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Article author: Lars Alfgrim, Asatro News, Edited by Dan Rayner / Published: 11th Night of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 11th Night of May 2015
Defiantly Exposing Vile Christian-Semitic Hatred of Our Unique Germanic Ancestry. Stand proud and stand steadfast my folk!
Lars Alfgrim's 5th article: It is a common Christian and Jewish Liberal propagated misconception/slander that the religion of our ancestors is primitive. Christians have deliberately and routinely labelled our ancestral religion as primitive in a desperate effort to suppress a revival of our ancestral identity and spirituality. That is how much they hate our ethnic way of thinking that is free of Semitic subversions. Christians as cultural aliens in the Western world have done the work for Jews as ethnic aliens for centuries. They routinely vilified our ancestors who were not Christian and slaughtered them when they could, as did Charlemagne and every other Christian ruler since Roman times. If we remember that Christianity has only been a presence in our history for a 1000 years in Scandinavia and 1600 years in England, while our ancestors have existed in Europe for at least some 40,000-400,000 years, you will realise that Christians actually hate in-between 98 and 99.99999 per cent of our ancestors, ancestral legacy and our glorious history and ethnic evolution that occurred over that time span, Christianity hates and seeks to suppress and replace all of this by definition.

Christians hate them so much that they ignore our ancestors as if they were entirely irrelevant. They pretend our “Christian” history – or better, our history subjugated under Christianity – is illogically 100% of our history. They do all this in a deliberate effort to suppress an ultimately inevitable renaissance of Germanic and wider Teutonic identity and spirituality. They would also have us believe that the Christian conversion of our ancestors – and all the unspeakable horrors that it entailed – was a necessary good, let alone a necessary evil, and that things are somehow better now, that our peoples leaders are forced to propagate a faith that "welcomes the sojourner", meaning immigrant and teaches us to "love our enemies" and "turn the other cheek", all whilst Christianity completes its objectives of undermining us.
   To this history of defilement enacted by Christianity I defiantly declare no more! -No longer shall we tolerate this foreign subversion and malicious degradation, no more shall we Germanics be tolerant of the defilement of our sacred folk!  -Dan Rayner, from draft notes. Article Continues:
Moreover, a few modern Christians then even have the nerve to claim that Ásatrúar are the cultural and spiritual outsiders. This is an obvious projection. Christians are undeniable cultural and spiritual proto-marxists in all but name, their history proves this beyond dispute, from the Christian Democrat Welfare states and mass-immigration, welcoming asylum seekers, being justified on national television through appeals to Christianity, the Christian provocation and entanglement in non-European concerning wars, complimented by European-fratricide against internal opponents of the Semitic Catholic Church and their fellow-Christian elements and the Christian empowerment of Semitic financial establishments.

I can easily imagine a Jewish Marxist in the former USSR basically saying “the Bolshevik revolution – and the overthrowing of the Czar who as a monarch, and “evil feudalist” in our Jewish-Marxist eyes, represented the traditional Russian identity – was a necessary evil, and things are better now that the Czar who was merely an “evil feudalist” has been overthrown by us absolutely good Bolsheviks.” This is the sheer madness that we are also dealing with when we are arguing with the overwhelming mass of ignorant, and even self proclaimed "racialist" Christians, they are self-deluding if they think they are at all awakened, they are nowhere near awakened. They despise and condemn our, their own ancestors and ethnic traditions, spirituality and ancient history.
There can be no doubt that they are cultural aliens, a product of indoctrination, because they behave exactly like a fanatically hostile and subversive, alien presence in our very midst.

They even believe that the vast majority of our ancestors are in the Christian hell (which as a concept did not even exist until less than 1900 years ago), as a self-reinforcement for their delusions. At an absolute minimum 98 per cent of our ancestors are supposed to be burning in hell according to the teachings of the Bible, the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church and every single modern Christian sectarian mutation since. Think about that figure for a moment, and try to imagine all the individuals. 98 per cent! That tells you all you ever need to know about that hostile, alien faith. Christianity is obviously not the right faith for us, this is self evident to anyone with an understanding of the natural formation and purpose of spiritualities throughout history, which overwhelmingly celebrate ancestral customs and our ancestors, such as the celebration of our Disir, including our Goddesses as our most ancient recorded ancestors. Asatru is the only door to full spiritual liberation from ethnic self-hatred expressed through the Semitic-enforced, Christian pathological hatred of 98 per cent of our ancestors from whom we have inherited our DNA and to whom we are indebted for our entire being.
You can only embrace the rest of your ancestry, that 98 per cent, if you accept Asatru, or at least adhere to the scientific, biological perspective that exists at the foundation of Asatru.

