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Article author: Dan Rayner / EnglishNews.org/ Article Published: 30th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 30th day of May 2019
Everyone Knows the Truth No-One is allowed to Speak
The only speech allowed is subversive to our interests or is done in such a way as to undermine the subject matter or misdirect people's support into hostile organisations that act in counter to their supporters beliefs.

Everyone knows non-whites took over Londonistan. Everyone knows London is filled with migrants. Most people will have heard about how 45% of London was born outside of the UK and 65% of them or more are not white. As I detailed in this article that is why they voted against our national (racial) interest and even basic concepts of freedom for us versus the European Union. 75% of non-whites voted to betray our country and 'remain' in the EU. John Cleese, a leftwing comedian and actor points this out and he gets criticised. Apparently this is the news. The 2nd time a leftwing, indoctrinated individual has also realised what we reading this are familiar with.

This is dangerous to the political establishment: someone with non-awakened supporters or 'followers' telling the truth: because their reach goes beyond the already awakened (preaching to the choir) audiences. He reaches un-awakened, or indoctrinated people as one of them with the truth. The truth that the one-time capital of our country is occupied by foreign races and no longer even feels English. That simple statement he makes has powerful connotations (feeling English being a racial statement) the Judaized political establishment know this and made him backtrack part of the implied meaning of his statement by forcing to say his comment was 'cultural and not racial'... How absolutely, utterly pathetic and untrue that capitulation is.
Everyone already knows what John Cleese tweeted about: the Judaized media and celebrity establishment went spastic at him because he is someone saying this with influence and reach with an audience that is currently indoctrinated, he risks waking them up to the truth! The political establishment are terrified about individuals with mainstream audiences speaking truthfully about how we are being racially replaced and the Jewish cause at the root of this.

The Political establishment has raged at various figures for this, this is not just him but everyone from Mel Gibson (the Hollywood actor) saying Jews caused the wars in the middle east to James Watson (who first identified the DNA spiral) saying Africans have lower IQs. These inconvenient facts coming from mainstream sources awakens people more than others saying the same thing due to 2 primary factors. Firstly this is due to their large exposure with mainstream, uninformed audiences who they could accidentally 'inform'. Secondly the fact that the speaker is neutral or at-least not one of the political establishment's (or some Jewish political initiative's)controlled opposition 'Nazi' actors or 'racists' all dressed up in balaclavas, tacky jeans whilst Sieg-Heiling or people with bad image online doing consequentially the same. Accidentally 'truthful' figures like Dr James Watson or John Cleese have actual credibility unlike the controlled opposition types. It sounds cliché but it has been proven in multiple instances, infact hundreds of instances.

I could ask why it is that all genuine, serious people are suppressed when they say these truths.
However we all already know the answer to that also. I do not even have to ask that question: we all know.
Even new readers to this website know, and even newly awakened individuals are mere clicks away from seeing the facts. Everyone has heard of the theories. Everyone has heard for example 'Jews control the banks' or 'Jews promote mass immigration of non-whites into only white countries' or other mantras or 'Jewish and Jewish Israeli influence caused the wars in the Middle East'. Everyone has heard of these ideas.

It was on national television that we English (and all other European peoples worldwide) are predicted to be a minority in our own countries by 2050.
Knowing is worthless if no one acts upon that knowledge.

Those that clearly state the truth are shadow banned (this has happened to me). Thus we have to use more direct methods of informing people: door to door with leaflets is the one initiative members of our political campaigning organisation have been engaging in. The local meeting groups have been out delivering leaflets. However the search engines have waged war on the dissemination of truthful observations. The more convincing and rational: the more they block us and divert traffic away from us. I can search for the exact title of an article I have written and my own site will not appear for that exact title even on the 1st page of Google. Just test this out yourself copy and paste into Google "eu-mep-elections-2019-party-ideology-anti-eu-highlighted-2014-comparison".

This is the direct name of the article found via this link "http://englishnews.org/eu-mep-elections-2019-party-ideology-anti-eu-highlighted-2014-comparison.html"

As you can see it should appear right there at the top. Yet it does not. Even with the hyphens and the exact ordering of words. It is not even in the first 5 pages of search results for the identical URL title. Yet on the 3rd Google page you will get suspicious results for articles such as 'The New German Anti-Semitism" by the New York Times and on the 5th page "What drives anti-migrant attitudes" by a website ive never heard of before called Social Europe... It is very clear that the search terms know what the topic is about and are putting up 'approved of' search results. Just think about how those 2 titles are showing up and yet my article with the exact URL title as the search term does not appear. It is almost like the only way to get to my website is via harmless terms by accident or direct URL links. So there it is: that is why if you agree with what is written here: you have to link it to others. This website was recently re-launched after 3.5years of inactivity. After re-activating the search result rankings declined by 1million compared to the web-ranking when it was entirely inactive... Yet are we to assume less people are reading now that the website is active again compared to the reader numbers during 3.5 years of inactivity? There is clearly an effort to block against this website. I should be suing Google (except I do not have thousands of pounds to do it)

