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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 11th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 11th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon) 2014

Our entire civilization is an international Rotherham, and no one has the courage to state this truth, just like in Rotherham itself, the same political situation exists on a national scale, in varying intensities, almost all of which are graver and more threatening than what was revealed in Rotherham as a direct result of Pakistanis abusing and enslaving our English girls.
The lack of courage of individuals, is morally worse than even the criminality of the complicit elements within the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

Our entire civilization is being subject to racially motivated abuse, rape, slavery, theft, intimidation and violence, from Jewish Supremacist political lobbying groups and the subsequently imported non-European ethnic groups themselves.

   Our nation is also a victim of the cowardice of individuals, especially so called nationalists in not speaking more openly and convincingly (which is key to speaking at all, for being unconvincing is worse than lying, for it defiles the image of the credibility of others who professionally talk about the subject.)

Our nation is subject to the treason and similar cowardice of an inept political establishment that cares more for appeasing Jewish lobbying efforts (and subsequently allowing our immigration, cultural, educational and even policing regulations and standards to be degraded to nihilistic levels) than it does for the concerns of the very individuals, who our political establishment claim conferred upon them a democratic mandate to proclaim themselves as our rulers through the act of voting.

Electoral politics is a process dominated by leftwing, Jewish Supremacist and minority political groups and media broadcasting groups and manipulators (such as the Jewish CEO of the BBC, James Harding) that can swing the entire outcomes of elections, through biased reporting over time or demoralising entire political persuasions through polling 'showing' their party of choice is not worth voting for (which creates a political self-fulfilling prophecy) which undermines the electoral chances of that political party or entire ideological wing of the political spectrum.

Elections are in themselves de-facto boycotted by almost 40% of our population who consistently do not vote whatsoever, of that percentage in turn less than 40% (normally only around 35% in most constituencies) vote for the political party that wins in any individual constituency due to the enforced political stagnation upheld through our First Past The Post electoral system.

   Political parties gain control of our entire national infrastructure and all legislative and executive powers sometimes on less than 20% of the population's consent.

Through the European Union, overtly Communist or Jewish voting blocks and individual commissioners in the EU can effectively dictate national policy with a democratic mandate of exactly 0% (arguably the democratic legitimacy of EU laws should be in the minus figures as their very existence goes against the democratic or popular opinions of the majority of Northern European and even Mainland European folk who disapprove of the EU and especially its directives and effects.)

   It is in this context that it must be stated that all of the thousands of inactive nationalists or patriotic conservative folk should be outright condemned if not overtly convicted for negligence by a future government for their incompetence and inactivity, despite being semi-awakened.

For those so-called individuals that do nothing and yet are aware of the true causes and utter sincerity of the situation unfolding against our nation are the greatest of cowards, for they know the truth and thus their inactivity, negligence, complacency or cowardice is inexcusable as nothing other than categorical treason.

Your inaction will always be the problem, both in your life as an individual (this is always the case, as individuals rarely live up to their full potential in modern society) and in the future of our nation, our national economy, our demographic composition and our security, all these aspects of our future will all rise or fall in accordance with the sum total of the effort of all the individuals that compose our folk, in addition to the influence of key political individuals at critical junctures in the history of our nation in this modern political and ultimately ethnic struggle.

If you let our people down through you inactivity, even as one individual, the effect is catastrophic, if you are aware of the truth, or are merely awakening to the realities facing our people and the realities of their causes, if you do anything less than attempt to inspire and inform our fellow folk against their own destruction, you are ultimately not fully awakened nor informed, nor folkish.

For a part of the definition of being awakened, as it is often called, or being Politically aware, also includes action and movement, cognitive function is not merely enough, acting upon it is required.

Distributing and acting in accordance with this truth is the indicator of your understanding of the sincerity of our situation, for if you were fully awakened, the dire necessity of your awareness campaigning would be evident from your realization of the sincerity of our national and indeed international situation.

Being awakened is a mind-state, you can lose it for a while, it's called sleeping, but when you arise each morning, in this heightened state you must engage in your best efforts on behalf of the future of our folk each and every day thenceforth.

Persevering positively, professionally and personally to awaken, inform and most importantly to inspire, our fellow Germanic folk into understanding the necessity of overtly standing up for our ethnic rights, and communicating to them in both an inspiring and informative manner, the issues pertaining to the aforementioned, is the ideal methodology, as I do here, it is a truly selfless and noble course in life.

If you understand this necessity or are even just becoming awakened, you could participate in this effort.

Refer others to these truths as presented, or be a part of the production and distribution of this truth, through becoming a part of the volunteer article writing team here itself, work tirelessly in your personal capacity to inform, inspire and awaken those you personally know through a variety of approaches.

To awaken all those you hold dear, to inspire in them the right and realisation to love themselves on a racial level and to love all our Germanic, English folk with pride, without hesitation or hindrance from those subversive elements in our culture and government alike who work against our English racial interests is a truly noble and worthwhile life course, that you too could become a part of anonymously, voluntarily and alongside any other career or life path part-time.


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