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Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 1st Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 1st Night of May 2019.CE
Was French President Macron's Brexit Advisor a former leftwing infiltrator in the French far-right?
Nathalie Loiseau was Macron's lead advisor for European Affairs,  anti-Brexit campaigner and is now 'La Repubilque En Marche's no.1 European Parliament candidate (Macron's Party) who is in many ways Macron's leading representative in the upcoming EU MEP elections in France. She was present in meetings with other subversives, such as Dominic Grieve, the traitor who describes himself as anything but English, trying to stop the UK leaving the EU and attempting to ensure the power of the EU versus the nation states imprisoned within the EU that are trying to break out.

Basic background name checking conducted by Mediapart, a French investigate website has revealed that Nathalie Loiseau was a candidate for the Union of Ring-Wing Students or UED back in 1984. She was a part of the UED whilst at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. Nathalia Loiseau attempted to deny this but then admitted it later on claiming she had 'forgotten'.

This group was associated with the GUD or Groupe Unité Défense which was originally named Groupe Union Droit. Nathalie Loiseau's political consequence has been entirely leftwing and subversives, attempting to sure up the strength of the EU versus Britain. Her employment with Macron in addition to this demonstrate she is a vile leftist, so why was she ever in a 'far right' group? The GUD may or may not have been controlled opposition, it probably was from its lack of effectiveness and self-demonizing image and symbolism. The GUD used the fake and pathetic notion of the 'Celtic Cross' as it's logo.
So the question could be was she a part of a leftwing image-defilement effort or was she alone simply a leftwing infiltrator within that flawed (and since failed) group?
When leftwing figures are revealed as having been members of far-right political groups in their life there is a constant concealment of this by the media, perhaps enough editors are aware of the phenomena (or tactic) of leftwing infiltration into far-right groups that they know fully what their membership of these groups was motivated by or perhaps they see them as prior truthful people who have surrendered or given up and joined the Judaized left. When anyone in anything right of centre is revealed to have been a part of a more right of centre group the media go spastic, demanding their resignation and bringing this up in media interview ambushes for years on end. The double standard is obvious here but this is not what is the most significant thing about this pattern.

The most significant aspect of this story is that there is strong evidence that many establishment figures and leftwing campaigners were former 'far-right' because they were leftwing activists infiltrating the far-right.

What this demonstrates and corroborates is the argument that they defiled the image of racial nationalist efforts from within. Subversives like Nathalie Loiseau may have taken part in undermining fledgling racialist movements from within, preventing them from making gains and thus managing to weight (or pervert away from natural perspectives) the political debate in a anti-nationalist trajectory in terms of political power to a point where racialist politics from a pro-x-European-race or in our case the pro-English or pro-Germanic perspective were demonised and suppressed.

Nathalie Loiseau was seen in meetings with the fake-Conservative Dominic Grieve (who also seems to be practicing this tactic first identified decades ago and more recently by websites such as Silent Nationalist Majority. This echoes a diagnosis and condemnation I issued versus the now failed and banned National Action back in 2014 before any national media had reported on it (you're welcome).
So was Nathalie Loiseau a leftwing infiltrator into the UED? The reality is we can never know unless messages from her or some leftwing campaign group surfaced, which if they were following basic security protocols about their methods never will surface and will have been long ago destroyed or never written down in the first place. The reality is for making these accusations the evidence we have to rely on is publically available image, proclaimed political positions and the actual consequences of the individuals or groups in question. Do they have a negative effect? Do they engage in promoting things that are in contradiction to their proclaimed ideology? Have they had a suspicious diametrically-opposed ideological transition (from far left to fake right or fake or genuine far right to left or far-left).

Research  suggests that people generally become more rightwing as they get older,  so it is especially un-natural and unlikely that most of these leftwing  figures with former far-right pasts just happened to change their  views.

Further  studies suggest most people from the fundamental basis of their  lifelong political beliefs by approximately the age of 17-21 with the  gradual experience and wisdom caused shift to the right as they get  older and experience the realities of life and become more sure about  their existence.

So  we should be extremely suspicious and hold to the highest levels of  scrutiny those that claim to be of a certain position when in the past  they were un-naturally leftwing or conversely were more rightwing and  then became completely opposed to this. These people are most likely  frauds, infiltrators or edge lord opportunistic types bordering on  psychotic dispositions: i.e. fraudsters, conmen or people who change  their beliefs by feigning other beliefs to simply fit in and promote  themselves in a careerist manner with the established political  orthodoxy of the current government.

Nathalie Loiseau stated in relation to her involvement with the UED: “It’s the oppose of my life and engagement for 35 years,”. This  is proof that she never really was far-right and that she was an  infiltrator or egoist opportunist (like most of the contemporary  alt-right corroborates and examples in both explanations).

These  are the most logical possibilities explaining why Nathalie Loiseau is  such a subversive against Brexit and nation-state democracy and national  homogeneity despite having been not just a member but a (probably  deliberately-failed) candidate for the Union of Right Wing Students in  France back in 1984. I believe that she would not have been allowed near  central government in France if she was merely an opportunistic fraud,  that she would have been weeded out, I believe she is a vicious  life-long leftist whose presence in the UED is potentially proof of  involvement in leftwing infiltration efforts against a perceived right  wing threat to her real views and values. This is the kind of subversive  that fills the established left (and right, when they are infiltrating)  in Europe (and internationally), career leftists, Marxists of various  persuasions for example the Maoist José Manuel Barroso, former President  of the European Commission.

As we can see in the history of the Kalergi Plan these subversives have been sneaking around pretending to be Conservatives and moderate liberals or 'socialists', their  existence in our political culture relies on a baseline level of  'infiltration', of presenting themselves as a softer version of their  real, dysgenic, anti-nationalistic ideologies in order to actually get  elected.

This is proof that their electoral mandate is intrinsically invalidated  and so too their past actions including and especially mass-immigration  which was never done with any permission and in direct contradiction of  public opinion. This should indicate that all the past acts, laws and  policies enacted by governments composed of individuals who in their  concealed views or contradictory effects versus their proclaimed  positions or promises (such as reducing migration and instead increasing  it) reveal illegitimacy and thus legitimize the idea of enacting a  popular negation or ignoring thereof the 'governments' laws and acts.

These  leftist's laws mean nothing, they have no validity as with the presence  or the 'rights' of the migrants they have imported, they have no true  legal basis to be here in contrast with true law and democratic mandate  (which through political infiltration they void).
All  those considering themselves informed should come to understand this.  And think why should you pay a penny or a dime to a government that is  composed of and has been composed of subversives like this for  generations?
Nathalie  Loiseau is just the tip of the iceberg of an international trend of the  Judaized and Jewish Supremacist directed left having engaged in  infiltration into both the mainstream and political edges of our  democracies in order to steer our national trajectories away from  continuity and into ruination on every level.

Their  and their acts and law's exposure, condemnation, nullification and  purging will be required to rectify the situation they have inflicted  upon our nations.
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