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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 7th day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 7th day of December (known as before (Ærra) Yuletide (Yēola)' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
EU membership provides no Economic benefits

The undeniable, indisputable fact that membership of the EU has no overall or advantageous economic benefits for England indicates that our political establishment’s support for EU membership can only by definition as a result of two foundations: either they are in delusion as to the economic reality or support is actually caused out of a ideological adherence to an alternate political and racial agenda that is not admitted to the public.
Ultimately both of the above foundational reasons are why our collective political establishment supports EU membership, with the Jewish Supremacist opinion and legislation manipulators at the center of Westminster and Brussels politics indoctrinating their own ideological followers into delusions about “economic benefits of the EU” in order to ensure their compliance to an anti-Germanic racial pursuit that local politicians might not otherwise overtly support.

This fact is exposed in the report article on the origins of the EU, which with each day that passes is being vindicated and accepted as the true reality behind the EU both historically and especially in its contemporary format.

EU membership forces England to contribute more than we get out on a NET level governmental funding contributions level, in terms of import/export ratios and in relation to our inability to organise our own trade deals whilst a member of the EU, the low-skilled economic Labour forces of Eastern European nations are also causing wage collapse within England, especially in the North, that is economically decimating the English economy.

This is what EU membership is intended to do, to undermine the strength and independence of nation-state economies in order to force them to be reliant on other economies, once they have all collapsed in various areas, this also goes hand in hand with the subversive immigration agenda of the EU.

Factual insight into the negative economic realities of EU trade pertaining to England:

   EU exports compose only 36% of England’s overseas exports (which in themselves would still continue outside of the EU, as Switzerland’s example conclusively proves).
   The pro-EU Conservative government stated this figure was 44%, but that was a malicious lie in order to satiate public opinion that is hostile against the EU.
   Trade deals with companies inside the EU are at an all time low.
   Trade deals with companies in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong are simultaneously increasing, exports to trading partners and companies in the Anglosphere have reached 33%, showing the comparative trade relevance decline in the EU (as the EU was designed to degrade and standardize all EU economies, to drag down and degrade European nations collectively.)
The above statistics were uncovered by anti-EU campaign group Get Britain Out.
“Get Britain Out” spokesman L.Stanley stated that:
   These figures demonstrate how redundant our membership of the EU has become... We must leave the EU now and press ahead arranging free trade agreements with our historic and cultural allies all across the globe. From the US and Canada in the west to India, Hong Kong and Australia in the east, the potential markets for an independent Britain’s exports are limitless."
Global Britain, an anti-EU ‘common sense’ economic campaign group stated of the governments fraudulently manipulated pro-EU trade statistics that:
   It would be embarrassing to have to admit that [the complicit Westminster government and the subversives within the statistics Office for National statistics] had been overstating the importance of the EU to UK trade for years.”
The 10th Earl of Dartmouth, a UKIP MEP and the author of the report outlining the economic suicide of the EU stated recently that:
   The UK’s rising exports to the Commonwealth and declining exports to the EU demonstrates that there is no economic reason at all for the UK to be in a political union with the low-growth economies of the Eurozone.
   Back in 1973 when we joined the then Common Market, we turned our backs on the Commonwealth. [primarily Australia, Canada, New Zealand and America]...It was a bad mistake then, demonstrably, it is even more of a mistake in the 21st century.”

The fact that the membership of the EU conclusively has no positive benefits whatsoever for England proves that membership of the EU is simply an ideological matter, promoted by the most malign anti-English, anti-Germanic and ultimately anti-ethnic-European fanatics who through their hatred of Germanic folk and all Europeans, are attempting to systematically degrade, defile and destroy our independent nations and people themselves through a controlled, bureaucratic system, that has undeniably been realised in the form of the European Union, its Commission, vast, anti-democratic legislative and executive bureaucracy and deliberately unaccountable configuration from the perspective of the nation states and our people, that the undeniably Jewish design of the now expanding EU seeks to undermine and subvert.

The full economic report on the non-existent economic arguments in favour of EU membership by William Dartmouth MEP is linked below.

I have had the pleasure of meeting the 10th Earl of Dartmouth (who is a fantastic orator) in person over four years ago now (whilst at the Bishop Wordsworth's Selective Boys Grammar School, as a member of the BWS Politics Society Board) and have to recommend this excellent recent report, that ultimately & conclusively proves the economic incompatibility of an economic union existing over multiple nations composed of differing ethnic groups, with respectively different economic productiveness.

That economic disparities exist between differing European nation states shows the economic suicide of allowing into our nation economic immigrants from non-European nations that have even lower economic productivity, through the lack of inventiveness and scientifically proven lower intelligence (IQ) in their ethnic populations, as was openly stated by the renowned geneticist Dr James Watson, the co-discoverer of the DNA double-helix spiral configuration reality.

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