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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 18th Night of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2265.RE (Hrēþ-mōnaþ = Month of Wildness or of the Goddess Hrēþ) / 18th Night of March 2015
Folkish Asatro versus Universalist Subversion:
The Purity and Direction of Asatro

Those who seek to impose upon Asatro debates and controversies against Asatro's intrinsically Folkish nature are simply the enemies of Asatro itself, that is to say they are the political and spiritual enemies of the spiritual unity and way of life of every true Germanic Northern European person the world over..

The so called universalistic nihilists who attempt to claim Asatru for themselves out of a truly anti-Germanic racial and spiritual hatred are almost always nothing more than racially Jewish or spiritually/socially Christian infiltrators who seek deliberately to sow disunity, destruction and essentially principles of Semitic subversion within our midst. They are not in any way apart of us Asatro folk, saying Asatro has universal elements, is simply a complete false-hood, they are completely misunderstanding the nature of Asatro and have no claim to it, many of them know this as they are overtly seeking to subvert Asatro. It is not possible to read through our Germanic ancestral lore, which is deeply tribal and our pure Germanic mythology and sagas that continuously have literal and symbolic racial and blood loyalty conflicts imbued throughout them at the core of their literal and symbolic message and meaning, which cannot be explained away or “loosely interpreted” in any way at all and then suddenly state that “anyone” can adhere to our spirituality.

Asatro is formed by not just the Sagas but is informed by historical accounts from Tacitus to Saxo Grammaticus. Despite these historians Roman (Tacitus) or early-Christian (Saxo Grammaticus) perspectives and biases it is still undeniably clear that racial character and blood was of supreme importance to all adherents of Asatro, from the servant Gothi to the mighty Germanic farmer. Asatro is formed in its modern format from all the available historical records. That is how Asatro survived through the Christian occupation. The very fact that these documents were not destroyed is because they were considered a part of the history of the people and the Church did not ever have enough universal influence with our folk to be able to destroy such ideals and records without revolts. Thus it is self evident that Asatro is formed from the racial or ancestral records of our people.

The very essence and format of Asatro is racial, not just in its message, but by the very fact that it is also the racial spiritual lore of our people and none others. It is inherently exclusive and through being exclusive Asatro is ever more sacred and valuable to our Germanic people. The various sagas and ancient folk knowledge collectively form our sacred lore today. Asatro, like all European indigenous spiritualities is based upon our nature, not a universal abstract nature. It is rooted in our peoples history and evolution and through this is tied to the most folkish principles of life and the laws of nature.

There are so many examples of an understanding of natural selection and the need for positive eugenics, on a racial and societal level within the sources that we Asatro folk now consider the foundations of our spirituality. The very texts   we read each night, that I too read each night before I sleep, are drawn from our Germanic ancestors, great heroic tales that speak of dedication to our people, the same Germanic people we are still today. All adherents of Asatro need to realise that Asatro is folkish but it is also far more than this. Asatro implores and motivates us to enact great ethical, noble deeds for the uplifting of our Germanic people and to defend their futures. The examples of the Æsir and of our ancestral heros and near-mythical figures and regional ancestral matriarchs and fore-fathers alike inspire us to understand who we are and what we must do when we realise who we are, on behalf of our folk. All of the great Sagas and ancestral legends of our Germanic people that constitute what is now and always was Asatro are from a noble Germanic perspective. This Germanic perspective overtly talks of the necessity of courage and heroism, from Heimdallr, Thor, Woden to the Midgard tales of Swedes such as Beowulf in defending a friend of his fathers, in the land of the Danes, as a Swede, all recounted and written from an English perspective. The only way in which Asatro could ever be considered universal is universal solely to all Northern Germanic folk! Note also the regional Germanic variants of the names of our Gods and Goddesses, that even between directly related Germanic folk, Asatro has evolved in differing linguistic and theological directions. The Anglo-Saxon concept of Wyrd and the name of Odin becoming Woden, Wotan in central Germany also for example. To say that Asatro could belong to any people outside of the Germanic races is absolutely impossible.

The universalist argument is being used solely to attempt to legitimise or insidiously promote the multi-racial destruction of our folk and the universalist corruption of European pagan groups and philosophies in accordance with this anti-Germanic racist agenda to literally ideologically soften, manipulate or nullify and pacify the otherwise dedicated resolve of the most effective, spiritually and politically motivated sub-section of our European population all over the world: Germanic neo-Pagan folk, who have the highest potential to lead an awakening of our folk. Universalism is or was (as it has almost totally been denounced as) a failed-attempt to destroy our spirituality's effectiveness at enacting real political change for the positive furtherance of our Germanic people.

