Article author: English Asatro / Published: 12th Night of Æftera Līþa 2265.RE / 12th Night of July 2015.CE


According to a logical evaluation of the current situation in Europe and the past 1800 years of Christianity instigated fratricide, war and internal-persecution of European peoples, it is undeniable that Christianity must be wiped out of existence for its crimes against our people. Those who promote such vile, subversive ideologies from Saul of Tsarsus's  racially-subversive and proto-communist Christianity to its modern but equally Semitic secular spawn are the enemies of all European folk in Europe and the world over. It is thus necessary for all European folk to return to something else, logically this can only be the philosophies of our genetic ancestors, whose spirituality was never defeated, only sidelined. In Northern Europe and amongst all Germanic folk living worldwide  there is Asatro. Similarily for all distinct European racial heritages there are disticnct racial philosophies from the heroic Hellenic (Greek) Paganism to the less well known forms of Slavic paganism. It is necessary for all European folk to re-awaken their natural spirituality and pure racial spirit in order to insure an internal European cultural, spiritual and racial homogeniety among each respective people. The unique and evolutionarily distinct spiritualites of each European racial sub-group when adhered to and understood correctly implore the nations who hold those beliefs to stand stoic in defence of their folk heritages, futures and this is done through the unique capacity of our ancestral spiritualities to inspire and inform in us a constant and industrious defence of our racial identity, this can only be maintained through our ancestral racial philosophies inspiring in ordinary folk the will to re-take their respective national governments, militaries, economies, cultures and spiritual national identities.

It is necessary for all European folk to return to our respective and unique racial spiritualities in order to insure a defensive continental and eventually world-wide sense of unique and distinct European folkish spiritualites. If any European people fails to return to their ancestral spirituality, that people will become the thorn in the side of the rest of European folk worldwide, for it would remain a spiritually and thus politically, culturally and eventually a degraded racially occupied nation, a foreign arrowhead, seeping Semitic Christian poison and subversive anti-natural and anti-racial subversion into the unique and otherwise inately folkish constitution of other European nations, such a nation would also become a security threat with the potential to cause internal conflict. Semitic subversives, from Jewish bankers to Islamic colonisers (in historical Spain for example) have for several centuries taken advantage of the putrid weakness in national strength caused by Christianity, and the weakened state of European nations fatigued by Christian-denomination instigated fratricide to subversively gain a degrading presence upon European soil. Today almost all European nations are subjugated beneath the Jewish created European Union, an institutional framework designed after the failure of the Christian Western Roman Empire but with the insidious and subversive tactic of gaining power through cultural subversion and the destruction of each unique European folk population. The foundational passivity folk show towards such an aggression against our civilizations is caused by the passivity of Christianity and the void it creates which was once filled with great heroes, finds itself now merely filled with the graveyards of worthless martys to a Semitic faith as the only "saints". The veneration of failed human beings, afflicted in sucidal-grade indoctrination to a foreign Semitic faith is illustrative of just how important it is for all unique European folk populations to reject Christianity and 100% of its subsequent subversive secular ideologies, each one more Semitic and progressively raciall subversive than the next. To overcome such subversive philosophies we cannot simply ask that people all learn about their true nature and expect folk to instantly awaken, for the truth without spirit although the truth, is but a shadow of its true potential. Thus it is necessary that our European folk must become inspired by our respective ancestral philosophies in order to gain the spirit necessary to create sufficient cultural, racial and societal momentum in order to wipe aside all foreign subversives, reclaim our nations and rebuild our national futures in defence of our immediate futures and simultaneously inspired through the thought of reclaiming our futures for the honour of all those who have come before us, for their hundreds of thousands of years of unique European evolution and the spiritual strengths that guided our very same ancestors. 

It is in Asatro that our pure Germanic/Nordic spirit finds its most deepest and elemental inspiration and self-understanding. It is in Asatro that our people today can become inspired in accordance with our noble Goddesses and Gods and the virtues that are demonstrated in their (or our) ancient triumphs and sagas. It is in Asatro that our Germanic/Nordic nations here in Northern Europe and over Australia, New Zealand, America, South Africa and countless areas of high Germanic settlement that these folk, our kins-folk can find the industriousness and heroic inspiration required to reclaim our nations and achieve a higher level of cultural, economic, spiritual and societal sophistication and coherence through homogenious harmony and beauty.

