a lifestyle "True to the Æsir" indicates that this is our natural state, within which we flourish. The research findings also give weight to the importance of living an agricultural or natural hunter gatherer lifestyle, due to our psychological need to live as one with our natures, surrounded by the same natural environments both external and internal that mirror or compliment our natural evolutionary environments.
The research pertaining to thinking about one's ancestors having a positive effect on the sincerity and thus intelligence, sensibility, confidence and effort exerted in ones daily life by the Universities of Berlin, Munich and Graz demonstrate a fundamental scientific argument on behalf of Asatru. The studies found that thinking about your ancestors can even boost your job performance, exam performance, driving proficiency, and by extension: every human task conceivable that involves concentration, willpower, sincerity, confidence or mental focus or even physical willpower-endurance.
In our competitive (that is natural), economic and political centric European world, this is such a positive, implicit endorsement of Asatru for us Northern Europeans, for its effect is to maximise our capacities on every level of importance in relation to human activities reliant upon our confidence, sincerity, intellect and effort.
It is not surprising, for it is only natural that our natural spiritual approach (thinking about the ancestors, which is at the core of Asatru) empowers our natural, Northern European psychologies and natural ethnic stylistic (inventive, resourceful, intelligent, independent) approach to our lives to a higher level of performance in all these regards.
   Thinking about honouring your ancestors in your actions, and perceiving them as relying upon you (as they are on a genetic (and thus also a spiritual) survival level) is a fundamentally biological outlook on life, Asatru takes this pure biological survival-augmentation thought process and imbues it with a familiar Nordic and Germanic highly ethnic and thus cultured style and meaning, through inspirational examples, principles and ultimately forging a spirituality out of what is otherwise a pure biological (abstract) survival and success driven perspective.
It is a self evident truth that in this way Asatru is enormously advantageous, think to yourself for a moment, does not thinking you are taking each and every breath, step and action on behalf of your ancestors, whilst realising your ancestors are watching: make you take those breaths, steps and actions with a higher degree of sincerity, skill, confidence, intelligence and wisdom: to an almost religious extent?  

This is a fundamentally core aspect of the Asatru approach to life (or the ‘True to the Æsir’ approach to life.)
Asatru, in whatever form or interpretation, is thinking about our Nordic & Germanic ancestors.

From the Æsir themselves through the God Heimdallr, the father of Nordic & Germanic mankind as described in the Rígsþula (pronounced Rigsthula), or to the perception of the Æsir as a mythological, archetypal representation of the best form of life as tried and tested over our Nordic & Germanic evolutionary history by thousands of our ancestors, either way when thinking about the Gods and Goddesses you are thinking about the best archetypes or the direct best of our ancestor’s examples.  
*Asatru is thus extremely and positively folkish by definition, any attempt to suppress this positive core of Asatru is to suppress the fundamental core of Asatru itself. To unleash Asatru into its full potential in relation to yourself personally and our entire folk, this folkish core must never be mediated or restricted out of fear for political repression, for what Ásatrúar restricts their own spirituality out of fear of controversy? Such an action or inaction is contrary to the very meaning of Asatru, those who restrict Asatru into conformity with the anti-natural Judaized political trends of today are not Ásatrúar but cowardous anti-Asatru defilers.*
Asatru is thus the epitome of thinking about ones ancestors, this research gives such weight to Asatru and this should be widely talked about and stated: that Asatru is not ‘just’ a spirituality and a way of life but is the best and most perfect way of maximizing our lives, maximizing our psychological and physical performances, mental attitudes and personalities as Northern Europeans. Our Nordic & Germanic Asatru spirituality is simultaneously the guide and mechanism to achieve the best possible in our lives on every level, from politics, through the deeply political nature of our ancestral lore, to love, war, farming, social interaction and every last single, colossal and small aspects alike of our lives.
Asatru is the great spiritual-genetic foundation stone of the fundamental principles and perspectives and approaches that can even guide us to an excellent life through any circumstances and events, requiring only our Northern European beings to apply these Asatru principles (such principles as the nine noble virtues or Heimdallr’s example of how to engage in warfare with Loki or Odin the All-father's use of the runes), requiring a Northern European to enact them perfectly in relation to Asatru as it is the spiritual ethnic style that perfectly suits our extraordinary, elegant, ecstatic, ethereal, eternal Nordic & Germanic folk.
  Asatru evolved amongst the fields, fjords, mountains, river villages, hilltop towns and plains of ancient and historical Northern Europe, within our ethnic folk people, as we evolved Asatru came into being.
The fundamental psychological balance with nature, enabled by our Asatru spirit through the everyday perceptual understanding that we are a part of the natural order and created from a long chain of ancestors upholds an ethnically (racially) qualitative or positive biological perspective on life that is conducive to our continued and more efficient evolutionary survival and selection-augmentation over the infinite millenniums to come as with the millenniums past of our ancestral spiritual (through genetic) evolution.
Asatru is sustained as we are sustained, Nordic & Germanic folk are the living descendants of the Æsir and the guardians of their examples and sagas, our blood flows with the Æsir and the Æsir’s blood flows within our blood. The fate of Asatru relies upon our honouring of our folk, as the descendants of the Æsir, at the fundamental core of the definition of our folk, as the simultaneously ancestral and eternal, divine element to our extraordinary, elegant, ethereal, eloquent, ecstatic Nordic & Germanic folk.
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