Now just try with a different search engine. To satisfy my pure-hearted environmentalism perhaps I could recommend trying it with that tree-planting search-engine Ecosia (no idea if it does or not but it claims to be and surely there would be some great controversy if it was found they were not whilst claiming such). Try searching  "eu-mep-elections-2019-party-ideology-anti-eu-highlighted-2014-comparison" again. Boom 1st hit, with no other results. Even with just up to the '...anti-eu" you get a 1st page, 1st result hit via Ecosia search engine. That is how Google should be ordering it: fairly with accuracy relating to the content. But it is not and it even admits it is omitting results. Just go back and check via Google and just realise for a moment what this means for the pace of dissemination of information and how truthful observations are being suppressed.

Google has admitted it changes search results for certain terms to go to other results. So no matter how well your site is optimized, no matter whether you should be appearing in search results: you won't: at least not for a vast number of 'controlled' or 'moderated' search results generated by certain search terms, including 'Jewish supremacists'. Google has admitted this. Just type into google any number of statements about our enemies and you will quickly get the picture I am talking about.
This is criminal. It is like a virtual version of a speech modifier that changes what you say to something else when you say something forbidden. The Internet is the new public square and it does not have free speech. Free speech is important not because of some intrinsic notion but because in our situation if as a nation we are without the ability to identify the subversives responsible for undermining the racial composition of our nation, undermining our economy, promoting mass-immigration and silencing opponents and forcing anyone who thinks like that out of mainstream Television and media commentary life it is clear that they begin to win and the truth is silenced. This means that no political movement can gain traction opposing such from grassroots without investment in advertising to get around this.

So instead of complaining about this and doing nothing this is why I advocate real life leafleting and group networking and never will engage in any online networking beyond people receiving direct, encrypted email updates from me via my site. I will be out with my political organisation leafleting: I will be encouraging subscribers and each of the English Asatru Network organisation leaders to push this effort with their members also.

If you received a leaflet and you agree with even 50% of what you read here: please print these off and post them around yourself (go further afield, as your entire street 5 streets in all directions have likely been covered). Perhaps you will recieve a leaflet delivered by me directly. I am the kind of political campaign leader who is on the frontlines personally: for many years I have humbly leafletted for other groups and various causes in accordance with my ideals for the future of our nation: UKIP (2012-2014), Leave.EU & Vote Leave, Leave Means Leave, the Brexit Party. My hands have leafleted tens of thousands of leaflets over the past 7 years (and I am only 25). The scratchy letterbox brushes scraping my hands: the annoying letter box approaches, kneeling down at those doors with lowdown, ground-level letterboxes, climbing random stairs, trudging up a thousand gravel sloped drives and over again a few hundred times more and further each voluntary self-motivated leafleting session. But yet I enjoy this footsoldier's task because reaching you personally with important information to motivate you to access further information (the current leaflets) or to mobilize you in accordance with that information is vital to the reclamation of our nation and I find a humble joy in this service to my English nation's awakening.

People like John Cleese accidentally speak the truth that is so suppressed, as many have done and will do every so often. They will all be suppressed unless we reclaim our nation so that we can articulate the truth and actually do something about it. All else is irrelevant

The reality is that organised opposition to our replacement via mass-migration is what is suppressed, speech, search results are just means to an end and are not the actual target of their suppression. Disclosing or passing on details about Jewish Subversives, the negative effects of having criminally inclined, low-IQ non-whites in our nation, the Jewish Supremacist lobbyists from various groups causing or pushing for wars versus Israel's geo-political enemies amongst other things is what is suppressed.

However it is organising and disseminating information in a systematic way that they fear. We speak and leaflet to raise awareness amongst our own nation to then mobilize a political movement to overcome these foreign racial subversives. If you received a leaflet going to this site: then it has started. In your area is a sub-division of the English News physical informational campaigning network. You can become a part of this if you agree with what is written here. Casually you too can become a part of this independent real life social-network: just like the ordinary or perhaps well dressed, informed person who delivered this leaflet or advertisement card to your door.

Here is the link to the paper and ink efficient leaflet you received: please save this: print it out, just a few of them: cut them out and post them through the doors of a random street, walk a few streets away first or perhaps on the other side of your area and put them through each door box you pass by. The area immediately around you has already been reached (unless you were the last street where the volunteer stopped to go back).

This will help the awakening of our nation and help people to directly access the otherwise blockaded against, truthful, entirely legal yet suppressed information on this website which is of the utmost importance to the future reclaiming of our nation by racially aware (or awakening), English folk like ourselves, people just like you I hope with time and wisdom.

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