Here in Europe historically our bordering nations and their political configurations have been extremely important to our national futures, especially Poland, which shares a land border with one of the most important Germanic nations and economic powerhouses of the world: Germany. It is necessary that the segments of Poland that are Slavic-Polish folk throw off Christianity and reclaim their complimenting but unique European polytheistic spirituality. The Rodnovers, a Slavonic Pagan ancestral heritage, that has seen much silent revival at a cultural level has the potential to help purify most of the Eastern to South Eastern Europe, from the edge of Poland all the way through to Ukraine and Russia. Their spirituality though disctinct and different from ours is complimenting in its mutual respect for our ancesotrs, unlike the currently occupying Semitic Church. It is necessary for all Germanic folk who are in contact with Slavs to remind them that Christianity is not their natural spirituality. If you know of any racially aware Slavic folk, you must remind them of this truth, for their benefit, the benefit of their descendants and for the future coherence and stability of the resurgent European nations once we have retaken our national governments, cultures and futures. A South Eastern Europe that is true to its ancestral philosophy will be a worthy defender of the borders of Europe, as would a Hellenic Paganism inspired Greece be a worthy "forward guard" for all European nations. To insure long term geo-political, cultural, demographic and spiritual continuity and evolution in Europe, even the farthest reaches beyond Ukraine must be filled with European folk who are motivated by their ancestral spirituality and an appreciation for the uniqueness of each European folk population.

Slavonic Ethics by Rafal Merski articulates such a philosophy, that as a Polish individual who is true to his ancestors and ancestral spirituality he realises the necessity of awakening in his country men and women a spirituality that will help his folk to reclaim their national future and governmental power.

The re-awakening of Slavic paganism will prove to be a valuable and infinitely important point in European history for the cleansing of Christianity out of Eastern Europe will secure the future of Europe, a great reclamation is at hand and it is my hope as a Germanic that these Slavic folk can retake their nations, so as to ensure that their unique ancestral and racial inheritance is ensured and so that in doing so, they can re-take their place as the bulwark of Europe, the guards of the land borders with Asia, filled not by weak Christians "welcom[ing] the stranger" but of proud Paganistic folk defending the integrity of their nations.

Also alongside these Slavic folk are pockets of Germanic folk, from Hungary, to St Petersburg live significant proportions of Germanic peoples, who would much benefit from living alongside awakened Slavic folk who would help to prevent any and all Christianity from defiling or degrading any European peoples within their national territories.


All readers of this website who know Slavic folk, awakened or unawakened have a duty to insure that they become informed and inspired by their unique but complimenting ancestral spirituality and culture in order to insure a harmonious and coherent future between our peoples, that would not otherwise exist due to the otherwise stubborn presence of subversive Christianity in South Eastern Europe. Rafal Merski's book provides a well written and visibly coherent, historically and spiritually informed perspective on the true ancestral and racial spirituality of his distinct Slavic people, a book with the potential to achieve a great victory in the minds of thousands of Slavic folk in returning them to the Ethics and Spirituality of their racial ancestors, an event that will be a defining moment of victory in ensuring the European racial and spiritual integrity of the rest of Europe by awakening and inspiring folk from Poland to Ukraine.

A Preview of "Slavonic Ethics" sent to English Asatro/Dan Rayner by Rafal Merski personally.

According to Wacyk, ethics is “a system of ideal spiritual values which man strives to attain and according to which he has to form his criteria of good, beauty, wisdom, justice and similar virtues and their contradictions.” 

According to this definition, I intend to tackle issues concerning the vast range of concepts, attitudes and laws that we should adapt, living in accordance with Slavonic ethics. All issues raised in this book, attitudes to life, creative activity, active attitude towards life and one’s obligations, Jan Stachniuk calls CULTURE. Culture becomes here the entirety of issues which form Rodnover philosophy, the fulfilling of one’s obligation. The attitude of a king against the attitude of a slave, an active attitude against a passive attitude towards the world and one’s obligations. The attitude of joyful fulfilment of one’s dreams and attaining successive levels of life against blissful vegetation-motionlessness. This contradiction of Culture Stachniuk calls BACKULTURE [wspakultura] – the worthless and unforgivable attempt to destroy humanity, its unique and magnificent values and aspirations; throwing everything into one pile of junk to humiliate and thus destroy aspirations and ambitions. This is how Stoigniew describes backulture:

“Backulture [wspakultura] is characterized by full reversal of all fundamental values of culture. What is good in culture, has to be bad in backulture. What is truth, beauty, merit, virtue, victory for humanity is falsehood, ugliness, sin, calamity for backulture; and vice versa. There is something horrifying in this reversal of all fundamental criteria, even more so that for millennia backulture tries (with perverse pleasure) to use these very terms to hide its own nakedness and smuggle its “treasures” in a pretty package of world culture.” Jan Stachniuk “Chrześcijaństwo a ludzkość”. p. 21


Confrontation of world-views

Setting a new path

Rejecting the completely alien ideas was for me, a Slav, a Pole, a fundamental question of realizing the evil which torments a countless number of my countrymen. Recognizing the cause of the sickness that poisons the organism of the Polish nation was bound to create an antidote which could save the falling Fatherland. This awakening occurred rapidly, like a storm, which was to sweep my old ideological matrix that was forced upon my young brain; to cleanse the young mind from disgraceful attempts to incapacitate my free will and will to grow, to live in truth, not in hypocrisy. This storm was to sweep everything and bring order. It was to create room for a pure, new idea, new Slavonic faith and philosophy, which it was based on. The rejection of falsehood became one of the most important steps of forming a new “I”. I began digesting and rejecting the consecutive links of the chain which was binding my humanity.

