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Article author: Lars Alfgrim, Asatro News / Published: 12th Night of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2265.RE (Ēostre-mōnaþ = Month of Ēostre) / 12th Night of April 2015
Our Folk Struggle for Economic Interdependence
Editors foreword: Interdependence, or self-sufficiency amongst Germanic folk on every level is the fundamental precondition of our Independence.
Lars Alfgrim's third article: Is it a virtue to feel no ambition and covetousness, that you should not be a corporatist or a covetous materialist. Is it bad to feel attachment. This is what the liberals teach us who are merely secular Christians to my mind. The problem with teaching detachment and a lack of ambition is that we are putting ourselves at a huge disadvantage in group competition. We are being artificially forced to leave the other more room to out-compete us. The Church has had a 1000 years to do something about the Jews, but what they did is that they forbade usury to European Christians while they allowed Jews to practise it, fundamentally handing over an entire sector of the economy, or a meta-sector, that has the power to envelop or control entire economies, over to fanatic Jewish Supremacists. It is ultimately the reality that the early Semites in the Church did this deliberately, using Christianity to suppress others, issuing decrees and using the clergy to suppress Europeans economically, spiritually and overtly politically and now racially, for to suppress our noble people the Church first had to reduce us to peasants and servants, even the highest in society, the monarchy were merely the delegated authority of the so-called 'God', which was the flawed Jewish "Yahweh" concept.

The Church: Instead of banning Usury altogether or simply disallowing Jews from practising it (which would have ceased Usury, as it was a Jewish invention and financial practice import) deliberately put Europeans at a disadvantage for centuries, in the proto-variant of affirmative action, in the most subversive long term economic form.

Jews have won almost all of the economic battles during the longer-term economic war they have imposed upon us thanks to never-changing Christian (ultimately a two-pronged Jewish) enforced economic weakness and internal self-limitations. Prior to Christianity some of the greatest economic empires were European traders, from Greece to the Traders of the North, the Viking of the Volga in Russia and all the way to Vinland, the Mediterranean. And during the period of the English or British Empire (for the entire period where Jews were expelled from England and Christianity became less all-imposing (or less Catholic)) the English and their empire (I write from a Dutch perspective) became the world's greatest empire, with the capacity of controlling 100% of the world's oceans against any rival navy at any one given time. Proving that without suppression or limitations, European folk easily economically dominate our own markets. The struggle that Europeans are in has an economic aspect, and this aspect must never be ignored.

Money can get you anything you need or want. Jewish Supremacists understand this, this is why upwards of 93% of all bankers in the US market are Jews, with a comparable statistic in Europe and even in the Eastern world, with major Jewish investments in Chinese industry and commerce.

My readers, you may think that it is immoral to focus on money like the Jewish-globalists whom you despise, but ironically, that is what you need to be willing to do if you are really up to the task to secure the survival of your beloved thede. We are in an economic war, and only if we are willing to compete for all the resources that we need, we can secure the survival of our unique thede.

Editors Note (Dan Rayner): There is a way I describe economics and currency that highlights the sincerity of just how important “economics” is, I put that in quotation marks, as economics should not be a separate discipline, for it is integral to life at every level. Note currency for example, what is currency? Coins, printed by a central government, or in the US by a Jewish Federal Reserve, but what does that currency actually symbolise? It has nothing to do with the authoritativeness of the symbols or figures printed on them, other than their effect of conferring legitimacy to an otherwise useless piece of metal, but it represents a certain amount of human effort, an hours pay, or a certain quantity of metal or wood that that piece of currency can buy. Before currency existed, when we bartered, we would have just called it resources, or used the resources actual name, such as: "Ill trade you one twig for two handfuls of grass" (worst trade ever), currency is thus the symbolism of resources, that is the power to claim or trade resources with or from others that are essential for survival. Currencies such as Pounds or Euros over where Lars lives, are thus survival tokens, which is why it is so damaging for the control of the supply of survival tokens to be under the influence of foreign economic manipulators or foreign private entities masquerading as national banks.

This explanation I hope shows you just how important it is for our people to have economic interdependence, which will result in independence, for money staying in the family is better than money paid to outsiders, for money is the currency of survival and it does no damage to trade amongst ourselves or to support each other, this is true logistically, militarily and thus politically (an ideal definition of politics encompasses and understands all of these aspects of life holistically, as does a true Asatru philosophy and its informed Folkish ethic.)

You might think that it is not good to focus on financial capital, because that is “what the enemy does,” but you need to focus on this in order to compete with the enemy. If you are willing to go as far as the enemy, then you know that you are really motivated to beat the enemy. If you think that the enemy is “evil,” then you should be more than willing to strive to out-compete him in his own things. No matter how we win the economic war, we have to win it. If we are willing to win it, then we can win it. We merely have to think in a certain way. The entire universe is built around conflict for which there has to be will. Any creature which does not lack the will to continue to exist meets one of the most fundamental requirements for continued existence in this universe.

