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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 13th day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 13th day of December (known as before (Ærra) Yuletide (Yēola)' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
The Father of the discovery of DNA: Dr James Watson’s comments are an example of courageous scientific racial realism and truly scientific rigour and professionalism in the face of the Judeo-Marxist malign attempted intellectual suppression of biological racial realities

Dr James Watson
The veteran, Nobel prize winner Dr James Watson correctly stated, in accordance with the overwhelming body of empirical data evidence once stated that Africans were less intelligent than Europeans demolishing the malicious insult to our people that there were "equal powers of reason" over rival racial populations and that any attempt to proclaim an degree of intellectual equality exists between human races is a “delusion” of the most unscientific, unfounded, illogical grade.

Dr James Watson, the veteran 89 year old Nobel Prize awarded geneticist is one of the world's most eminent scientific minds once caused a resurfacing of the realistic and necessary discussion of the truth in relation to race in a scientific manner and in doing so briefly wiped aside the Judeo-Marxist hegemony over scientific discourse circles via a newspaper interview in which Dr Watson stated that liberal, egalitarian ‘Western’ policies towards African countries were doomed to fail and were wrongly based on a severely unscientific assumption that black people have equal IQs to Europeans as when between 3,000 and 4,000 IQ studies conclusively demonstrate a correlation between race and IQ, showing distinct and clear correlations that are undeniable.

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Dr Watson referred to this "testing" as to why poverty alleviation measures in Africa would never succeed due to genetic IQ inadequacies amongst black Africans, which in itself is a proven and well established fact, that only the current Judeo-Marxist occupation of academia (and thus what they call “science”) has sought to deny and cover up in order to ensure acceptance of illogical, anti-natural, groundless, malicious lies slandering our people by asserting we are equal to races that have vastly lower IQs.

Citing scientific research and prior studies into race and IQ he stated that genes that are responsible for creating differences in human intelligence could be conclusively identified within a decade to prove the reality of racial (genetic) differences in IQ conclusively in relation to the understanding of specific genes (which is what ultimately makes up racial differences), more than what has already been empirically proven via over 3,000 IQ and race studies that all found (even studies by the leftwing SPLC) racial and IQ differences correlate in almost perfect synchronicity.

Dr Watson told The Sunday Times that:

   “I am inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really". Dr Watson also rightly stated that intelligence Equality is an ideology and that “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true".

Dr Watson’s views are also reflected in a published book in which Dr Watson writes:

   "There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so."

Dr Watson re-states the elemental truth stated in the 1990s by "The Bell Curve", a scientifically grounded and undeniably well evidenced theory co-authored by the political scientist Charles Murray, which conclusively demonstrated differences in IQ were intrinsically genetic and discussed the implications of the undeniable racial divide in intelligence.

The Bell curve, despite its scientific rigour was heavily criticised by International Jewish Supremacists, masquerading as academics, often in completely unrelated subjects, it was the Bell Curve that resulted in the modern re-coining of the concept of “scientific racism”, otherwise known as the scientific reality pertaining to race, using scientific methods to study the empirical and undeniable biological nature and implications of genetics and thus race, including comparative studies of different racial groups, what forms them and our distinctive attributes and gradations of excellence.

Dr Watson has a proven record of scientific stature, whilst in London he once was scheduled to give a speech to an audience at the National Science Museum organised by the Dana Centre, which being a subversive leftwing influenced organisation cancelled the speech which was organised as a discussion pertaining to the history of science pertaining to race and then pulled out because it could not handle the reality of that debate, which has been castigated since the 1970s by Marxist Jewish Communists, seeking to deny all biological realities pertaining to race as : “scientific racism”.

These truly unscientific Judeo-Marxists who disregard and violate all the basic principles of rigorous scientific inquiry and debate have used heavy handed tactics to attempt to discredit rather than disprove those who tell the truth, quite simply because they privately know (from observing the overwhelming statistical proof) that racial realities and disparities cannot be disproved and that the credibility and historically renowned profile of Dr Watson is a threat to the anti-natural, unscientific hegemony over academic science, as he has the public profile and as the co-discovered of the very structure of DNA has the expertise to be able to wipe aside the ultimately subversive leftwing suppression of the truth pertaining to racial realities.

Dr Watson won the 1962 Nobel Prize for medicine for his discovery of the DNA double helix configuration spiral, and in doing so conclusively demonstrated and proved the existence and format of DNA, Watson shared the Nobel Prize with Dr Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins after their breakthrough in the understanding of genetic science through understanding the molecular, double helix reality of the structure of our genes during the 1950s and 60s.

James Watson
Dr Watson in discovering the very essence that created our folk and all life forms at the elemental, diagrammatic, molecular level annihilated the modern Christian attempts that had tried to adapt to accept evolution, through identifying a clear, rational and genetic substance configuration that was responsible for our creation that can be explained without appealing to the flawed Christian last-ditch attempts to stay relevant as seen in variations of the lacklustre “[un]-Intelligent Design” argument.
   Dr Watson in 1997 also made the excellent and truly utilitarian statement that parents should be able to abort a child if it was found to be possible to detect homosexuality through genetics, as some scientific studies are heading towards stating.

This is such an important and beneficial statement, for the future of civilization would be much more efficient, smoother and elegant if genetically triggered sexual errors could be prevented, so as to maintain the long term genetic health of our population. Dr Watson’s statements are fundamentally in defence of nature and genetic health, Dr Watson is of a breed of truly courageous scientists who retains the moral courage to state the truth, fully knowing that the Semitic occupation of academia will deny it.

