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Article author: Max North / Asatro News (edited by Dan Rayner) / Published: 28th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 28th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
Exposing Subversive Institutions and Explaining the greater future we can achieve after their annihilation:

Freemason conspiracy
An introductory expose of the subversive egalitarian Semitic centric Judaic esoteric institution known as the Freemasons

Freemasonry is by far the most well known Semitic influenced and racially universal self-proclaimed secret sect, which is although publically known, in the western world, Freemasonry as an institution inflicts much damage and division through hijacking and indoctrinating key, well educated members of our Germanic/Norse Folk population turning their beings and political potential against our folk.

The (Semitic & Celtic) Scottish Rite of Freemasonry has its headquarters in London, England. You may be thinking why does Freemasonry even matter, you may know some members of this organization who say that it is nothing more than a exclusive men’s fraternity.

They are certainly right to a degree that it is a male-only fraternal organization where members hold close connections and allegiances to each other and thus less so with our people as a whole. But worse still, behind the first three blue degrees of this secret society lies an esoteric school of knowledge with a subversive, defiled and malicious Judaic centred form of practice and a dysgenic enforcing egalitarian philosophy.

   The Freemasons first emerged in London under the Grand Lodge of England in 1717, after the Jews were let back into England gradually after 1655 and in large numbers after 1692.

After the first official revealing of the existence of the Freemasons in 1717, only 6 years later as of 1723 Freemasons had manipulated the legal system of England to re-allow land ownership for Jewish Supremacists intent on destroying our people, allowing the Jewish subversives of the time to establish their most important financial stranglehold on a European nation, through the London financial markets, after 400 years free of Jewish control through ethnic networking and blatant market manipulation. Jewish criminals, who were still classified as “aliens” i.e. foreign elements started to occupy and steal significant positions within London in the decades after 1692, which is exactly when the first movements at establishing the Freemasons started.

It is evident that Jewish subversives played a key role in establishing network of Freemasonry as their proxy community through which they could advance their interests through indoctrinating followers and to draw attention away from the obvious influence of the Jewish immigrants themselves, who were considered enemies of the state, multiple legal appeals to get the Jews expelled from England after Cromwell’s rule were overturned by judges and specifically the Privy council and Monarchy, many of which were probable Freemasons, a significant power-core within the early Freemasons were Jewish, in effect they were Jewish criminals pretending to be British citizens in order to manipulate the legal system of the country to their own favour and onwards from there ever since.

   That is the true legacy of the Freemasons (Freemasonry), the proxy wing of organised Jewish subversion (Jewry)

The Freemasons in effect ensured the power of the initial Jewish Supremacist immigrants within London, the financial market and all British colonies, for example in 1689 a petition from the Jamaican government to expel the Jews (who were attempting to take over their markets and corrupt officials there) and was rejected by the same Freemason occupied legal establishment.

This increasingly Freemason occupied councils, appeals offices and courts enabled Jewish Supremacists throughout the empire to commit crime and enact manipulative attempts to take over entire sections of the state, the British East India company openly stated that it considered Jews to be “perpetual alien infidels” as of 1684 against the British crown, economy and people and yet even that powerful company could do nothing against to fight back against Jewish financial criminality, due to the corruption of the legal system.

   Since then Freemasonry has recruited and corrupted the aristocratic and especially the legal professionals throughout a minority of the core of our judicial system, taking advantage of an educated core of our folk population and twisting them against their own ethnic interests and the interests of our English folk as a whole.

The vast majority of our folk who are corrupted into being Freemasons in the present era do not even know anything about its Semitic origins.

Most within the Freemasons do not even know about its subversive Judaic esoteric teachings as most do not even get past the first 3 degrees which are.

1. Entered Apprentice
2. Fellow Craft
3. Master Mason.

However once you pass the 3rd degree of Master Mason, most often reserved implicitly for Jewish or extremely pro-Jewish members, these few are then initiated into the 4th degree that is named the Secret Master.

These victims or victimizers are then further initiated and encircled into at least 27 levels of higher degrees, which becomes a pursuit in itself, the list of all degrees (including the 3 from above) from the famous American high Freemason Albert Pikes’ book Morals and Dogma are;
Fellow Craft
Secret Master
Perfect Master
Intimate Secretary
Provost and Judge
Intendant of the Building
Elu of the Nine
Elu of the Fifteen
Elu of the Twelve
Master Architect
Royal Arch of Solomon
Perfect Elu
Knight of the East
Prince of Jerusalem
Knight of the East and West
Knight Rose Croix
Master of the Symbolic Lodge
Knight of the Royal Axe or Prince of Libanus
Chief of the Tabernacle
Prince of the Tabernacle
Knight of the Brazen Serpent
Prince of Mercy
Knight Commander of the Temple
Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept
Scottish Knight of St. Andrew
Knight Kadosh
Inspector Inquisitor
Master of the Royal Secret

   You can clearly see the strong anti-Germanic, Semitic and perverted-Celtic esoteric Judaic influence in the names of some of the degrees alone.