We can whine about big-corporations that care nothing for the future of our people all day long, but if at the end of the day we still do not realise that what we must do is establish our own counter mega-corporations formed of ordinary folk, then we are merely missing the point and inhibiting ourselves from successfully competing with and overcoming the enemy of our people. Financial resources when used correctly can lead to increased survival and genetic prosperity. The double Helix on this coin inadvertently alludes to this reality.
We must -think in a certain way- in order to compete successfully with the enemy and to out-compete them eventually. If you ever want to be able to think in that certain way, you have to accept that [a] it is absolutely moral to do whatever the enemy is doing, [b] there is nothing immoral about fighting for financial capital-control or establishing a corporate foothold or dominance, and [c] your duty is to deploy your money only in financial transactions and donations with members of our own thede to make ourselves collectively prosper along with yourself in every daily economic transaction you partake in, with NO EXCEPTIONS.

This involves boycotting a lot of supermarkets, such as the Jewish owned, Tesco and John Lewis stores, anything with a Kosher symbol on it and now also any food produce with Halal certification or anything manufactured in a non-Germanic nation, especially boycotting anything and everything Israeli.

Yes, even the all-encompassing "made in China" products, you must avoid or cut down on where possible, although this is basically impossible as many base components, such as the computer screen you are using to read this on, are "made in China", but ultimately it is the retail outlet that costs you the most, despite the materials origins, as the parts or components are a fraction of the actual retail price of food, electronics and just about everything. This is why boycotting is a powerful tool, as the majority of the economic exchange, occurs between the consumer (their name for you) and the retailer (your name for them) which are ultimately two different people, groups, parties or differing racial groups entirely.

The most efficient way to boycott economically thus is to simply search online and look for Germanic companies, find yourself one or two Germanic food suppliers, the same with electricity, gas, internet provision and basic essentials. Supporting local produce, by going to local stores (if you live in a rural area) is the easiest way to do this. So boycott all non-Germanic companies, manufacturers, individual products, services and especially non-Germanic news and entertainment sources, they must be boycotted above all else. Do not buy newspapers, if you do come across them at a family members house, use them for dog litter or fire kindling.

Rather than abstractly talking about economic capital, the simple tool of boycotting or "choosing" to only economically engage with Germanic companies and individuals is how you can engage in this.

As Asatru folk, we must not only allow ourselves to prosper spiritually, but also economically. No matter what people say in praise of poverty, it cannot be denied that we can only reach our fullest potential when we have all the financial means to support ourselves in whatever spiritual, intellectual, or physical affairs we as Asatru individuals wish to engage ourselves. Having a small or efficient number of possessions on the other hand is ideal, as less clutter leads to a healthier lifestyle and sense of self reliance and economic efficiency, in-fact this is entirely consistent and often enables being more economically stable (income higher than spending), self sufficient and prosperous.
Our highest happiness can only be achieved when we can bestow all the financial/essential resources (resources equal power) upon our own folk that they naturally deserve; in proportion to your constantly increasing your financial capital, let us trade and do business only with our Germanic thede, with only the expectation or advice that they follow the same economic folk discipline and exclusiveness in return. For all the members of our thede are ultimately kinsmen of ours, and the implications of this elemental truth should never be underestimated.

Our folk must be totally free from inhibitors to obtain all the financial wealth that our people naturally deserve. One of the primary inhibitors holding us back from doing what is right, is because we have listened to foreign, Semitic ideological influences instead of our own inner calling, that which may be called common sense folk-loyalty.
We know what is right, but we are not yet allowing ourselves to be free to do what is right. There is nothing morally wrong with increasing our financial capital. To think otherwise is in fact abnormal. All thedes fight to increase their wealth, so why should our thede be prevented from doing the same? Will you let incompetence or uncompetitive lethargy hold yourself and our people back?

The false-moralist who deems poverty an absolute virtue can do as he wishes and live in poverty, but why should we ever follow his example? This is not a criticism of ascetic simplicity, of owning few possessions, but of poverty, the inability to have economic power(in life in general), something Christianity wanted its followers to be subject to the chains thereof.

To follow our instincts and to seek to increase our financial wealth is absolutely moral. The moralist who tells otherwise should take his own poison and perish in it. We can safely ignore whoever seeks to inhibit us from achieving success, because no man becomes poorer by ignoring the insane ramblings of his enemies and those who are not hostile in intentions but nevertheless have ideas that will bring about the man’s destruction and thus will be practically no different from real enemies.

