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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 2nd day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 2nd day of December (known as before (Ærra) Yuletide (Yēola)' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014

An overview of initial English Asatro future plans:

This graphic outlines the initial framework that shall enable ethnic English folk and all racially Germanic folk to rightfully reclaim political, spiritual and cultural control of our nations, detailing the context within which you can become involved in addition to the obvious mechanism for self-involvement through authoring informative articles.

   In essence the future of our English folk and the future of our native spirituality: Asatro, starts with the efforts of volunteers and it starts with renewed ferocity and dedication here at English News.

In order to re-take our nations and ensure the future of our folk, we folkish Asatru individuals who love our Germanic English people and all our related Northern European racial folk must organise.

If we truly wish to honour and uplift our people beyond the pathetic Westminster idiocy and EU corruption, we must organise and seek to reach and inform millions of our everyday folk.

   It falls to us to inspire our fellow English folk and all Germanic folk to the purity and excellence of the spirituality, governmental justness and cultural perfection of our ancestral folk.

To this end I will articulate to you in these few words, a framework that through enabling the co-operation of ordinary Northern European descended, mainly English individuals that will ensure our mutual employment, self-sustaining cultural, political and spiritual provision, active social event co-ordination and collective political, spiritual and cultural influence and power potential.

Through this we shall reach and awaken tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of our folk before the end of 2015, resulting in the active participation of hundreds of folkish Asatro individuals.

   Ultimately this shall be achieved and ensured through the establishment of the 1st ever fully operational pro-Germanic ethnic English news company, that promotes Asatro in order to inspire our folk.

Utilising reporting, researching and presenting the truth on all important societal subjects in order to inform our folk so that we can re-take our nations by creating a folk revolution in the minds of millions of our folk, through resurrecting our ancestral spirituality and its subsequently created political spirit of unrivaled folkish purity and societal wide political potential.

This will then be achieved through an English Asatru community co-ordination group network all over England and in all areas globally where our Germanic folk have settled: our extended Germanic homelands.

It is my aim to create through this initial effort of volunteers an eventually fully operational news company, with a professional research and reporting broadcast capacity, including before the 2nd quarter of 2015, a printed quarterly paper and daily news team.

And you could freely and anonymously become a part of this Völkisch effort.

   In the post 2015 phase, this fully operational News company and its associated not-for profit Asatru community effort shall be able to employ part time or full time hundreds of folkish individuals, providing self-employment opportunities and career paths for folk whose loyalty rest with our Germanic folk.
   Starting from this initial effort of volunteers is already emerging a coherent network of correspondents, writers and allies.
   Over the next 12 months this will be realised as the foundation of a mighty network of folkish Asatro inclined individuals, recruited and employed from all over England, from Yorkshire to Devon and a large number of English writers from Canada, America, Australia and all over Northern Europe and our subsequent folk populations.

Will you give your time through mere typed words in order to accelerate the awakening of the folkish spirituality of your ancestors and the future of all our descendants?

Thousands of individuals will read the words you write in every single article be they Asatro or solely news articles, some articles will be seen by tens of thousands, every single article will be read by several hundred members of our folk within a matter of hours, key articles such as the report on the undeniable Jewish origins of the EU has already been read by tens of thousands of people.
   Your words could awaken other individuals, our words together could awaken our Germanic folk nation both in England and internationally.
For a single hours effort writing an article, you can create hundreds of hours of reading across the viewers of this website. Through this effort collectively you could have the honour of speaking up for our Germanic folk and help inspire other patriotic folk, simultaneously awakening and converting apathetic apolitical people into political warriors inspired through folkish Asatru and the contemporary context of the problems facing our nations today.

   We Asatru folk are our own storm, we shall sweep across the conscience of our nation, a purifying gale force wind of eye watering elegance, purity of message and uncompromising, unfaltering, unwavering spirit.

This is the true meaning of our lives, this is what makes us Asatro heathen-folk, we are not forged into political warriors through mere knowledge alone, for knowledge without cause, is purposeless and like a leaf upon the winds, we are driven by something more ancient and pure: loyalty and love for our folk and our nation, concern for our future and the lives of our children.

The uplifting and safeguarding of the future of our beloved Germanic English folk is a future course I have long since dedicated my life to, even as a youthful twenty year old politics & philosophy undergraduate at the best political research department in Europe I am -still- limited by time constraints and subject to life’s demands but as a folk alliance we are unstoppable, for combined our time-constraints are negated through an organised unit of author co-operation and collective contribution, augmented and organised through this dedication, purity and uncompromising nature that you gain a glimpse of through my writing here.

This collective contribution alongside this uncompromising dedication are the fundamentally necessary dual requirements to enable our Asatru inspired, patriotic folk efforts to be truly organised to awaken and inspire millions of our Germanic English population.

Pledge your pen hand, your typing fingers, your audacious moral courage, your personal story as to how you were awakened to Asatru, write about it here to inspire others, write to inspire and then write to inform upon contemporary matters, become a worthy part of the only English Asatru effort, let not the moment pass, nor your ancestors down, if you are unwilling to even minutely contribute with mere words to a collective effort to inspire our people, you are of no use to our folk.

Cease to be a spectator, together we make all the difference, only together can we achieve real change.

   The change you can dream of, to restore our nation and all Germanic folk nations internationally until they are informed, inspired and eventually governed by us, in accordance with our people's best interests, in our government, our politics and philosophy, both here in England and all over the Germanic world, online and offline, publicly and privately, in the past and the future, globally.

Cease to let your inaction betray your and our ancestors and future descendants.
Our true effort starts here and it starts with your political, spiritual & cultural awakening proven only through your active participation.

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