My problem with the Masonic institutions is not the fact that they are an esoteric institution in itself but the fact that they are often a politically subversive force and organisation that indoctrinates members of our folk within its ranks into an esoteric and ethnic format and sub-culture that does not resemble, reflect nor even respect the esoteric learning indigenous to our folk achieved through Asatru.

The other problem that I have is their lack of honesty about their organisation solely being an fraternity society when it is in-fact a politicised, Jewish philosophy infested esoteric learning school using the cover story that they are just a male fraternity society, which is blatantly lying to our folk, which indicates a subversive motivation for such lying.

This is also proven by their history in manipulating the legal system at every turn against the English folk in the crucial years immediately before and continually after 1717 where fanatical Jewish Supremacists were essentially given free-reign to occupy, strangulate and manipulate the financial, trading, political and printing centres of London and thus gradually the entire Empire.

In recent years many alternative researchers particularly in the field of religion and politics research have made claims about the masons some are well grounded in empirical observation of the actions and tendencies of the subversive Judaic organisation although others facts are often wildly biased, designed to cause hype and lack credible evidence and thus in their effect fail to truly expose the Freemasons in an effort to prevent them from making any further victims and claiming further political influence at the expense of our beloved Germanic folk.

In the same way that the exoteric religious institution of Christianity is a subversion to our folk, with its multi-racialist teachings and proto-communist philosophy, the Masonic institutions in all their various forms are an esoteric and highly political subversion in through certain key individuals, at the expense of our folk.

   This needs to be understood by not only our general folk population but especially by those honest Germanic folk who the Freemasons have managed to, I hope only temporarily indoctrinate and co-opt. It is my hope that those previously co-opted Germanic folk who have a deep interest in esoteric learning can in the coming years come to understand the vile reality of the Freemasons and thus leave the Freemasons, for a purer, Germanic schools of thought.

Those of us who practice the esoteric side of Asatru need to show to all our folk including members of our folk that happen to be misguided as Freemasons that there is a ethnically sophisticated and far richer esoteric practice and learning life-course within our native spirituality as is clearly articulated by Daniel Updike of the Northern Runes Radio.

Hopefully if you are an open-minded esoteric person, this will attract you and enough members of are folk to revive and re-kindle the highly-cultured flame of our own Germanic ethnic esoteric traditions. In time our Asatro organisations will become the main esoteric, political and cultural institutions that will wipe aside all non-Germanic spiritual parasitic organisations from below and above simultaneously over the next 30 years it will take for Asatru to re-take Northern Europe on the wave of the already surging folkish political sentiment.

   For it will require a genuinely Germanic cultural, philosophical, spiritual and political underpinning to continue our folk's political purification into the long term future of our civilization.

This is where Asatro will be essential to fight against the ongoing decay and cultural stagnation of our current societies decline to avoid any cultural stagnation or stasis caused by the intrinsically anti-ethnic Christian subversive philosophies that will attempt to linger on in opposition to our folk’s increasing racial self-awareness, that in itself will sound the death-knell of all Semitic philosophies and Christianity itself from Europe.

Masonry is a side target to expose in our contemporary struggle to re-take our nations through the purification of our national political discourse. Freemasonry therefore must be exposed in a rational and documented way which proves that it is at its core a Judaic centric egalitarian universalistic esoteric institution which makes it subversive against our own Asatro-folk esoteric practice and learning which should by native rights and natural outright supremacy on all intellectual and internal levels: rightfully reclaim its long since destined title and status as the sole spiritual and esoteric school of thought amongst our folk population. We should not wish to antagonize masons who are members of our folk but instead expose the very institution itself. In the same way we would expose the institution and ideologies of Christianity, Cultural Marxism and any other Semitic ideological concept or group that works against our folk’s interest.

In order to awaken and help our fellow folk overcome such groups and vile Semitic ideologies in the hope that they will finally overcome them and return to the ethnic spirituality and entwined consideration of our own ethnic interests of their ancestors.

   I implore all Germanic folk who are currently associated with any leftwing organisations, causes, networking groups or non-political folk who are passively recruited into them through the legal profession to take a look at what they are being subjected to and its history of subversion.

All our folk should return to and partake in the front line struggle to restore all our folk to the spiritual, ethical, political and philosophical sophistication and purity that is our genetically pre-disposed philosophically-Asatro state of mind, through re-connecting with our genetic nature and interests: and to ultimately re-forge our civilization true to the Æsir, in glory, in elegance, free from subversive organisations and thus unleashed towards an extraordinary future potential.

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