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Article author: Nathan "Frith" Elis, Asatro News / Published: 5th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 5th Night of January 2015
Our Germanic folk spirit was forged and baptized in Fire and Ice. These are described in our lore to be great powers, extreme poles that reacted together to create life in Ginnungagap. This is a theme in the creation records and unique mythological artistic style of our ancestors.
There was in times of old, Where Ymir Dwelt,
nor sand nor sea, nor gelid waves:
midgard existed not, nor Asgard above,
twas a caotic chasm, and grass nowhere.
Before Bur’s sons raised up Asgard’s vault,
they who the noble mid-gard shaped.
The sun shone from the south, over the structure’s rocks:
then was the earth begrown with herbage green
From the south the sun, companion of the moon,
threw her right hand across the edge of the world
The sun did not know what hall it had.
The stars did not know what stead they had.
The moon did not know what main it had.
-Völuspá, stanzas 3 to 5, Poetic Edda
  "Ginnungagap, which faced toward the northern quarter, became filled with heaviness, and masses of ice and rime, and from within, drizzling rain and gusts; but the southern part of the Yawning Void was lighted by those sparks and glowing masses which flew out of Múspellheim."
 -Recounted via the Gylfaginning, p16 of the Prose Edda translation of 1916
That life came from fire and ice. Is this a metaphor of a deeper natural understanding? Actually, our ancestors may have had a substantial degree of insight about the energies that created life.

Science can tell us about the strata and surface of the earth. It can tell us that a great heat splintered these miles of rock, which allowed mist to form in the many cracks and crevices that the heat created.
When great heat turned to great cold, this mist became ice, breaking apart the rock more and more. This happened over and over again, and on a smaller scale. What did this process create? Soil. Life. Two opposing titanic forces created one of the top life-giving substances in the world.
Was this knowledge literally known by our ancestors? Only possibly, although those living in ancient volcanic coastal Norway or today's Iceland are examples of how our ancestors unique evolutionary environment forged us unlike any other people, with ancient knowledge of fundamental formation processes inherent in our ancestral experience, encoded in our folklore and our necessarily fire like willpower, inventiveness and ingenuity complimented and reflected within our refined ice like dignity, elegance, fortitude and pure philosophical and artistic nature.
What is known is that the concept of fire and ice was part of our cosmology. I do believe it was a Gods and Goddesses-given insight, or perhaps something understood through divine reflection.
Divine reflection is simply a perfect understanding of the natural and the subsequent understandings in effect gained through our folk’s nature and divine intellectual connection with nature and our natural reality.  
At the core, our people are filled with fire and ice. In constant productivity and reactivity, yet surprisingly peaceful and elegant unlike any other people.
Frith is the concept of peace in a kindred or communal sense. A sacred place where harmony exists between our people, Gods, Goddesses and spirits of the Earth. A state of internal socio-political harmony achievable only through our Northern Germanic nature, we need no philosophy nor philosophers other than our own Asatru, Northern Germanic spirit.
This state of Frith within ourselves crucial to achieving an everlasting civilization. It is the state of a pure people, be it pure in love or pure in virtue and attributes. Brotherhood, sisterhood, marriage, parenthood, community, and folk faith
These are all the products of great, life-protecting forces, and therefore metaphorically products of fire and ice, inherent to the character of our unique folk. This is sacred knowledge, an understanding that in great conflict, great effort and exertion and will, things are created and our folk are unleashed. This can also coincide with my fellow heathen philosopher Colin Cleary’s concepts of “Will and Openness", which he believes are two states of being that are innate and required to communicate with the Gods and the spiritual world. Through openness and suppression of our other directives of our will, which naturally tries to posit itself on the world around us, we achieve a state of openness, and this allows sacred reflection, pure natural reflection and understanding.  
Through this reflection we are susceptible to the effusion of great spiritual energies around us, some of these being the Gods themselves. We take this knowledge, which we have gathered in a great open state, and feed it to our other pole: Will.
The Will within us is then greatly empowered by this knowledge and contact with the divine, and we use it to enrich our lives, the lives of those members of our Germanic folk within our communities, and in many cases the natural world around us.
Thus we see, through two opposing states. Peace and conflict, will and openness, fire and ice….life is understood in many forms with better clarity. This is not necessarily the way of the world at large. It is our people, within our hearts, that posses the ancient wisdom and power of fire and ice.  
This is why we are all baptized in fire and ice. Our folk and our Gods and Goddesses, empowered to the end by a kind of strength unique and needed in the world, needed in ourselves to protect our world and our lives on a practical level.
Stoke your flames and sharpen your ice, you have all the attributes you need to fight for our folk, all that remains is that you actually fight for and further the existence of our folk.
Re-forge and re-focus your life in accordance with our naturally sacred duty, the protection of the naturally sacred Germanic folk peoples
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