Even atheists are closer to a proper understanding and appreciation of our ancestry than Christians, for they are cognitively free enough to embrace an understanding of evolution. Our ancestral religion does not condemn the vast majority of our unique ancestry to hell, Asatru empowers and reinforces our ancestral identity with a view towards further evolution. The greatest proportion of the history of the bearers of your very DNA (98%) existed before even Semites existed. Asatru offers you full liberation instead. It is absolutely no wonder that Christians think we inherit sin; we are supposed to be sinners from birth and we are supposed to believe 98 per cent of our ancestors did not have the right faith and are therefore burning in hell. I urge you to understand, my dear readers, that Christians really despise us and our very DNA.

Christians routinely claim or assume that our ancestral faith is primitive, when the opposite is true, Asatru surpasses all foreign faiths in its advanced and sophisticated nature, especially regarding scientific principles, agricultural, military and geological knowledge, let alone spiritual complexity. You know what is primitive? Believing that 98 per cent of your ancestors are irrelevant barbarians burning in a non-existent Purgatory-Limbo-Hell, just because they were pure enough to not have been afflicted by the Jewish god and did not bow to it as if they were despicable servants of this Semitic “lord” and his favourite Semitic people which absolutely rejoices in lording over other peoples.

Converting to Christianity was, therefore, a regressive event in our history. After all, Christianity is an ethno masochistic trap, since if we are to believe that 98 per cent of our ancestry is bad, then how can they or the future they subversively proclaim (but would not exist if they were responsible for its creation) ever embrace 100 per cent of our ancestors, let alone all our people alive today, it is here that we understand that Christianity (and its Semitic promoters) are at the root of all the Political: racial, demographic, cultural and spiritual illnesses of our nations. It is here that we understand that this is an artificially inflicted national-wound.

Solely Asatru is 100 per cent native to us; because it embraces 100 per cent of our ancestors and literally is 100 per cent of our ancestral culture, identity, spirituality, politics and philosophy, it embraces all of our Germanic DNA that we have inherited from our ancestors. If Christianity ever had anything truly Teutonic in it, then it was only due to plagiarism, which was necessary for its promotion in early history; the European content within Christianity was always and still is less than 1 per cent. Why ever choose a corruption over the real thing if you can choose the real thing? Moreover, Christians can never be truly pro-Teutonic, or truly effective to their maximum potential in terms of motivation and spiritual and ethnic drive, because their alien religion literally forbids them from embracing the other 98 per cent of their ancestry and history, replacing them with subversive creeds.
Christians have a peculiar tendency to accuse us Ásatrúar of things that are typically Christian; they accuse us of things that they themselves usually are. It is claimed, for instance, by a few Christians who awkwardly pose as White nationalists that Asatru is completely invented, while insinuating that Christianity would be organic and free of Jewish influences. If there were anything foreign or Jewish in Asatru at all, it would have and could only have come from Christianity which is an offshoot of Judaism, through the early Christian scholars who recorded biased accounts of our ancestral spirituality.

The obvious truth is, moreover, that Christianity is thoroughly Jewish while Asatru is not. If it were not for Christianity which suppressed our native religion, all Germanic adherents of our Germanic faith which would have expanded across the entirety of Europe and then the globe, our folk alone would already have accepted and loved the Germanic races as our own instead of adhering to Jewish Subversive creeds and universalist spiritual missionaries. These Semites have merely been exploiting and using our people’s pure potential for their own destructive anti-Gentile ends, suppressing our unique, extraordinary folk.

Our people to which Asatru is native would truly deserve such dedicated respect by all of humanity, because we have enriched human history and advancement with uniquely advanced science, technology, medicine, exploration, mathematics and philosophy. The Semitic narrative, however, cannot say the same thing. They have merely been channelling our pure potential in the wrong direction so that they could reap the benefits. They can claim that they are uniquely moral all they want, but the truth remains that they have to rely on us to ever achieve anything significant. Now it is time for us to shake off these “friends with benefits” and their Christian and liberal tools. Our full liberation can only be achieved through Asatru which asserts and enhances our pure potential, without contradictions nor compromise.

Thus, only Asatru is positively and evolutionarily progressive as a faith that embraces continuous scientific, technological, and philosophical progress which can only be achieved through the emancipation of the unique potential of the Germanic/Nordic races, and to embrace Asatru is the only right decision for us and the rest of humanity. Unlike Christianity – which is to be understood and analysed as a subversive anti-Gentile religious movement by all the greatest men of our time and all the greatest men to come in our beloved people’s future generations which will already have reclaimed their ancestral religion, Asatru, as something of which the importance cannot be ignored – Asatru as the wonderful Germanic ethnic faith that encompasses and improves all spheres of life, will not ever be applied to other unrelated peoples but it will purely remain within the spirits of our Germanic folk, for that is the only place where Asatru can ever be found and understood.
We will not forget our own important role and sacred place in this universe, the very formation processes of which our Æsir and Vanir spirituality encompasses and understands
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