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Article author: Dan Rayner, English Asatro / Published: 3rd Night of Ærra Līþa 2265.RE / 3rd Night of June 2015.CE
Our duty: Ensuring the Purity and Direction of Asatru.

1st article of Ærra Līþa, the month before midsummer on Ensuring the Purity and Direction of Asatru; There is no naturally occurring debate over the nature of Asatru, for it is clearly encoded in our Germanic ancestral lore, even the widest interpretations should all naturally converge, it is only when subversives attempt to "interpret" or define Asatru as similar to other religions, the first step towards universalism, where conflict is artificially created. In reality there are no controversies, no massive areas of conflict amongst our ancestral lore, there is certainly, no Old Indian root, all similarities are due to Asatru influencing others, not the other way around. There is no spiritual-genetic connection nor valid spiritually comparative terminology, for how can you make comparisons of how our unique Germanic spirituality and folk experienced existence within ourselves and proclaim that this is even remotely comparable with a foreign spiritualities proclivities and divergent developments over tens of thousands, if not over hundreds of thousands of years of unique evolution? The answer is that you cannot, this is the unique and folkish nature of Asatru, and those who fail to understand this, fail to understand the true nature of Asatru.

No meaningful developments of Asatru can ever be made through making un-intellectual, crude, erroneous comparative comparisons with foreign, divergent non-Germanic spiritualities such as Old Indian philosophy and all those who do so are committing the first fundamental flaw towards universalism, and when they proclaim they are Folkish they engage in absolutely manipulative hypocrisy and philosophical inconsistency simultaneously, whilst they simultaneously belittle the spirituality of our ancestors and the intelligence of all those who practice Asatru today. It is for this reason that we must boycott such efforts whenever they attempt to stagnate our Germanic Folk movement.

There is no excuse for using foreign equivalents to explain or defile Asatro, as there is enough surviving lore despite surviving through the past 1400 years in a state of disarray, despite the Christian attempted destruction of our lore, so much remains that no one individual can ever claim to have read it all, in all the archives and all the sources which define Asatro, contained in archives from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Germany and with significant singular texts and artefacts found all over Europe from the later development of Asatru, prior to Christianisation. Asatro is formed of all this evidence and historical grounding which also included the earliest historical accounts of our people and our peoples ancestral, spiritual and also political, constitutional and legal lore, customs and epics, such as Beowulf, all of which inform us of what Asatro is and should be and more than adequately explain every single concept, word and phrase, through internal comparison and cross reference, requiring no exterior pollution, all such attempts to defile our lore through non European comparative mythology is exposed as utterly flawed, based upon a lack of understanding of our Germanic lore, for the need to make foreign conceptual substitutions, which is not necessary, outright erroneous and ultimately racially, culturally and spiritually subversive.

To compare Asatro terminology with Indian terminology, Native American or Shinto is to systematically undermine and contradict the folkish, unique nature of Asatro in relation to our Germanic folk, it is the first subversive mental step towards universalist degradation and the destruction of all the meaning inherent and unique in our ancestral philosophy and we must avoid supporting and ultimately purge out of Asatru all those individuals and their subversive publications that seek to inflict such degrading defilements upon the resurgence of Asatro.
These are the enemies of the resurgence of Asatro as they maliciously or simply foolishly seek to compare our mythology to others somehow as a way to explain it, expecting almost an ignorance in the reader of our own ancestral beliefs as a precondition of this, which is likely reflective only upon the truest deep mindset of those who attempt to introduce foreign elements into Asatro, or into explanations and analysis of Asatru, for cheap forms of comparison, because they lack any real understanding of the unique, incomparable nature of Asatro as a product of our Germanic folk, which has influenced other cultures, theologies and even constitutions, not the reverse. This legacy is true even today, with the legacy of the Magna Carta, let alone the legacy of our Sagas and deeply Germanic ancestral development of political freedoms and spiritual elegance and purity, unique to our people.