Dr Watson has also stated the obvious truth, back in 1997 when he stated that Africans have higher rates of testosterone which leads to higher crime rates and sexual crimes and abuse, and also that it differs between differing races. His comments have since been vindicated with the exposed truth of the criminal, abusive and sexual predator nature of large elements of Pakistani immigrant populations, as seen in Rotherham and literally hundreds of individual rape-ring cases all over England and wider Europe.

Dr James Watson implicitly warned us of this potential occurrence, the suppression of his truthful statements are another factor in why the events of Rotherham were allowed to happen and why tens of thousands of European women and even young boys are abused by non-Europeans each and every year in sexual manner.

   Dr Watson also said in accordance with his natural pro-genetic positions that genetic screening and engineering in the future may one day be able to prevent “stupidity” through a natural or accelerated process of artificially induced positive selection.

   Dr Watson also stated that aesthetic beauty can be genetically perfected, stating cheerily that: "People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would great."

Dr Watson’s position has been verified by measurements by recent English scientists who proved that beauty is a matter of genetics, mathematically demonstrating that the most facially measured beautiful female in the world (of those that have been measured, which is not all of our population, even more perfect folk will exist within our ethnic English and wider Germanic folk population outside of the reach of media and academic knowledge) is an English girl by the name of ‘Florence Colgate’ due to her perfect facial proportions, symmetry and traditional Germanic genetics and especially phenotypes (beauty is also ultimately an expression of genetic quality) that can be mathematically and biologically calculated in relation to the golden ratio (a number that recurs throughout all of nature) and through studying proportions and the outright and undeniable advantage of the evolutionary potential superiority inherent in our (the most) recessive genes, which have the potential to allow beneficial future evolutionary advances to become prominent and passed on at a higher frequency and speed, leading a absolute superiority in the ability to evolve further itself, which is an advantage that is infinite in its potential, for it has a multiplication effect in the successive genetic potential upon each generation for additional evolutionary advances, when regulated by desirable environmental selection criteria.

The pathetic sound bite attacks against Dr Watson are hypocritical, for they state Dr Watson's views are “unscientific", when in fact they are truthful to the empirical data, those making such attacks themselves 99% of them are nothing more than pathetic political commentators with no scientific training or experience and those scientists pressured into attacking his comments themselves are ignoring the undeniable empirical data proven in over 3,000 IQ studies.

The truth is that Dr Watson is one of the few true scientists who stands true to scientific rigour, logic and dedication to the empirical truth, even in the face of oppression and the insidious manipulators of academic political opinion that emanates from the non-scientific, purely power-politic based corruption of academia and scientific debate caused by Jewish infiltration into academic circles and the subsequent political suppression of the truth. It is in this context that Dr Watson is revealed as a pure and courageous man, and for this reason I recommend readers to learn from his books and comments, as comments from a man who has objectively researched and evaluated the realities of race from a molecular, DNA helix level to analysis levels that encompass entire civilizations with eye watering accuracy.

Jewish Christians attempted to suppress Evolutionary theory, as with all science in Europe, in a failed attempt to hold our folk civilization and knowledge, and this is exactly why, because it fundamentally not only annihilates the Semitic Biblical creation fallacy but in doing so annihilates all conceptions of equality between individual human beings, and in doing that absolutely, undeniably abolishes in a rational and scientific manner the insidious, dysgenic policy advocating lies (uttered first in the bible) about the equality of entire races.

   No logical mind, with an ability to perceive the data pertaining to the natural and positive differences between races, can ever reasonably state that races are equal, to do so is to insult and slander our folk, to ignore all the evolutionary progress we have made as Germanic folk, to call us equal is to insult our peoples IQ and every other distinctive characteristic that defines our truly extraordinary, elegant and enigmatic Germanic folk.

Recently and to compliment this statement the myth of high Jewish IQs has also been recently dis-proven, revealing that on average, Jewish IQ is lower than the average Germanic IQ, especially after accounting for the proportional size and wealth differences between the Jewish population and ours, our national IQs have only been reduced through mass immigration, our ethnic IQ on the other hand remains high, despite the slight reduction due to the dysgenic effect of the welfare state and anti-natural Christian charity efforts that have also had a dysgenic effect over time.

   We Germanic folk still retain natural intellectual prowess and limitless potential (never lose hope for our people, never) despite all that has been afflicted upon us by Jewish Supremacists, we shall pass onto our descendants a future governed and designed by our folk themselves, in their noble and worthy interests, reinforced and founded upon a scientific understanding of the natural, genetic realities of our most extraordinary, elegant and enigmatic existences, improving upon each generation forthwith.

The Jewish authored ludicrously un-scientific myth of Jewish IQ superiority has been dis-proven despite the best Jewish attempts against racial realist intellectual communities to stifle this discussion entirely, the Jewish author Ron Unz, disproves any notion of Jewish merit it in his scientific demographic paper pertaining to academic admissions and IQ intelligence, showing that Jewish manipulators gain an advantage solely though discrimination against us Europeans and all other racial groups to that extent.

Our folk’s natural excellence is not gained through suppressing or oppressing anyone, nor should it ever be, for to do so is not efficient in the long term, our excellence comes from our own innate extraordinary nature that should be globally respected and protected for the sake of the future of humanity, science and evolutionary progress of our pinnacle of nature.

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