Article author: Asatro News Published: 10th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 10th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014

The European folkish political revolution has fully commenced.

The European folkish political revolution has fully commenced, 2014, will be the year we start to take our nations back!

The Front National is scheduled to win the EU elections in 2014, and is polling near no.1 for the French Presidency in 2017 (according to opinion trajectories and polling data), a Nationalist President of an entire European nation will occur by 2017, this is almost guaranteed and we have not even had the 2014 EU elections yet (which will act as a catalyst)...

UKIP is scheduled to win the EU elections in 2014, which will catapult UKIP into the mainstream, legitimize nationalist sentiments, re-awaken anti-immigration sentiments to 1918 levels, and pave the way for an exit from the EU. 

Especially if the FN takes the French Presidency in 2017, the EU will be ripped apart from France to England and ...Hungary. 

 Fidesz has not only expelled the IMF, banned GMO and countless EU bureaucratic legislation efforts, angered the Jewish-mob in Hungary by legitimizing Hungarian World War two and soviet victims over and instead of the Jewish-only victimhood status but has also cut back its dysgenic welfare state and attained re-election 4 days ago. 

 Hungary's Neo-Nazi party Jobbik has attained 20% of the Hungarian national vote, ahead of the 2014 EU elections, which will likely see it come 1st or 2nd behind the heavily Euro skeptic Fidesz party, the national government of Hungary in stiffling EU legislative expansion efforts, is in its effect, causing the death of the EU in the east, as the EU has to expand to survive, like all Jewish-promoted parasitic entities. 

 Simultaneously, the pro-Jewish state, pro-Jewish wars, pro-Jewish business, pro-Jewish ideology, pro-Jewish Supremacist leftist parties in Hungary are increasingly being exposed as nothing more than tools of Jewish-manipulative efforts, with 'fake left' ideologies, that are alienating even die-hard socialists, and tearing apart their own support base, the same is true of the Labour party in the UK and the PS socialists in France, all of whom are losing their historical voting base (the respective indigenous Northern European or white populations within their borders.

 The Icelandic folk are unleashing a weapon so powerful that it has the potential to completely liberate themselves and after that, potentially all of Northern Europe from the influence, domination and anti-white racial tyranny enforced via the Jewish-Supremacist lobby, by depriving the Jewish banks themselves of their economic power and monopoly over the stock markets, currency markets and the entire European economy and thus reducing the political leverage and direct political funding accounts of numerous Jewish individuals and banking corporations.  

Aurora Coin, the symbol of which is the Nordic Rune Fehu (), is an international-market viable currency being launched from Iceland and like Sleipnir it will ride forth, liberating European peoples with each thundering stamp of its aurora clad hoofs, with economic independence, that goes above the reach of the Jewish manipulated fiat currencies of the world and is in its construction, an inherently, intrinsically anti-Jewish, anti-interest-power currency. 

 The evidently Asatru-inclined Author of the currency goes by the pseudonym: Baldur Friggjar Odinsson, (In honour of the Nordic Gods Baldur and Odin and the Goddess Frigga) the foremost liberators of our race evidently hold true to the way of our ancestors.

Also the story of Baldur and thus the use of Baldur in the pseudonym of this individual has a meaning: Baldur, is the God of light, who by the manipulation of Loki, was killed by the blind God, Hodr, thus the idea of resurrecting Balder, could be akin to the resurrection of free-currency, which was also destroyed by manipulation (Loki is often considered to be the archetype of the Jew and/or lying, manipulation and spite) and blindness: the blindess in our Christian governments worldwide, for leaving the Gold standard or its equivalents and allowing the control of our currency to fall into the hands of Jewish bankers, as is well documented).

 "Auroracoin is a cryptocurrency for Iceland. It is based on litecoin and is 50% premined. The premined coins will be distributed to the entire population of Iceland, commencing on midnight 25th of March 2014."

Icelanders were awarded f 31.8 Aurora-coin ($360+) each on March 25th 2014, currently just less than 10% of the population of Iceland have claimed their Auroracoins, with a total of 977,627.4 Auroracoins currently in circulation!

 ''''A nation breaks the shackles of a fiat currency Five years ago, the government of Iceland imposed capital controls, following the collapse of a Ponzi inspired financial system that had issued far more Icelandic kronas than the nation could ever back up through its real economy. 

These controls were supposed to be “temporary”, but as with so many government actions, they remain in place to this day. 

 This means that the people of Iceland have, for the past five years, been forced to turn over all foreign currency earned to the Central Bank of Iceland. 

This means that the people are not entirely free to engage in international trade.

 They are not free to invest in businesses abroad. 

The arbitrary use of power this entails and the unsustainable debt of the Icelandic government has created uncertainty and risk in all aspects of commerce. 

This has had a crippling effect on foreign investment, as foreigners in general avoid investing in Icelandic enterprises, because of the risk of not being able to convert their investment back into dollars or euros. 

 ...The power must be taken away from the politicians and given back to the people. Cryptocurrencies are a very important milestone in this fight for liberty. 

They bring the hope of a new era of free currencies, immune to the meddling of politicians and their cronies.'''' 

-AuroraCoin website statement.

 Our folk from Hungary to Iceland, France, Denmark, here in England and elsewhere are on a path that is going to inevitably lead to an absolute awakening against the presence of non-white hordes, Globalist Jewish financial & political power-grabs and the false-parties, false-groups, false-ideologies and false causes that will all be exposed in due course. 

 Our folk are beginning to rise, purely and increasingly with less to hold us back, soon not even the insidious Jewish-Supremacist manipulation and control over our currency, nor the insidious, dysgenic Semitic Christianity or vile socialist class identities will exist in our lands to afflict our folk anymore. 

 The European folkish political revolution has fully commenced, 2014, will be the year we start to take our nations back.

 ~ Hail our Folk ~ Hail our Folk rising ~ 

 ~ Raise tall the flag of our nation, to show our allies and enemies alike that we are rising* ~