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Article author: Nathan "Frith" Elis, Asatro News / Published: 26th Night of Sol-mōnaþ 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 26th Night of February 2015
A Defiant European Racial-Identity Uprising in Opposition to Anti-White Discrimination.

EU revolution
The pessimistic or sarcastic nationalist sentiment addresses nothing, is detrimental and serves no goal or solution in the face of anti-white discrimination. To formally state, our European racial groups can collectively be defined as the “white race”, my own race, in many circumstances, despite limitations of this arbitrary terminology. There are many imperative situations in our day and age where this is forced upon our dialogue. While there is arguably no biological reason other than appearance to call oneself “white”, I find my own Germanic people, as well as many other Europeans to which I extend good will, even to those indoctrinated Europeans who are on the consequentially dangerous end of the “anti-white” liberal sentiment are still members of our people and facing the same problems as ourselves.

They too are classified by the Government as “White”, “White British” or “White other”, but the connection goes far deeper than this, and this is why we must have unity through a dedicated defiance against anti-white discrimination efforts and anti-white Semitic-Cultural Marxist governmental policies. Furthermore, I find a fallacious end, and sometimes will-full stupidity, at decrying and attacking “pro-whites” for the simple reason that the classification of a “white race” is arguably false, simply because we are so much more (as opposed to less), as Europeans or Germanics.

The common argument to this back-biting situation is that “well, they are targeting whites, and they classify you as white…so???” This is a knee jerk argument. I’m going to go into detail on the uselessness of the pessimistic “anti-white” nationalist sentiment, almost exclusively found amongst quasi-Christian social groups and media groups. “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” targets your race, mine, and many other European peoples, especially if you are a statesman or if you are living in a western country. Whether or not you identify with being “White” is irrelevant, for if you are “White” you will be targeted.

If our enemies did not use the term “White” they would just use “European” instead. In England discrimination is enacted against “White English” people or “White British”, with many Jewish employers or CEOs such as the BBC’s James Harding openly stating that the BBC is going to reduce the number of English employees.

I’ll start with an example from my current nation, North America (Vinland). Affirmative action in Princeton University admissions among many thousands of instances I could use to demonstrate the above argument. For those who don’t know, Princeton is the loudest Ivy League college for “diversity”, and use a despicable affirmative action program to promote it. In their own words:

   " Affirmative action is especially relevant in the university setting, where schools have fixed numbers of admitted freshmen and admission… If one student takes a spot, there is one less spot for everyone else. If grades and test scores are the sole metric for measuring success across all segments of society, there will be more homogeneous admittances."
- The Daily Princetonian, 2013

This is basically the school admitting that, regardless of test scores, they are going to enforce “diversity” by refusing the admission of a non-minority (racially European American or “White”) who have overwhelmingly better test scores. What litmus test do you think they are using to determine whether or not you are a minority or a non-minority? Certainly not socioeconomic standing, or income. It is simply whether THEY define you as “White” or not, meaning European, especially if you are of Northern European ancestry.

   "The second reason to allow for, and even promote, race-based affirmative action is that it creates (artificial) equality among the races.”

What do you think your race is classified as? Your children? So the question here to ask, is whether or not you are okay with being passed over because you were “white”, a racial classification that is enforced upon us, that we must realise means you and your family directly. White people, whatever part of Europe their racial origins hail, are the ones being passed over at Princeton. Immigrant or not. Poor or rich. Nordic, Germanic, Atlantic, Baltic or Slavic

My first two young children have blue eyes and blonde hair and our third new baby has grey eyes, at this point in time, in the face of the threats we face it does not matter how they are formally classified in anthropology, our occupied government, and many other institutions, classify them forcefully as “white”, to denigrate, defile and designate us for further racial discrimination all the whilst preaching artificial anti-discrimination in relation to an enforced affirmative view of non-whites, Negros, Asians and especially Semites, due to their overwhelming over-representation within and thus inevitable control of our government and media.

This has a direct, and profound effect on our lives, as well as yours or mine on a personal, political, financial and now even a social level.

You may not be interested in Princeton, or live in America, and yet you probably understand that the Semitic and proxy-liberal anti-white sentiment is both existing and festering to a varying degree in many European and newer European countries of the west. What else can Princeton’s prejudiced logic apply to?

In Sweden, it can be applied to free speech and whether or not you can be legally liable for what you say about a racial group, but denying Germanic Swedes the same protection.

In England, it can determine whether or not you have to go to “diversity training” for something you may have said about “minorities” and the Rotherham scandal and yet allow minority figureheads like the Jewish James Harding of the BBC or the African failing-actor Lenny Henry to call for more minorities in high positions of media influence.

Hell, it would determine whether or not you were a child effected by said scandal or an up and coming English reporter scheduled to hit a career roof, whilst your minority rivals, despite their inferior skills, or work ethic being promoted above you. Yes, the term “white” has a primarily political ontological definitional existence. This does not mean the effect of the anti-white (anti European, or anti Germanic) sentiment on your life is any less real, ruining, defiling or degrading on your career prospects and our civilisation as a whole.

   "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."
   - Plato

In this case, the penalty is being governed by completely foreign entities and entire racial groups that have no care for the interests or survival of yourself, or our people, whom their vile, manipulated, Semitic world-view, castigates us as merely “white people” or "the enemy".

Let me formally say that if you are “white” by their definition, at this point my interests are your interests in the political realm. If we do not, group together, to find a systematic and thorough means to ending the legal incarnation of the anti-white sentiment in all of our effected countries, first with immigration policies and on all other fronts, there is no hope for our survival in whatever state. We must inform and inspire our people to motivate themselves to action, through using realistic statements and positive idealistic motivation. The most self evident example of this is the positive view of what our nations will be like after we have reclaimed our governments.

The tired, rehearsed, campaigned to death mantra is although right, and that “Diversity” really does mean chasing down the last white by around the year 2070, if we do nothing on current demographic trends. But we must articulate a positive vision in defiance of this pessimistic prediction. After all it is a mere predication, a prediction that has not taken into account our people's resurging Racial-Identity that will wipe away the current demographic trend and restore our people's homogeneity for our descendants, we will take governmental power around the year 2030, this is what we should be aiming for and articulating to our folk. Our people’s political awakening is already in direct opposition to this demographic defilement, to the extent of 89-94%.

And guess what? Like it or not, that means you have to do something now in 2015 in order to mobilise this growing defiant pro-racial identity, ethnic European political sentiment. Our people are ready to rise, all they need is inspiration, information, societal self-motivation and effective organisation.

It is time for a European Racial Identity uprising to give to our descendants and all Europeans alive the future our elegant, extraordinary race is destined for.

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