Article author: Asatro News / Published: 14th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 14th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014

Farage and 5* Grillo unite against the Jewish EU:

The charismatic, populist, pro-national homogeniety, pro-sovereignty "people's army" is marching to war against the Jewish European Union.

The populist armies of Grillo's Five Star movement and our UKIP force have forged an alliance, of pure populist, democratic, national homogeniety and national sovereignty loving folk, intent on not only waging war against the Jewish designed and promoted EU, but intent on being the living incarnation of its death scentence, the catalysts of the willpower of an increasingly awakened and self-assertive European folk population.

Grillo's party in an expression of folk-based democratic practices; conducted a democratic internal poll of all members to decide which EU group to join, after the prior stasis of the EU inter-group formation negotiations.

78% of Grillo's Italian folk voted to join with UKIP, against 10% voting to join the ECR or Conservative and Reformist grouping in the EU parliament. A pathetic video appeal from a Conservative Party MEP, a non-white by the name of Sayed Kamali, has seemingly caused disgust in the anti-immigrant and pro-soveriengty orientated ordinary folk who compose the voting members of Grillo's epic Five star (5*) movement, which is literally 'earning its stars' as I write.

This has revealed that in reality, Grillo's followers are ordinary, folkish people who undoubtably agree with UKIP's national homogeniety (through sovereignty) leanings, in UKIP's increasingly refined stance against immigrants and political domination from both outside and inside the EU. 

 "I am extremely pleased with this result, I look forward to working with 5 Star Movement very much to provide a genuine voice of opposition in the European Parliament. We will be the people's voice."

-Nigel Farage

Grillo is relatively tough against immigrants and is ruthlessly tough against the banks and the UE as a whole. As with many of his party members, Grillo defines himself as neither Leftwing or Rightwing, a promising sign that he could truly be a politican of the folk, and not of some political ideology or idiocy, but a political figure who is entirely and purely the speaker for the rights and increasingly folkish opinions of his people.

In accordance with Farage's freedom centric political philosophy: "Grillage people" will vote how they wish in the EU parliament, generically against the EU, as a broad alliance to attempt to bring down the EU, to stiffle and professionally expose anti-sovereignty and anti-national homogeniety EU legislation efforts where possible.

"We operate as a loose association of people. No one is whipped and told how to vote provided they adhere to the principles of the group,"

Farage said to Five Star (5*) members in a recent video during the epic Grillo-Farage negotiations, before they formed their unstoppable tag-team against the EU.

"We're an open minded party. The reason we've been taking stick is the same reason you've been taking stick; for taking on the establishment."


"Remember the Conservative chancellor says that it is the inexorable logic of the euro that all those countries involved must sign up to a fiscal compact and must begin to build what will be a United States of Europe,"


Mr Grillo took 21 per cent of the Italian vote, giving him 17 seats in the European parliament and making his Five Star Movement the second biggest party in Italy.

Beppe Grillo's or the Italian people's electoral victory has outraged the Jewish and Catholic establishment (which often-times overlap) in Italy, with his surprise grassroots movement (the 5 star movement) that has made Beppe Grillo the most powerful political and cultural figure in Italy, making the Pope look like an amateur and second rate celebrity in comparison to the legendary Beppe and his anti-EU, semi-folkish populism.

Countless Jews in Italy have compared Beppe Grillo to Mussolini, because they fear his pure popularity and undefined, or democratically responsive movement's attitudes that hates the banks, the EU and the Judaized establishment politics.

The 5* movement is also simultaneously re-asserting a wish for self-governance, increased sovereignty and control of its borders and cultural, financial and political institutions, which are all currently controlled by allegedly: violently supreamcist Jewish racist hypocrites who the Italian people are increasingly becoming resentful and aware of.

Nigel Farage annihilated the mainstream, judaized political parties in the UK, especially the Jewish Ed Miliband's Labour party, winning almost 30% and subsequently gaining 24 MEP seats. Beppe Grillo's alliance with Nigel Farage has been augmented by Czech, Dutch, and Lithuanian MEP: UKIP now easily has enough MEPs in numerical term to qualify for millions in EU funding, requiring only 2 more representatives from other states to truly be a pan-European group, (UPDATE) which it gained only a few weeks later forming the EFDD (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy) group replacing the pre-2014 EFD.

"This gives a great confidence boost to those other delegation members who are coming to sign up to our common group next week. This feeds into a process of solidifying what should be a big (anti-EU) group," -Farage

Beppe Grillo provides a charismatic and enlightened voice to the alliance and to the ethnic European revolt against the Jewish designed and promoted European Union

Beppe Grillo's comments regarding the Jewish lobby, the "holocaust industry" and the Jewish supremacist state are highly encouraging.

“Israel is frightening. Its behavior is irresponsible... all that in Europe we know about Israel and Palestine, is filtered by an international agency called Memri. And behind Memri, there is a former Mossad agent."

-Beppe Grillo

The chairman of Milan's racist, supremacist, allegedly criminal synagogue, Davide Romano, subversively stated in an attempt to play the victim status, when  the Jewish Supremacist is in-fact the victimizer that :

"Grillo has a problem with the Jews."

Every logical person should have a problem with Jewish Supremacists, from their Supremacist obsessions, undeniably oppressive and genocidal modern and historical behaviour and simultaneous political and subversive racial hypocrisy as a method of their warfare against non-jews, primarily us Europeans and their immediate Arabic geo-political rivals in the Middle East also.

Another Jewish subversive head of a different Jewish cabal, this time in Rome, has stated that Jews should start leaving Italy because of Grillo and the general awakening occuring against Jews, Jewish power and allegedly Jewish criminality in Italy.

This shows the racist hypocrisy of the Jewish media, for if a non-jewish president of a non jewish community had told Jews to start leaving Italy, the Jewish media would have gone insane, but it is ok obviously for a Jew to do it from their own ethnic perspective, as it is percieved as "for the Jewish interest."

This is the sole litmus test or rationale behind whether the media attacks or promotes certain comments, figures and ideologies, they simply calculate whether it is in their supremacist ethnic interests or not, demonstrating beyond doubt that Jewish Supremacists are the most vile, hypocritical and degenerate of racial supremacists.

Thus explaining the massive attacks on Beppe Grillo by Jews in the Catholic church, the media, political establishment and international Jewish media, despite the fact that by all indications Beppe Grillo opposes only Jewish power, corruption and criminality, as should all rational people.

"The killer of children (the Jewish State) is an assassin that must be put on trial for crimes against humanity."

Grillo: during the Jewish genocidal 2009 massacre against Gaza.

"Israel is scary, its behavior is irresponsible," there, I said it.

And I'm not drunk (like Mel Gibson when he said a similar statement). 

I'm just scared for my children. Is Israel behind the United States or is the United States behind Israel?

-Which is the cause and which the effect?".

-Beppe Grillo

"Al Qaeda should bomb Rome."

Beppe Grillo has also thus evidently displayed a healthy scepticism of the Catholic church, which was after-all originally created by Jewish supremacists: in order to defile the spiritual composition and power structures of Europe, and to this day is institutionally used by Jews and the Jewish invention: the disease like, defiling, destructive and degrading Christianity in all its forms.