In Asatru there is no foreign, Christian-originating distinction between politics and religion, the "thing" or Parliament in all the sagas and historical records was both a place of Asatro and of law-making, in which the God Tyr took primary importance, along with Forseti and Odin, we should give no quarter to those who would defile and degrade, or compartmentalize the unique nature of Asatro by comparing and thus introducing into the thoughts of Asatru subversively, even through comparative mythology with non-European philosophies such as Hinduism or the modern invention of European Celtic claims to Asatru. Those who seek to impose upon Asatro these subversive foreign elements and internal-controversies against Asatro's intrinsically Folkish and exclusively Germanic nature are simply the enemies of Asatro itself, whether they lead entire organisations or simply publish material that propagates this malign and seditious erosion of the unique and Germanic nature of Asatru.

Such subversive efforts are failing by the day, but it rests upon our shoulders as true Germanic, Asatru folk to ensure that our people, from England to Australia can inherit and culturally, ethnically and spiritually celebrate Asatro, purely and without foreign manipulation or influences defiling its naturally elegant spiritual form and unique configuration.
Those who defile Asatru overtly are easily identifiable, it is those who attempt to manipulate it into something it is not, whilst giving lip-service to folkish principles who have always been the largest threats to the development and resurgence of Asatru, for they seek to deny us a pure and coherent Germanic philosophy, by deliberately and erroneously conflating Asatru and many of its core concepts with other mythologies, such as Old Indian, Native American or mainland and Southern European Celtic myths with no genetic origin in Northern Europe whatsoever.

Those subversives who promote equivalence between Asatru and foreign religions undermine Asatru itself at the most fundamental of levels, in our own Germanic peoples ability to clearly and perfectly identify Asatru rightfully as something that belongs to our folk, that was passed down by our pure Germanic ancestors, those who deny this undeniable fact, or seek to dilute or reconstitute Asatru with foreign elements are the ignorant enemies of the ideal spirituality and way of life of every true Germanic Northern European descended person the world over.

We must reconstitute Asatro purely and without compromise, purging from our movement, and boycotting all the self proclaimed figures who promote a spiritual miscegenation or Assimilationist agenda through erroneously pushing or employing Indian, Celtic and all generic foreign subversion and dilution efforts, which ultimately are used to justify in some way the degradation of our people, controverting the deepest purpose and origins of Asatru.

Asatru is by definition a spirituality that is intrinsically Germanic and all our available historical sources verify this by one hundred percent, Asatru belongs to a long Germanic history and is unique and distinct from any prior or later inventions and foreign religions, it is especially divergent from Old Indian and Celtic myths, and where influence is transposed it is undeniably due to expansion out of Europe and not inwards, the Vedas testify of the Aryans from the North, and the Celts of the Vikings, none of these foreign sources influenced Asatru, the prior versions of Asatru influenced them, as Germanic culture has since influenced the world around us, instead of letting the world around us, wear us down and infiltrate our customs.

It is the very symbol of decline and degradation to erroneously conflate this historical process of outwards expansion of our Northern European trade and cultural significance with a ludicrous argument that Asatru is "just another spirituality" related to all the others, this is evidently not true and enough sources of unique nature exist to prove this beyond doubt.

It is upon this undeniable historical grounding and uniqueness of Asatru that we must expel, purge from history and rightfully outcast all those, however entrenched, from the Asatru movement and historical establishment in academia, especially and with urgency: those who seek to change Asatru with Indian terminology or, Semitic terminology or otherwise pollute, defile, universalise or conflate our distinct and unique Germanic and Nordic ancestral ethnic spirituality with their perverse, malicious and false perceptions of Asatru.

Asatru is a native Northern Germanic racial spirituality, any attempt to equate it to or to defile it with Indian or Semitic terminology, undermines the racial uniqueness of Asatru and is a vicious, subversive and obvious contradiction with core folkish principles encoded in the written, existing lore of Asatru.
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