“Learn to be obedient, ash. Learn to prostrate oneself, soil and clay, and to crawl beneath everybody’s feet. Learn to break your will and submit to any subservience. Stand against yourself and do not let your pride live inside you; but make yourself so submissive and small that everyone can walk on you and step on you like on mud at crossroads.” (Thomas a Kempis, op. Cit., III, 13, 23).

How can you listen to such disgusting and degrading teachings? How can you make such humiliating recommendations your life motto? How can I, a Slav, a Pole, whose Ancestors lived by the motto:

“They preferred war to peace, valuing expensive freedom more than total poverty.” Widuking

The subject of this work is an attempt to systematize concepts of Rodnover ethics, i.e. Slavonic ethics. Why Slavonic? First, let me explain the word “native faith” – Rodnovery. Native – ours, therefore Polish, Slavonic. Faith – a system of concepts and measures defining sacredness, which form the basis of religion. Rodnovery is therefore a religious and philosophical system that refers directly to the Slavonic tradition. Rodnovery is a creed, which has practical expression is in rituals, festivals and ethics. Rodnovery aims to reconstruct Slavonic rituals and the Slavonic faith i.e. the vocabulary of concepts referring to sacredness and attitudes, on the basis of archeological, ethnographical and historical research. By doing the aforementioned research and also attempting to confirm it by comparative research, we aim to inquire the sense and scope of the pagan-Slavonic religion. By researching the archaic religious and social structure, we aim to return to the values most sacred for our Ancestors. We consider them sacred. This work is the test of longstanding perseverance and passion which we dedicate to this matter. We consider ourselves direct heirs of the Slavonic heritage. We aim to rebuild, continue and expand this legacy. Each year of hard work brings us more and more discoveries, principles or myths. Subsequent discoveries allow us to get to know our unique heritage (that is – native faith) better and feel its beauty more fully. This notion includes not only the ritual sphere, but also the richness of our culture. Culture, that is songs, dances, prayers. They all interlock with the ritual sphere, because for our Ancestors there was no clear division between the sacred and the profane. Traditional, folk culture which we want to tend to and give it a present sense and dimension, binds itself with the modernity of ourselves, because we are, in fact, modern people. However, the mindset did not change. As we will see later in this book, we do not differ so much from our Ancestors, from the way they perceived the laws governing the community, what laws defined the way of life in the community. We, living in the present, are very proud of our heritage, of our tradition and identity which our Ancestors gave us. This is why we are committed to the matters of our Slavonic culture with such a passion. We are proud of it. The achievements of this culture is the output that characterizes the standard of living of our Ancestors and their intellectual, creative level.


We believe that our faith is true. We are righteous people and we live in truth, because we continue the legacy of our Ancestors, who professed the Slavonic/Aryan faith for thousands of years. They created a beauteous and elaborate system of rituals, a calendar, a rich vocabulary of faith and rituals. They created a beautiful tradition which lasted for thousands of years, which we subscribe to and which we will pass onto the next generations. We believe that if our Ancestors, Slavs, Indo-Europeans created this magnificent creation and worshipped the Gods and the souls of our Ancestors, then we also must continue this legacy and we consider this faith, this rite as true. True, because it sprouted together with Slavonic nations, their language, their customs, their traditions. True, because it’s ours, it’s part of our blood, our consciousness, our character – it belongs to us, Slavs. It is in this truth that we want to live and raise our children and grandchildren. In truth, because only truth leads to happiness, joy and inner peace. Falsehood, professing alien values leads to hypocrisy and decountrifying; it leads to perpetual inner struggle between what lies in our heart and blood against what’s alien, discordant with our eternal notion of world and values. We do not want to live in hypocrisy, we do not want to flounce about in quandaries, looking at everybody else with worry – blaming them for what is wrong in us. We do not want that! This is why we follow the path of truth, the truth of our Slavonic Ancestors – the truth of this Slavonic land and our Slavonic Faith.

Contemporary world

The world of nature doesn’t know emptiness, every space is used. If one species dies, another one takes its place. One species can also supersede another and take its territory. It’s the same in the worlds of ideology, religion or world-views. Europe dismisses Christianity, recognizing it as false, hypocritical and no longer relevant. People turned away from Catholicism and other currents of Christianity, dismissing ethical principles and religious foundations as alien to their way of perceiving the world and interpersonal relations. European nations dismiss religion, calling themselves atheistic while having nothing to take its place. We are making a big mistake dismissing Christianity while having no alternative proposal, or rather – not returning to the values of the European peoples, the values of our Ancestors. Slavs, Celts, Norse, Hellenes should reach for natural, archaic laws. They should reach to their roots because that’s where we find the beginning and truth in our perception of the world. It is there that we will find the true sense of our existence. It is there that we will find beauty, inspiration and heritage of old Europe.