There is no historical evidence of any non-Germanic ever practicing Asatro, self-evidently. Even in our contemporary era, the groups that claim they are Asatro only appeal to Germanic people (excluding the ones that are simply staffed by Jewish Supremacist manipulators or covert cultural Christians). The so called "universalists" for all their disunity and controversy are in their base readership approximately 95% European anyway, so their "universalism" is futile, for non-Germanics are simply not interested in Asatro, as it has nothing to do with them and this is self evident to any logically-aware observer.

Asatro teaches us of the loyalty of family, blood, race and species, over and over again throughout our foundational lore. The foundational sources of our ancestral wisdom and folk-lore that form Asatro literally and poetically describe the importance of race simultaneously (so there is no alternative interpretation), it cannot be denied objectively. It cannot be denied as just one interpretation, as it is inscribed literally and it cannot be explained away as metaphorical, because the references are so direct and literal and the many metaphorical stanzas demonstrate an intrinsically folkish perspective. This perspective is Asatro, at every level, both in the literal words and the underlying folkish ethics and philosophy that emanate throughout Asatro.

Universalism as the subversive Marxists call it, is ultimately nothing more than a vile and insidious attempt to enact a damaging spiritual and political group manipulation, to make our native Germanic spiritual movement nothing more than "another" alternate cult-religion or style, rather than the deep and sincere world changing grade Germanic political, philosophical and ethnic movement that Asatro is already becoming.

For this is the potential of Asatro and other European spiritualities, they are above corruption by thse universalist elements, but yet they attempt to defile us, such as experienced in Hellenic Paganism or Druidism, which is being co-opted by subversive Marxists, who are dedicated full time to making sure that our spiritual movements achieve nothing. This is what the so called Universalist or multi-racial or "inclusive" infiltration attempts into Germanic and European indigenous spiritualities are all about.
With this English Asatro effort, which has practically been a one man army with a small number of transient and yet extremely valued and important volunteers, I have led a political and spiritual resistance against this corruption of Asatro and have successfully reclaimed the honour and purity of the term Asatro.

Although, ultimately to overcome the enemies of our Germanic movement’s potential, merely holding ground and defining the truth, however admirable, is not enough, we cannot afford a mere victory via the definition of Asatro and I will not settle for this, whilst our people's demographic security is being undermined each and every day by mass-immigration, the very same descendants of the Germanic folk Asatru evolved alongside and was created from. Asatro prioritises our folk, our folk are a part of our divine pantheon, alongside the Elves, Valkyries, Norns and the Æsir themselves, although we are normal, we are in a way extraordinary Germanic folk, the only folk mentioned in our history and tales in connection to the Æsir.

To overcome those who would attempt to hold back Asatro, those who would reduce Asatru into just another cultural style, to truly overcome these enemies, we must become a colossal political movement, for only in enacting our potential as awakened Germanic folk can we truly re-take our nations through inspiring our people to politically and philosophically arise themselves, our noble Germanic people, to whom I owe my existence, as do you, my fellow Germanic individual, whether you are a daughter or son of the Æsir.
Those who attempt to corrupt the spiritualities of all distinct European native spiritualities are the enemies of all our Folk. What defines the very category of native or indigenous European or Germanic religion is the intrinsic connection to our folk who produced and evolved alongside such spiritualities, ethics, philosophies and ultimately ethnic political styles. The land itself did not create our spiritualities, although we evolved upon it, our ancestors themselves were the folk who evolved into being and it is deep within ourselves and throughout our  unique Germanic evolutionary experience that our unique spiritualities evolved.

The Ideological corruption engines of the worst subversives who lay an attempted claim to and simultaneously defile what they under-state and degrade as mere "paganism" are the most ethically, politically, racially and spiritually corrupt manipulators in existence. For they know that the best resurgence of Germanic folk will come from the core of those who are awakened at the highest levels of political and Germanic spiritual intelligence, awareness and sentience, our worst enemies seek to corrupt us directly, this in itself is a testament to the sheer political potential we will have, for even our enemies understand our potential as revealed in their failed attempts to spite our folk-spirit down.
And mark my words, we English Asatro folk will rise and so too will all Germanic folk peoples.

The failed attempts to corrupt Asatro is seen in the foreign universalist Jewish and Christian attempts to defile and degrade all pagan spiritualities, something almost totally complete amongst Druids and other European pagans. Us Germanic spiritual folk have not been corrupted to this extent, the overwhelming majority of Germanic Asatro adherents are racially aware, this is after all one of the primary attractions of such a pure Germanic spirituality, that both ordinary and extraordinary Germanic folk are inspired to adhere as it is our native or natural spirituality as Germanic folk.

