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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 20th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 20th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
From Cornwall to Kent, from Wiltshire to Yorkshire we English folk are a pure and age old people, even when we have settled beyond England, North America, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and thousands of individual settlements outside of England, we are of one folk, a folk that is one within the Northern Germanic population, that exists globally, due to our own intrinsic excellence and verified historical evolutionary and territorial success as a folk group.

 The very fact that the entire modern political, commercial and social world speaks English, what would otherwise have been just one of many Germanic languages, this fact is testament to our universally recognized racial significance and achievement that we exerted such influence for so long and still do to this day, and increasingly will exert more influence in the future.
    Once our nation and all English peoples globally have re-awakened to Asatro and subsequently in the decades that follow retaken their respective state governments one after another, with increasing speed and confidence.

 From England and Germanic Northern Europe we English and our indistinguishable mainland Germanic relatives were born and refined over thousands of years of evolutionary excellence throughout the eras and ages of ice and starvation, through these eras we were refined and carved by the natural elements and our unique genetic evolution into our elegant, extraordinary racial character that we are implored to defend as an imperative in this era.

   We are a gloriously homogeneous Germanic population, as of even 1950 more than 75% of the genetics in this country had resided in the area of Northern Europe surrounding England, forming a long term, singular, homogeneous Germanic grouped set of DNA.
For over 135,000 years the majority of our nation and 100% of English folk existed in this extraordinary Northern area of the Earth, in the words of Tacitus we “stood forth as a race rooted firmly in the soil, pure and unlike every other”, this is the genetic history of all Northern European folk peoples above the Rhine, it cannot be denied, for it has been attested to for so long by historians as early as Tacitus in the year 93.CE and back through hundreds of thousands of years as proven by archaeological empirical evidence and the hundred thousand year old genetic configuration of our folk people.
Our genetic or ancestral homogeneity can never be logically denied, for other wise we would not exist with our phenotype configuration of wondrous beauty and genetic intelligence of a unique caliber, this is true by definition and is a truth that can never be logically, nor reasonably denied, all those that do are lying or are ignorant of the empirical evidence that is the IQ, mathematical beauty, historical achievement and scientific prowess that flows through our history.

This truthful observation can only ever be suppressed by hostile ideologies stemming from hostile racial groups, who are engaging in efforts to suppress our genetic sense of self-interests in a zero-sum calculus to promote their own ethnic interests at our expense actively and passively.
   The final barrier to the statement of this truth is the lack of moral courage in individual members of our folk in the face of this suppression, Asatro is what enables me and my few brave allies and writers to overcome this.
We share common ancient Germanic ancestors pre-Ice age with all of Scandinavia and mainland Germany, we are an age old Germanic folk, formed from the oldest Germanic stock, our common ancient Germanic ancestors once roamed the English channel and North Sea plains, when both of these bodies of water were a vast open grass and coastal flood plain formed by the trapping of the water in the last ice age and the subsequent low sea levels.

To this day industrial and commercial trawlers have picked up mammoth bones and other ancient remains from the open plains that existed during the ice ages, before the English channel had formed, between Denmark and the Sea North of the Netherlands and South of Norway, this was our common Germanic ancestral land, archaeologists classify this now submerged land-mass as "Dogger-land" and in its final phases before its submergence “Dogger-Island”, it remains a comparatively shallow sea to this day and was one of the ancestral formative lands of our sacred Germanic folk.
Our common Germanic ancestors thus moved only a few hundred miles back into England, having only ever gone as far as the English channel and Normandy, and the Dutch coast and Denmark. We are thus a wonderfully Germanic Island nation, whose ancestral land is just as much the Ocean as dry land, we are an Island of North West Germanic people, forged from our Northern Germanic (Nordic) and Western Germanic (Germanic) ancestors.
Our purest folk archetypically have lightning blue eyes, mysterious grey eyes, superbly recessive blue-hazel eyes and beautiful hyper-blonde, medium blonde, medium brown and airy medium-red hair.
Our folk are pure in complexion, with elegant noses, always straight or pointing upwards at the end or mid joint with proportionally slim facial features and luminescent skin, extraordinarily and elegantly pure faces or cutely-freckled faces alike.
Our folk are extraordinarily tall in the Shires, from Wiltshire to Yorkshire, with strong built folk a common sight, most of our pure Germanic folk throughout our evolutionary history have become increasingly tall, intelligent and long lived, our pure Germanic folk were continually self-augmenting through self-selecting breeding upon each generation that passed above and beyond the base environmental selection level.