Returning to our roots is a fundamental matter, essential for normal existence without conscious or subconscious internal struggle of a Slav’s, Celt’s, Hellene’s or Norse’s nature against the imposed Judeo-Christian values (which are completely alien to us, Europeans). The Judeo-Christian value system humiliates and quashes the archetypes of Woman, Warrior, Creator. It destroys the laws and joys arising from our national characters, those which shaped us for thousands of years, from the time of the first original Pre-Indo-European community. What’s left is an ethical and world-view desolation. However, this abandoned and uncultivated area is being slowly filled by militant and uncompromising Islam. This is not just a matter of ethnic minorities. It’s the dominant religion in the ghettos of poor Arabian and African immigrants. It is a large-scale scheme of Islamization of Europe. Muslim organizations, gaining power, want to have their space in public and social life. They practice their religion in the downtowns of European metropolises. Democracy and politically correct tolerance are a backstabbing to Europe – a stab from which she is dying.

The worst of all is the fact that Europe deals the blow herself. Through false tolerance, the strength and honor of the European man is weakened, his glorious deeds derided, degraded and debased. In the Middle Ages and subsequent ages, Islam had been driven out through war. Nowadays (without a single shot) millions of Islamic militants make huge centers where terrorists are being trained and wait for the signal to begin an Islamic revolution aiming to introduce sharia law and destroy our European civilization. There will be a time when such a revolution will go off. Paradoxically, the longer it takes, the worse it gets, because the Muslim population is growing at an enormous rate and every year there are just more and more of them. The strength and intransigence of Islam attracts those who twenty years ago dismissed Christianity as a foreign religion. More and more native Europeans convert to Islam, along with the immigrant, non-European population, they demand the application of sharia law. In European countries! We already had a destructive Christianization on our continent, now we have Islamization. Islam grows more and more powerful and is just as alien to us Slavs as Christianity. This is the decline of Europe – we are its witnesses, but we’re not powerless.

But there is still a chance, not all is lost. As Oswald Spengler wrote: “Pagan renaissance is taking place in the final period of civilization, defending against decadence and death. Of course, the pagan revival should reach only for the indigenous traditions of Europe and not be another symptom of decadence. In the decaying Rome, foreign beliefs from Asia and Egypt spread”. Yes, we see our Rome and its decay. European didn’t have any alternative to replace the dismissed Christianity. No consolidated world-view or ideology materialized itself on a large scale. Europe is falling, barbarians are settling here and they do not respect its heritage, imposing their own way of perceiving and their own model of religious and social life. Dismissing Christianity while not replacing it with our own, native value system was well characterized and described. The arguments of philosophers, researchers of religion and culture are worth knowing. Antoni Wacyk: “Effete and “lumpish” (as Stachniuk called it) anti-clericalism will be of no help here”.  

The Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski, in his book entitled “Obecność mitu” (“Presence of the myth”) stated that man has two types of consciousness. Antoni Wacyk, referring to Leszek Kołakowski, said: “Next to the rationalistic consciousness, man also has a mythological, myth-birth-giving consciousness of all religions that base on myths. No rationalist argument or attack can do away with religious mythology. Because of it, the religious myth lives on and has a permanent tendency to take total possession of man’s life. We are firmly convinced that we can uproot the Catholic mythology from the Polish national character. The man-degrading (…) alien myth must be ousted from the Polish ideo-matrix. A native, Polish, Slavonic myth must take hold of the Polish soul”. Europe and Great Slavdom must regain its ethical foundations and return to its archetypes. The ethos of the: warrior, mother, family, community, according to the laws and fundamentals bequeathed to us by our Ancestors. The return to our Ancestors’ laws will fill the empty space, which Islam wants to fill after the collapsing Christianity. The work to spread the ancient notions that grew along with European nations is our task.  

The forming of the coming generations, our children and grandchildren according to the laws of our native faith is mandatory in order to assure the development of our civilization. It’s necessary for the coming generations to be “conscious” like us, to live in truth and happiness and in sanctity. As the editor of the “Trygław” magazine and creator of the Association for Tradition and Culture “Niklot”, Tomasz Szczepański said: “Religion must invoke Slavonic models simply because they are our own, lying deeply in the cultural foundation which we all inherit. You cannot be indifferent to your own heritage. Its forms should express and promote the ideal of heroic ethics, formulations of which we find in many traditions. In Poland, Stachniuk and Szukalski were its greatest patrons”. Only through the path of truth, the knowing of truth will allow to live in truth, according to the most sacred laws, traditions, ethics and ritual. We must return to the archetype, to the Slavonic ethos of the unity of body and spirit. We must return to the existence of the individual, family, nation and its development, gaining material and spiritual wealth. Only this path, begun by Zorian Dołęga-Chodakowski, Antoni Wacyk and Jan Stachniuk can and will lead us to the construction of a beauteous, great and strong Slavdom and Poland; to a new Europe and countries living in truth, according to their traditions. If we don’t build strong communities, strong organizations, we will be crushed. We will accomplish nothing if we are fragmented little groups that don’t support each other and don’t fight abreast for our laws and plans. Only unity will lead us to greatness and growth. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of our Ancestors who weakened themselves and others by fratricidal wars, giving an opportunity of victory for Vatican’s mercenaries – the vanquishers of Slavonic nations – who led them to annihilation or submission. Divides led to the fall of Arkona and Radogoszcz. Divides sank this beautiful, pure and true Slavonic World.