Subversive anti-Asatru infiltrators are forced to admit that our spirituality is undeniably indigenous, but in a an illogical step of sheer philosophical, scientific and biological idiocy they proclaim that our spirituality is indigenous only to the "land" and not to our people ourselves (which would simultaneously make all Asatro people non-Asatro when they go on holiday?), this permits them to then subversively state: "well then, anyone who lives here can be a European Pagan or Ásatrúar". This is where it is finally revealed that the ultimate objectives of such subversives joins paths with the secular Jewish Marxist and Christian left. That is who the worst infiltrators and Ideological corruption websites and social media fronts merely are, a minority (it is always the same minority) of worthless, subversive Judaized individuals and Semitic manipulators who accumulating less than 20 or so prominent profiles or websites (many of which are ran by the same far-left hate groups or sick Christian individuals, even some of them are “white Christian nationalists” seeking to degrade Asatru covertly) seek to corrupt or at least stifle, disrupt, spite, dilute and hold back the growth of natural native, indigenous Germanic and wider European ethnic spiritualities, through corrupting the emergent movements and the overall discourse, with the ultimate aim of philosophically and motivationally disarming the best of our people’s political potential so as to keep us passive and ill-motivated. Many times these individuals proclaim to be folkish to fit in with us Germanic folk, but who are in-fact Marxist subversives simply edging their manipulation in softly into a political circle that would otherwise rightly and overtly reject their subversive Semitic racial bigotry against our Germanic folk.
It is often not until years later that a general consensus forms, if ever (again due to the Semitic control of the media) that the individuals who disrupted Asatru in Vinland (North America) were, for example, almost all subversive infiltrators intent on completely undermining and routinely disrupting Asatru and the same can be seen in multiple European indigenous spirituality movements, especially with the failed 90's pagan movements and groups based out of London. These infiltrating Marxist groups then co-ordinate with each other to set up their subversive councils or “boards” such as the Pagan Federation to then achieve the appearance of a hegemony over all “pagan” discourse and organisation efforts, allowing them to marginalise and isolate opponents and encourage subversion. I have had this confirmed by a veteran leader of a group that was effectively incapacitated by the aforementioned group.

I have broken through the hegemony and corruption attempts that have prevented so many others before me, they very act of starting a defiant folkish Germanic Asatro website was the ultimate act of this victory over the attempted corruption of our Germanic spirituality, my perseverance and the positive practical approach of many of my writers has proven this victory is substantial and will pave the foundations for a growing English Asatro movement here in England and mirrored over the Germanic world, including Vinland and Australia.
This must be organised into practical political deployment in order to achieve the reality that Asatro is destined to be a meaningful and potent Germanic ethnic Spiritual movement rather than just what its detractors would want it to be: powerless.

Evidently it is so important for Asatro to remain its own distinct spirituality and political force, for it is a unique Germanic ethnic spirituality, that cannot be allowed to simply become another fringe political identity politics, Asatro must become the sole national majority political and philosophical force in the lives, politics, spiritual outlook and artistic, cultural and aesthetic lives of the majority of our English and wider Germanic folk.

Anything less is to let our people down in failing to reclaim our legacy and inheritance as the Sons and Daughters of the Æsir, after whom we named our days of the week, and to whom our folk shall return politically and spiritually, to inspire ourselves into a new era of Germanic spiritual, technological, scientific, aesthetic and ethnic excellence and purity as a unique people.

It is the duty of every adherent of Germanic indigenous spiritual beliefs to wipe aside the manipulators who would literally prevent the rise of Asatro and to philosophically annihilate them the moment they seek to defile our otherwise purely folkish Germanic spiritual movement. In fact measures must be taken to make sure such Semitic defilement attempts can never gain a foothold. I am dedicated to ensuring the purity of Asatro. I take this as a naturally sacred duty to my folk, to defend, preserve and further the politically and philosophically empowering and awakening unique ethnic Germanic philosophy that is Asatro.

Only through becoming a majority force in the long term of our nation can this be sustained. We must inspire and inform our folk in accordance with Asatro, this is a necessity for the immediate and long term future of our folk. Let no one deny this. Those that do are enemies of our Germanic folk and must be treated as such, no quarter must be given to subversive Semitic/Christian subversives, no matter what guise or method of defilement and corruption they take.
Understand how it is that Loki is routinely defeated, to understand how we must defeat the "Loki's" of our world, both domestic and foreign alike, our lore inscribed such elemental political truths not for the sake of it, but so that we can understand and be inspired to use this Germanic political wisdom, that Judeo-Christianity deliberately sought to suppress to weaken us.

In defiant dedicated, positive and practical perseverance to the future of our Germanic folk and our national political, ethnic and philosophical uprising and empowerment.
No matter if it takes 20-30 years, but that is the time we have left and we cannot allow our enemies to waste this vital last amount of time for us, in our era, we must claim this era for our ancestors, our Gods, Goddesses and most importantly, our sacred Germanic folk whom live each day bearing such a noble inheritance that if they only realised this, would rise up to reclaim their rightful place, freedoms and future potentials.

Together we racially and spiritually Germanic folk must strategise, organise and ultimately rise.
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