Article author: Asatro News Published: 22nd day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 22nd day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014



Upon this European Union election of the 22nd of May, a colossal deluge of precipitation has purified the electoral turnout over England for the past 12 hours, with clouds of thundering rage.

Thor's Thunder, has revealed the Labour party's cataclysmic blunder: relying upon voters (underclass and non-Europeans) who demographically are unlikely to turn out to vote when it's raining.

The MET office has even issued a Yellow Warning for minor flooding, heavy winds and rain, lightning and hail.

And alongside the rain, hail and lighting, a UKIP victory shall be reigning over the majority of England, with a leaked Lib Dem memo stating that they expect to lose 100% of their MEPs.

The massive quantities of precipitation over England, without notice, after a day of full sunshine will likely dissuade hundreds of thousands of would-be Labour voters (the underclass and non-whites) from turning out.

Demographically the most likely voters to turn out when it's raining are Conservative and now UKIP voters.

Labour and the Jewish-Political-Psychopath Ed Miliband have likely lost several hundred votes in each electoral district due to this colossal deluge of rain that has engulfed the majority of England, with thunder clouds and significant wind speeds in many areas of the country.

Politics, like all aspects of the human existence is deeply tied to nature, in an election there are numerous factors that influence the comparative turnout of the electorate for differing political parties in addition to the obvious racial and educational influences on voter turnout.

The (on average) less well educated, less employed non-white and underclass Labour voters will perceive the deluges of rain as a reason not to vote, whereas intelligent and motivated UKIP activists and UKIP voters, infuriated and motivated against the current ruling political establishment will be seen marching to the polls.

I myself cycled, and got drenched in the glorious rain, taken through the precipitation cycle from the sacred waters of the oceans surrounding and the rivers within England.

Nick Clegg was in Sheffield at the same time as myself, upon this day of the 22nd of May, and Nick Clegg was among the minority of Lib Dem voters, and fellow students (who Nick Clegg's tuition fee broken-promise betrayed to the cost of 9000 pounds per year) at the University of Sheffield who managed to make it to the polling stations.

I arrived to a polling station in Sheffield that was 100% empty besides myself and the polling staff for over 10 minutes.

Context: this area is a majority-Labour area, with a persistent UKIP insurgency, the polling staff stated the turnout so far today in a heavily populated urban area as of 5pm was less than 300 people, albeit with a substantial number of postal votes having already been collected.

This rainstorm and thundering sky is a sure indication that the Labour vote will surely die.

Despite the Majority Jewish owned or influenced online and print media running undignified, hilarious and simultaneously disgusting quantities of desperate anti-English articles about UKIP; including disinformation from the Telegraph, stating ludicrously that voting UKIP will give Brussels more power, which is a typical Jewish-Supremacist tactic of espousing the direct opposite of the truth, UKIP at the last polling indication shows a slight but stable lead over Labour over the UK as a whole.

UKIP is scheduled to claim inevitable landslides in the Eastern Region, South West, North East, Midlands and almost every MEP region, except the MEP regions that incorporate the majority non-white ghettos of Manchester, London and Birmingham.

The pathetic attacks against UKIP continue even now at 7pm, with only 3 hours before polls close: the anti-English Jewish-Supremacist propaganda pouring out of the Marxist, allegedly criminal, Jewish Supremacist: Guardian news website have increased to seditiously subversive proportions, and consciously-hypocritically stating that UKIP: "feeds off Racism and Sexism", hypocrisy again coming from the anti-Germanic, Jewish-Supremacist, malicious-manipulators and the generic self-deluded Marxists at the Guardian propaganda company.

The events of this day of the 22nd of May are an indication of the sheer power-potential of nature to dictate and influence politics, precipitation picked up from the rivers and the oceans as represented by the Goddess Ran and the God Njord have been deposited across all of England, accompanied by the War like chorus of Thor, God of Thunder, God of War: Across the thunder filled skies of England.

Accompanying and complimenting the thunder that exists within the hearts of those UKIP voters who march unflinchingly, uncompromisingly, unrelentingly to the polls to vote directly against the political interests of the Jewish-Marxist political, educational, media and financial establishment by voting UKIP.

Hail Thor, God of Thunder, God of War

Hail Njord, God of the Fjord, God of the shores and rivers

Hail Rán, Goddess of the under-seas, Goddess of the oceans

Hail to this Rainstorm, may it contribute to the purification of our electoral turnout and the cleansing away of the degeneracy of the Jewish-Supremacist infiltrators and Judaized MEPs of the political establishment