Editors Note: Our morality must be based upon what is the best for our folk archetypically and thus practically, morality should never be based upon an abstract, foreign subversive system of thought.

I am merely trying to emphasise the importance of certain minute details with regard to the unfeeling process of the continual and perpetual struggle for survival of which also our thede is obviously involved within; we cannot place ourselves outside the boundaries of the natural world in which there is a relentless struggle for survival to which all beings are eternally and constantly subjected.

All beings can never be equal but are affected in only one universal or equal way, and that is that they are all bound by the same forces of nature (as far as we know otherwise solely by ontological definition), although in differing intensities. Our thede – probably due to its unique imaginative powers which are generally good and conducive to its survival but can obviously also be manipulated to work temporarily to the disadvantage of our thede – appears to be easily tempted into placing itself outside the realm of those forces, but it is, in reality, a part of our natural being like everything else, and hence our ideals and cognitive thought and abstract reasoning or principles should act like a logical survival mechanism or else we will be punished by natures elegant and ruthless laws.

Editors note(Dan Rayner): We are the inheritors of the understanding of nature our elegant ancestors had and we shall not neglect our understanding of the elegance, purity and ruthless grace of nature, infact we must thrive in accordance with her laws and allow them to re-carve us like the Gods and Goddesses we are descended from.
As long as our thede needs to compete for the sake of its very survival, we will have to fight for all that our thede naturally deserves. The rise of our thede is inevitable, because the pure, creative potential that our thede has goes unrivalled in the history of man. Nature is in a constant movement towards the more perfect, and this movement could only be temporarily halted, as occurred with our thede because of alien forces, ideas and interests; our thede will rise again, and if there is no other way to secure its survival, then a global imperialism in which our thede takes an active role is the inevitable command of the natural force that pushes towards perfection; the creed of the Norns, if nature desires our eternal ascent towards the more perfect, it is that our thede must acknowledge and accept the authority over the world of men that the Gods and Goddesses have allotted and designated to it, in symbol.

The imperial power over the world that our ancestors achieved was not a crime against humanity; it was merely an inevitable perfection-oriented wave of nature that had stirred our thede in this direction.

Our thede can only be blind, deaf and mute for so long until it will start to see again what is necessary, to hear the command of nature, and to speak the words of the Norns to our folk civilization; the force of our destiny is unstoppable, and it will break through all the alien forces that were up against it, because what the Gods have in mind for our great thede not even the most powerful of men can stop. What the Gods have decided is the law of nature which pushes us towards our inevitable ascend.

Destiny is calling us when we feel pushed to do what is good, fair and moral for our Germanic and Nordic thede and our thede alone. When our thede is working hard again to secure its interests and the world is being liberated from the illusion that what our ancestors were somehow a crime against humanity (which exposes the true malicious agenda of those who oppose us), the world will be moving towards destiny-commanded perfection and it will be a better place to live in for everybody, because as long as men, women and children of any thede live in delusions or underestimations about our Germanic and Nordic thede, they will be deprived of the possibility to experience a better world in which our thede can freely exercise its pure, creative potential which has been inhibited for far too long now.

To act against our thede is to act against the interests of the whole of humanity, because only if the destined and most importantly: positive role of our thede is acknowledged and accepted, can the world then be made to move increasingly towards one in which true peace, self-expression and order are absolutely central and understood.
It is unfortunate that many individuals who live in delusions about our thede are still incapable of conceiving and recognising the creative, shaping role of our thede upon the history of humanity.

For only if the relevance of an influential history-shaping thede – which without a doubt our thede is – is fully understood by all human individuals, we can move to the next stage in the shaping of human history.
Because to deny the relevance of such a noble thede is obviously regressive and cacogenic, while to affirm the relevance of such a noble thede is obviously progressive and evolutionary from an objective point of view that recognises that an eternal, natural motion towards perfection is an inevitable consequence of living.

I feel sad because there is currently still so much ignorance in the world about the full potential of our thede, but I also feel hope because I know that both the ascent of our thede and the eventual worldwide recognition of its full importance in the past, present and future history of man are undoubtedly inevitable while – as the big picture of the great developments in the world obviously shows us – the consequences of natural advancement ultimately cannot be prevented.

There will be abundance of opportunity and happiness for individuals of other peoples who will go with the tide, instead of trying to swim against it, because the ascent of our thede will, in the final analysis, even be good for them, judging from the fact that we have a uniquely strong sense of justice, morality and exploration.

A world in which our thede is not denied an active role in leadership will obviously be a better one, and thus the Jewish war against so called European or “White” privilege is merely a war against the best interests of humanity, all of humanity, if it even cares for the meaning of humanity should be united in defending our people as much as they would their own. If you attack the natural explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs, spiritualists and teachers of humanity, how can you expect to live in a better world?
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