The ethos of the hero was subject to horrible degradation. Ancient heroes were knocked off the pedestal, warriors were locked in cages in the middle of a great hall and becoming circus monkeys. Where is the ethos of the hero, a man of strength, of courage? Where ethos of the commander-king, warrior-father? In the past, an effeminate man in female clothing stuck on some other man was considered a pest. That kind of person weakened the strength of the kin and tribe, and was therefore exiled or killed, because his value as a warrior that had to stand in line with others to fight was poor if not downright morale-weakening. His value as a father who was to breed strong, healthy offspring was non-existent. He stood in the way in the development of the community. Nowadays, such degenerates become mentors of the masses, they talk about matters which they have no idea about and they cannot have any idea because they’re completely alien to them – valor, parenting, child-rearing goals. The army of the unsexed became the new heroes and now stand on the pedestal of political correctness, stigmatizing what is normal and in accordance with the laws of nature.

The world turned upside down, became crazy. The media create a new European, ashamed of his history and deeds; ashamed of who he is and apologizing to everybody for everything. The fall of Europe is happening before our eyes. Great Goddess, Europe, where did these effeminate un-warriors lead you? Can we save you and rebuild you on archaic values when our nations grew and were not declining like today? We have to!!! So we come back to the original meaning of the word “man”. We have to reinstate the original meaning of the term and restore him to his rightful place, on the pedestal. We have to shove the weaklings and cowards off it. Let’s shove out of our minds the creations of modern civilization. We will turn decline into victory, but it will depend on us, on which attitude we will adopt; what actions we will undertake, how we will be and what example we will give to the next generations, so that Great Slavdom lasts, develops and grows for the glory of the Gods and our Ancestors, who by their attitude made its existence possible. Now it’s our turn to take over.

Let’s start by returning the rightful meanings to terms, let us take off the blindfold. It’s time to see the world as it is and understand our role in it. Confucius said: “Mending the state begins by mending concepts”. Let us bring back rightful meanings to concepts. Let us give them an actual dimension by our actions and attitude. What should a modern man be like? What should a man go through when he enters the path of the warrior? We have to bring back the rightful meaning to the archetypes of hunter, king, warrior. A contemporary field worker, for whom sowing, work and harvest has to determine every day, every breath and a vision of tomorrow. Every man should know what responsibility lies upon him. Each of us must be ready all his life to tackle a variety of challenges. Knowing about responsibility and having a deep awareness of it and to implement this responsibility in one’s life. The multiplicity of dimensions and discharged duties is a substrate of the psyche and physicality of man.

Woman – Mother – Goddess

Hips, breasts, lips, hair, hands, this is the image of the goddess. The woman. This is a living image of the Mother Goddess, in our Slavonic mythology it’s a depiction of Mother Earth – the moist and fertile patroness of the female sphere. Just as Mother Earth, women are beautiful and sacred. With their curves, their shapes, beautiful as landscapes, mountains and valleys, which we view with a deep sigh. Mother Earth, moist and wet, yields plentiful and beautiful fruit. Fecund soil, doused by fertile rains, cultivated, going through all the states of the seasons, from growth in spring, through maturation in summer, harvest and sowing seeds in autumn, to the winter rest, regeneration, apparent sleep, when germinating seeds in her womb are waiting to shoot up. The abundance of grass, green meadows where animals may graze, birds may hatch, insects may fulfill their task of pollinating. Finally, the shady forests, smelling of resin, kingdom of wild animals, where forest fruit, mushrooms and berries can grow in the shade of dense treetops. A desert doesn’t deliver such yield, being dry and deadly, devoid of streams of fecund water flowing from the clouds, the life-giving rain. Where emptiness and destructive wind reign, alternating unbearable heat during the day and lethal cold at night. Just like with women, in their moist wombs, our yields, our offspring grow and come into the world. A child – a small, fragile creature, whose every glance, every smile inspires awe in us. The mite whose every tear shed, the first word spoken, the first step, the first tooth arouse emotion and inexpressible joy. It presents an image of innocence, discovering, instinctive reflexes. The need to cling to the mother's breast, to grip the father's hand during a walk, to play together and explore the world. Women are connected by the mystery of life developing in them, by the amniotic fluid, to the world of spirits. The aquatic nature of the woman, linked to pregnancy, is also associated with the chthonic world, ruled by Veles, God of the Underworld, which is the dwelling of fertile powers, cumulated powers, waiting to shoot up in our world as grain. The sphere of fertility is directly connected to that “underworld”, because in our tradition, our ancestors, or their souls existing in that world, are responsible for our fate, they patronize the wealth of our yields and our families. I will elaborate on that theme, associated with the role of our Forefathers’ souls in vegetation, fertility and their general influence on our world, in another work, because this subject is fascinating and too broad to be simplified here. There is a reason why women in our cultural circle grew and still grow long hair and have long fingernails. Long hair and nails are linked to the world of spirits, Slavic priests also distinguished themselves from other men in a community by growing long hair due to their spiritual meaning and function. Inside the woman’s body, a life grows to see the light of Dazhbog’s sun when the time is right, so that the world would welcome this fruit of the man’s and woman’s act of love.

