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Article author: Asatro News / Published: November 22nd 2013 (1st edition article) / 22nd Blót-mónaþ 2263.RE
A significant political-racial victory for all Europeans: Ukraine rejects EU Marxist 'free' trade deal: Ukraine seeks to reinforce vital trade alliances with Russia.

On the 21st of November: The Ukrainian parliament in Kiev voted against a key condition of the Marxist free-trade deal, sealing an instant de-facto halt in negotiations between the EU and Ukraine. This was followed by an executive decree authored by the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, which has
   "completely halt[ed] the process of preparing the Association Agreement (free-trade deal) between Ukraine and the European Union".

In what is a very open statement of allegiance, which has shocked the communist European Commission, the Ukrainian Prime Minister stated that the decision was enacted in order to:
    "ensure the national security of Ukraine"
-Effectively stating that free-trade (something Marx wanted all countries to have to break down their economic borders) specifically with the EU was a danger to the very security of Ukraine, the PM also stated that they would seek to:
    "restore lost trade volumes with the Russian Federation!".
The Ukrainian Prime Minister and Ukrainian parliament are in staunch opposition to signing the pre-requisites of the EU-Ukraine trade deal and the agreement in totality.

The head of the EU envoy or 'troika' to Ukraine, Aleksander Kwasniewski, stated in reaction that "our mission is over" and that "the accord will not be signed [with the EU] in Vilnius [next week]".

Aleksander Kwasniewski, had previously said in relation to the EU and Ukraine:
   "We think that for all ... Jews who live in Ukraine, the perspective of the country is important. According to our opinion, it is associated with the European Union. We are helping Ukraine to solve the problem - and to sign the contract. This has complete support of the Jewish community in Ukraine. "

I expect some will recall the name: Aleksander Kwasniewksi... Aleksander Kwasniewksi was the President of Poland from 1995-2005, who worked with and supported the multicultural Jewish-led genocidal immigration policies of that period, the same period as Tony Blair was enacting more damaging Jewish-inspired efforts here in the UK.

There is also another, more recent place readers should know and despise the name Kwasniewski from; he was the shabbez goy (Hebrew meaning: a willing, disposable gentile accomplice in crime), who co-signed Moshe Kantor, the European Jewish congress and the European Jewish Parliament's proposed piece of legislation known as the "Model Statute for Tolerance", a.k.a "Model dictat for the genocide of Europeans".

It is clear that the non-compliance of Ukraine with the Jewish-Marxist led EU commission is a defiant victory for pro-European forces.

It is also self-evident that this is also a clear victory for the freedom of the people of Ukraine and through the increased security for Russia: this is also a victory for the interests of the Russian people and a massive personal victory for Vladimir Putin, which comes after his recent score of personal inter-governmental policy victories, such as the cessation of the nearly-executed attack on Syria.

This victory will also serve to damage the credibility of the EU and deny the EU access to Ukraine's massive resource market, which could have sustained the EUs faltering economy for at least another decade.

   The Ukrainian pull-out of negotiations (sanctioned democratically by their parliament and current PM: Mykola Azarov) are a massive victory for anti-EU efforts throughout the European Union which will also seek to preserve and augment the geo-political power of Russia. Internally to the EU economy this also means Ukrainian cheap produce will not enter the market en-masse to the detriment of British, German and other Northern European farmers, who could not theoretically compete with the mass produce of Ukrainian agriculture and industry.

Instead those Ukrainian exports will now flow to Russia, where the market prices for such goods are comparable and sustainable in relation to one another.

The EU (via Catherine Ashton as EU foreign minister) expressed its "disappointment" (that Ukraine did not want to commit to a long drawn-out economic suicide agreement) after the cessation of the Ukrainian free-trade agreement talks.

"This is a disappointment, not only for the EU but we believe the Ukrainian people," (a manipulative lie)
-representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton (a vicious marxist), after the Ukrainian government suspended internal deliberations and then external deliberations preparing for this agreement, which was to be signed next week.

This statement of unrestrained manipulative intention from Catherine Ashton must be put into proper context in relation to her profile. Catherine Ashton is an actively ideological communist (specifically a Marxist-Leninist), ex-CND activist who it is alleged, took payment from the Jewish dominated soviet Union when she was treasurer of CND during the 1980s, in order to attempt to disarm the UK on behalf of Jewish Soviet communist interests and Jewish-led communist parties around Europe and from Israel during her time in the CND, she has since been rewarded for her historic allegiance to Jewish communism with her position as Foreign affairs minister for the entirety of the European Union, from which she has continued to wage war against the interests of the European races.

The Communist Catherine Ashton is exposed at 1:38 in the below video.
Pro-EU forces throughout the EU have erupted in statements of ludicrous, hypocritical attacks against the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

-The anti-Swedish Foreign minister of Sweden Carl Bildt, stated mockingly that:
"the Ukraine government suddenly bows deeply to the Kremlin” and went on to make a fallacious attack against so called Russian “politics of brutal pressure.”.

-Arseniy Yatsenyuk Ukrainian opposition leader stated in an eruption of undemocratic, pro Marxist sentiment that:
"If Yanukovych is refusing to sign the agreement, then it is not only state treason but also grounds for the impeachment of the president and the dismissal of the government,".

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is an absolute hypocrite, as he is the epitome of "state treason", for in the 2010 Presidential election, Serhiy Ratushniak, a contender for the Presidency, revealed and alleged that
Yatsenyuk was a “brazen Jew” serving “the interests of thieves who dominate Ukraine”
-Serhiy Ratushniak, ex -Ukrainian Presidential candidate.
-And was also alleged to have used money obtained from criminal activities to attempt to gain election as President (which failed).

It is evident from the media-buzzing outrage of countless Jewish-supremacists, visibly communist figures, illegitimate 'representatives' and EU commissars, that the collapse of the trade deal with Ukraine is a massive victory for the true interest of all the people of Europe.

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