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Article Author: English News.org / Article Published: 29th Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 29th Night of April 2019.CE
Update: English News.org / Article Published: 14th day of Ærra Līþa 2269.RE / 14th Night of June 2019.CE
Local English Interdependence groups working to ensure long term victory
14th June Day of Action for English News Societal Networking groups
UPDATED: 14th June 2019: Day of Societal Expansion: Establishing local societal networks of racially aware, nationalistic, patriotic English folk. If today you recieved a leaflet from us and would like to join your local English News Societal Network group or be an organiser for such email using the email address on the front page.

Leaving the European Union is already having a positive economic effect versus the European Union and we have not even left yet. The subversive lies of the political establishment have now been shown as false as the trajectories indicate both market confidence and an increase in internal economic investment and we haven't even left yet. This is something that indicates that we can be an independent nation however we do not want to stop at this. For decades our nation has been subject to mass-immigration which we must reverse. Part of this is an economic self-confidence to demolish all claims that migrants are required for the workforce or tourism. This is already being proven as not necessary due to the ever discussed emergence of robotics in manual labour markets.

There are some really positive effects incoming already, which has started to occur despite not even leaving the EU yet: Counties like Devon and Cornwall can look forward to an increase in non-foreign tourists from other areas in England! -Despite there being no law changes currently, people have already begun to shun the EU.

Statistics from numerous holiday booking companies and Post Office Travel Money service usage show already (and we have not even left) a 10% decrease in the number of people travelling to the EU for tourism. This number will increase hugely if current EU plans go into force for requiring additional paperwork, the convenience of travelling to Europe will no longer exist. This will result in an increase in local interdependent tourism within the UK and an increase in non-EU destinations. However the increase in terrorism in many tourist destinations coupled with a preference for being amongst our fellow English people and not surrounded by foreigners will result in an increase in internal tourism within the UK.

The vile, self destructive deal the EU with its willing collaborator Treason May dictated to Parliament to 3 full rejections is already starting to backfire economically. Holidaymakers in England are looking to holiday destinations outside of the EU and to those on a budget: to destinations within the UK. Long-term this is exactly what needs to occur, keeping money within the national family. Why waste your money travelling to some rip-off Mediterranean country that borders on being third world when in the current weather trends you can simply go to Devon and invest your money in our own nation!

Once we have left the EU, the EU being a protectionist bloc will likely make it difficult for UK citizens to travel to Europe. Whereas understanding competitive market economics traditionally the UK has been highly competitive in relation to facilitating tourism and economic investment. What will likely occur is that we will see many English families from the North coming to the South West during the Summer providing a huge boost to our local economy.

However some migrant gangs and opportunistic (statistically criminally inclined) individuals might also try to come down to the South West, some for holidays, some to rob, rape and ruin our lives. Ultimately we need to deport these people along racial lines, without exception and en-masse. Until that time we must be vigilant this Summer against non-white criminally inclined tourists from the inner city migrant-occupied areas travelling outwards to the shires of the South West.  The police will not be able to protect us on current reduced police numbers nor will they even investigate up to 60% of crime reports.
As EnglishNews wrote about in a recent article:
We should start to form our own local police forces independent from the state, formed of local residents, trained and equipped with body armour and self defence equipment, in essence a non-police co-ordinated active neighbourhood watch program with response capacity as well as patrolling capacity through vigilant individuals going about their daily walks and work who are in contact with other members of the vigilante network.
Ultimately we must draw attention to the criminality of non-white migrants and advocate for their deportation, this is the only long term solution, just look at the knife crime epidemic in Londonistan: especially considering our wish to restore and then maintain our national homogeneity as an English nation and to have a safe nation for our children and ourselves and property.

In the long term any efforts by subversive internationalist groupings to boycott our nation for our deportation of all non-whites will have limited economic effect. We can as a nation sustain our economy through interdependence, which is a critical aspect of independence (such as through directing 90% of the money people would otherwise be spending on foreign holidays to holidays within the UK, this would boost our economy by hundreds of millions if not billions). Without multiple millions of welfare dependant non-white migrants and their high birth rates, the schools, NHS and all forms of infrastructure budgets could be multiple billions less. We could end homelessness, give children living with their parents their own home, reduce house costs, reduce food costs (offsetting any boycott efforts) and ultimately with the rise of nationalistic sentiments across Europe, we could very well find ourselves allied with and not opposed by most of Europe once the parasitic bureaucrats in Brussels are removed from office. Our long term future is very, very bright, if and only if we build the necessary campaign networks to reclaim our nation and start to do such now. This is your responsibility to partake in this effort.

English News is making it easy for you, as we are co-ordinating the designation of reliable, genetic test verified and security screened English individuals as local societal network kindred leaders. These individuals lead monthly social groups that serve as the core of rebuilding a pure English society passively from within our current society.

The ability to rely on one another, as colleagues and neighbours of the same views and genetic identities is so important. This is why I have established networks of individuals (11 so far) all over the UK via people who got in touch via the website (went through basic security checks, meeting in a public cafe etc to check they are genuine people, etc). Individuals are encouraged to have a genetic test but this is not required initially as thankfully we can visually identify approximate ethnicity :) For clarity, our social networking groups are open to all Northern and North Western European persons of any age.

English Reclamation social groups are democratic organisations: There is even an upcoming internal election on the 21st of June 2019. We have strict internal democratic and security policies and over 255 regular attendees if you add up the highest turnout from each of the 11 kindreds from all over England (400 have been to meetings but only around 210-250 attend every month from the combined total turnout of each network group added up) nationwide.

If you would like to join your local, yet independent English News supported Anglo-Saxon politically-incorrect, racially aware networking society then get in touch via emailing: English Asatru At Protonmail Dot Com
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