Likewise, inside the Goddess Earth during the winter period of hibernation, life is germinating, developing until the time when it’s ready to shoot up, to grow upward to the sun. However, the woman’s role isn’t only limited to giving birth to a child, there is also the extremely important aspect of parenthood which is upbringing and care, especially during the first years after birth. It seems obvious, but it’s worth emphasizing that during the first months or even years it’s the mother who’s more important than the father in interactions with the child, as they naturally feel a stronger bond with each other. Only from the moment of the first haircut rite, the father will lead and teach his son. The daughter will naturally watch her mother and prepare for women’s duties. It’s an extremely important and responsible period in a person’s life, then they learn from their parents, observe them, emulate them and form habits similar to their mother’s and father’s. That’s why the woman’s role is huge and her responsibility even greater. Her approach to life has to accommodate all of this. That’s just how it is, such are the eternal laws of our cultural circle. So while planning her life, she can’t forget of these responsibilities, of the most important role we have to fulfill – the duty to produce and rear offspring to continue and extend our family, to make it stronger and greater. It is an extremely important task for a woman to fulfill, the unfulfilled maternal instinct is a burden which is hard to live with, watching other women-mothers and trying to answer the question “where and when that moment passed me by, when what was really important was eclipsed by secondary things”. The patroness and protector of women is the goddess Mokosh. Her name derives from the word “moksza”, “mokra” – wet, moist, so it’s associated with fertility and the aquatic sphere of new life developing inside the woman. Therefore She is the patroness of midwifery, She takes care of childbearing, women who are going to bear soon should appeal to Her for help and an easy childbirth. The talisman for women is lunula, an amulet connected with female fertility periods (menstrual cycles), the sphere of fertility, boosting fecundity. Their element is Water.

Family For a Rodnover cultivating and keeping alive our Slavonic heritage, the most important thing is our tradition connected to the feeling of familial bonds. For a Rodnover, the cultivation of the love of one’s parents, respect towards them, not leaving them without care is of the utmost importance. Just as our ancestors valued it greatly, we too, as their descendants, abiding the laws that they passed on to us (and which were in turn presented to them by the Gods), we value it very much. Our offspring is a treasure, which is the most magnificent of all gifts given to us by the Gods and which is the greatest test of our responsibility. Human life consists of many duties, which one must fulfill, which indeed are a great challenge. This is why raising our offspring is an incredibly serious matter.

Just as we are the continuators of the Gods’ laws, passed on to us by our forefathers – our Slavonic ancestors, our offspring shall be another generation who will continue these sacred laws which we will pass on to them. This is why our responsibility is doubled, because we will be or are now a direct example to them – role models. This is why teaching our sacred Slavonic values is so important, just as teaching love and respect to one's parents and responsibility for the descendants. Just as we receive this knowledge from our ancestors, our offspring will receive it from us. In this way we are bonded by the laws of the Gods passed down to us since the day of our birth until our death. Our whole life is intertwined with the laws of Slavonic religion.

When we decide on a relationship, man and woman join each other in order to create a family together. Family is the future. Family is offspring, which also means duties. When we decide for “svajba”, the sacred ritual of marriage and a joyful wedding afterwards as a good omen, let us always remember that life consists of various challenges.

That is why it is good if the couple is made up of people who both adhere to the principles and truths of the faith of our Forefathers. It is then much easier to teach children these truths and give examples of living according to these laws, and to take part in native festivals and teach about their meaning.


“They dress very tidily. Men wear golden bracelets. They are neatly dressed, because they’re tradesmen. They have many cities and live in affluence” - Abraham ben Jacob

They live in lands rich in areas fit for dwelling and rich in food resources. They have an exceptional zeal for farming and searching for livelihood, in which they outdo the peoples of the north. Their trade reaches as far as the Rus’ and Constantinople, by land and sea.

Great Gods of Slavdom

Great Gods of our Polish Land

I’m pouring old mead for you

Offering you our whole-year harvest

May the next year be more abundant and generous

More beautiful and richer

Hail to you, great Gods!!!

It is a passage from the rite of the Harvest Festival, it shows our symbolic offering to the Gods, from our hard work and achievements. It is an expression of our gratitude for support and inspiration, the faith and philosophy which our Ancestors have passed to us, our Slavonic way of thinking about our lives, our work and our understanding of words such as “development” and “achievement”. Work is what affects our existence, our functioning in the world. It is what provides for our us and our families, which affects the development of our country. However, we cannot function in a “blissful state of digestion”, as Wacyk called it – stability at the lowest level.

We Rodnovers strive for development and development is inseparably linked to learning, to the process of education. This process can be done in a scientific manner – systematic, through studies and acquiring appropriate education, diplomas and academic degrees. It can also occur through self-education, learning and making use of various opportunities to improve one’s social and material status. Our Ancestors believed the poor to be weak, the Slavs sought to enrich themselves and improve their financial situation, and above all – to improve the status of their families.


Pseudo-Maurice on hospitality and chastity: "They have a great amount of all cattle and crops in stacks, especially millet and foxtail millet. They live virtuously and their wives too, beyond any human measure, so that many of them consider their husband’s death as their own end and they voluntarily strangle themselves, not considering widowhood a worthy life.”

Integrity is a broad concept, manifesting its characteristics in many areas of social and family life. Integrity is keeping the word, promise or agreement. Integrity characterizes a man of honor, who doesn’t give in to low temptations. Integrity is an expression of his own character. What kind of person we are – strong and righteous or weak. Among the concepts defining an attitude of integrity are:

─ loyalty - integrity towards another person, the homeland, friends

─ perseverance - integrity towards oneself

─ honesty – fairness in challenges taken

Herbord: '' (...) Such is the faith and social consciousness between them that you will not find any thieves or frauds amongst them. They do not have locked chests or stashes. Because we had not seen any keys amongst them, and what’s more, they were astonished that our packs and chests were locked. They hide their clothing, money and all valuables in barrels and jugs covered simply. They do not fear any fraud, because they do not experience it. (...) ''

Fidelity Al-Gardizi: '' (...) Adultery between them does not happen. If anyone commits adultery with a married woman, they kill him, not accepting any excuses from him (...) ''

Cheating. If someone decides on a lasting relationship, starting a family, he must be aware of the resignation from certain elements of his past life. If someone starts cooperation with someone else and clearly define how they want to work together etc., then that person must remember that withdrawal or taking some initiative is possible only after a sincere conversation with whom he wanted to cooperate earlier. Why? Because it is a matter of honor, and honor is a thing most holy to man. Betrayal in any manner is depriving yourself of honor. Therefore, you should condemn cheating, because it hurts human relationships. Honesty is a Rodnover’s trait.  

Hospitality Helmold: '' (...) Their trait was unusual hospitality, and also due respect for their parents. Among them there are no poor people or beggars, because if someone among them becomes infirm due to illness or old age, he is entrusted to his heir who shall attend to him with utmost care. For hospitality and care for the parents are considered first virtues among Slavs. (...) ".

The guest is someone to whom we are obliged to provide any assistance, not leave him hungry or without accommodation. As the host, you have to ensure all these things, because it is our duty but also pride. Polish and Slavonic hospitality is our trait.

Being a guest in someone's home, you should respect the household and its customs, the laws of this house, so that we do not offend it. Such attitudes should be also expected from our guests. Hospitality is sacred but order and custom is more important. Anyone who breaks the law of the host should expect condemnation.

„They respect their guests. They’re also concerned about strangers who seek safekeeping, and about all those who have been touched by misfortune. They do not allow anybody to hurt these people or oppress them. If somebody does wrong to a foreigner or uses violence against him, others help him and defend him”.

Revere heroes, be a hero

Monuments are erected to heroes, outstanding individuals, who by their attitude and achievements were able to influence the fate of people or even entire communities. Heroes distinguished themselves with superhuman skills, strength, talent. They were above-average creators, individuals that stepped out of the human mass, who the masses followed and took as a role model. Many of these wonderful people have left their mark in the chapters of history, but even more of them did not. Often, we get to know about heroes only after decades, even centuries. Forgotten, sometimes even deliberately condemned to oblivion, they have, however, contributed to Polish history, even if we don’t know anything about their unusual deeds, sacrifice, loyalty or devotion. Heroes are an example for the masses. Heroes are a direction we should choose, they are values which we should adopt. Paying homage to heroes is not just occasionally laying flowers at their monuments or graves. Paying homage to heroes means living by the values that they espoused; by loving and devoting oneself to one’s homeland, to one’s family and the coming generations.

Honor the heroes or be one yourself – but what kind of heroic deed can a simple man do in the time of peace? One could figure that nothing really. That’s not true. Every man has a lot of things to accomplish, a lot of heroic deeds, without dying “beautifully” and sacrificing his own health. We influence the life of our homeland with our actions every day. Every day we work for our country’s greatness and longevity with what we represent. Every day we build our social status or our reputation. Every day, we should commit ourselves to develop ourselves and, if only there is a possibility, to rise above ever higher, do everything we can so that that the coming generations don’t start from scratch, but from the level we achieved. Building wealth and the position of our families affects the creation of the prosperity of Poland. Great Poland and Great Slavdom can only be established by the greatness of Slavs, their families, through the self-determination of their own destiny.

Daily heroism is the adamant attitude of a man that is tough and aware of his duties and responsibilities. Life is not easy, full of successes and triumphs only. Life can be difficult and unpredictable, but our optimism and refusal to lose our will to fight and surrender must come from the awareness that sometimes you collect golden ears of grain and sometimes only stones. And despite the fact that we don’t succeed in everything we do, and various attempts to change our position will not meet with success, we will be able to say with pride that we tried and we didn’t just stand there doing nothing. Not everyone is a born leader, but everybody can be a tenacious warrior. You just have to wake the Slavonic warrior within yourself to triumph every day. Not everyone is a leader, but when we cannot cope with a problem, we need a guide who can help us achieve our goal.

Choosing the leader who will lead us needs to be done very carefully, observing and assessing whether the approaches undertaken are correct and beneficial in the long run, or do they result from impulsivity and haughtiness and too much ego. I am writing about how important it is to choose the right people with whom one wishes to achieve something, how responsible is entrusting one’s fate to the right people. You should bear in mind the consequences that may arise from this, we have to remember that a great general will lead to victory even the most common men, while a weak commander will create at most some good cannon fodder and will waste any potential. In everyday life, it’s the same thing. The kind of people we surround ourselves with, will affect our life. They can either help us go down, or they can give an example and allow us to develop ourselves and hope for a better tomorrow. We Rodnovers, living in societies dominated by a different religion, are sometimes like a lone island on a great ocean. When we gather in greater numbers in our communities to celebrate together, we feel safety and unity. But on a normal day, we’re struggling with a lot of problems, the attempts of the intolerant members of our families to influence our children who are raised in the Slavonic faith, just like dangers in school, kindergartens or other institutions. How often we are in this struggle alone, every day! Focusing our efforts to persevere the Native Faith and bequeathing it to our children, to protect our offspring (our greatest treasures) and teaching them, the most beautiful heritage that is our own – autochthonic, we become real knights, defending our fortress – our family on our own. This is heroism and everyone who experienced similar problems knows how much effort and perseverance it takes to hold on and not to give up; to be dauntlessly true to one’s principles, just like Heroes. Through this effort, we rise above the masses, which are unable to change their life and return to the values most deeply rooted in our Slavonic soul. Formation of a new, pure generation, untainted by alien values, will affect the future of our homeland. Anyone who is devoted to shaping his or her children in the spirit of our Slavonic, native faith, passing on our traditions and instilling values which we Slavs should follow, is for me a hero.


Life leaves us with countless challenges before each of us. We stand in front of lots of tasks to accomplish. Our attitude towards these challenges is what we will leave behind, it’s what we pass on to future generations through our creative, sublime, responsible attitude or adopting a contradicting one – laziness, weakness, decline and decadence. Responsibility which lies before us is the basis of realizing the role each one of us has to play. Adopting the laws of Slavonic ethics, realizing its beauty through knowing it, shows us the relevance and purpose which it puts before man. It can lead us only to our glory and the greatness of our Fatherland, Poland. By implementing the attitude of the ethics of our Ancestors in life, we will bring about the development of ourselves, of our families and this will affect the development of all Poland, and its power. Only by returning to the values natural for us Slavs, we will straighten our way which we should follow, which is consistent with our nature, which was followed by our Ancestors ten centuries ago and which brought remarkable growth and wealth of the Slavonic Age – the time of true freedom in the radiance of Svarozhitz’s Fire. We honor our Slavonic Ancestors, because they showed us that living in accordance with these laws, they achieved what we can only dream of (at least for the time being). But it is only up to us whether the glory of Slavdom will shine once again. It is up to us to implement, in a practical way, the ethical values passed on to us by warriors and creators. Let’s live by these values then, let them carve in our souls, hearts and minds the values of Slavonic ethics:  

─ be honest

─ be resourceful and hardworking

─ help your family, do not leave it in times of need

─ be hospitable

─ be brave

─ grow rich, what you accomplish in this life will be the pride of descendants, who will expand your achievements, they will build the power of Your Family, Poland and all Slavdom

─ take care of your body and soul

─ learn about and worship the Gods and the spirits of Ancestors

─ develop your body, do not neglect it

─ educate yourself and do not slack off in your efforts to be better, and you will stand before your Ancestors with pride and recognition

─ be a hero to your family, because only heroes are immortal in the memory of future generations for all eternity

─ be a hero to your own community and Fatherland, by your actions

─ you must build an elite and decide the future of your countrymen

─ perfect yourself for the glory of the Gods and Ancestors! 

 Rafal Merski's Slavonic Ethics