If only our nations entire genetic future were secured absolutely and the currents dysgenics undone and corrected, would we again be on an assured path of ascendancy towards efficient evolution once more, with such elegant, intelligent women-folk & men-folk securing the future of our people and all that our creativity and genetic sophistication and refinement creates and deserves in accordance with our worthy ancestral inheritance.

   This is the folk-loving future all our folk could strive towards, and this ideal future, at the most fundamental level is ultimately the most fundamental foundation for our future. Pursuit and adherence to this ideal future must become the universally accepted qualification of legitimacy for all intending politically involved persons and holders of any and all public offices.
Anyone aiming to be involved in Politics at any level, and at all levels, must continuously be ensured to adhere to this noble aim, universally, as the ideal racial and thus moral requirement for political life requires in accordance with serving our folk.

The teaching of our ancestral history required to ensure our future was and is deliberately defiled and suppressed by Semitic or Semitic indoctrinated entry-ist forces in the education institutions that now largely control the telling of our history and biology, a societal role, that should rest solely in the hands and minds of our folk people themselves, but which was denied with the imposition of the Semitic creed of Christianity.

This is why adherence to a vision of the future where our genetic interests are paramount, was not adhered to in this past era and never has directly been adhered to in any of the long term policy aims under any government or monarchy in the entirety of the defiled Christian period of our history.
   This is fundamental denunciation of Christianity and the conviction of its intrinsic criminality against the ethnic interests of our folk that must be universally stated and accepted.
Christianity in suppressing what ‘it’ castigated as merely a rival religion, and all of the regional variations of Asatro, actually suppressed our entire racial lore and histories with such, which were intrinsically and naturally entwined and enshrined in our ancestral lore.

This is the fundamental and undeniable millennium old reason as to why the education of our history, philosophy and biology now rests in overtly, and undeniably Jewish occupied institutions, which is all it required to crudely corrupt a nation from above, through attacking and replacing fundamentally our beliefs from beneath a millennium beforehand.
The fact that we have still remained a relatively homogeneous ethnic nation despite this history is testament to the sheer folkish nature of our ethnic Northern European people, for we have retained our character for over a thousand years in the face of the horrific Semitic defilement and racial-spirit degradation system of Christianity, first spread by the Jewish immigrants within Rome, almost 1600 years ago in Southern Europe and the areas still remaining under direct post Constantine Roman military and cultural occupation up to the Rhine.

For despite having Judeo-Christian governments and Monarchies for the entire duration of recent history (albeit of a comparatively small part of our total evolutionary history) within the past millennium, which suppressed the pursuit of our genetic well-being for their own disconnected and often-times negative political well-being, we Northern European folk have still survived.
We suffered through centuries of anti-Germanic Christian monarchs and governments and their adherence and imposition upon their subjects of an abstract Semitic faith throughout the entire modern history of Europe, breached only finally by the Germanic created Scientific renaissance and the later total European Renaissance. Christianity has defiled European folk civilization since well before even this final, ultimately degrading and even more culturally Christian style of government and civic-nationalistic period of anti-natural Semitic-hegemony that stands in the way of an increasingly logical, ancestral and folkish European folk peoples.

This is especially true in England, where less than 0.5% of our English population attend Church regularly and less than 50% of our English folk merely consider themselves even remotely culturally Christian and where our resurgence of Germanic native spirituality is well under way. Any being or individual pursuing overt political (cultural & electoral) or covert (social) political ends that contradicts this pure Germanic future path of our folk, must be wiped out of all political involvement permanently.

Those defilers whose vile political effects contradict, even in the slightest, the pursuit of safeguarding the future of our folk, must be ostracized from political and even everyday social involvement permanently and absolutely at all levels of our society. All those who violate, or intend to violate our Germanic people's pure evolution should and will be overcome and ostracized from mainstream society. For what right do those who seek maliciously to undermine the very future existence of our folk deserve.

   The protection of our folk is achievable only through victory in this critical era in the decision point in the history of our peoples.
If such foreign subversives or post-liberal leftovers seek the alteration of our nation, they do not wish to and are therefore unsuited and unwelcome of being amidst our genetic nation, both here and internationally in all our kin-folk lands and rightfully acquired territories.

This self-evidently includes and applies to 99% of the current political, media, financial, educational, religious and social authorities, who self-proclaim their status through their effect and are simultaneously illegitimate, for they fanatically oppose and work to undermine the most fundamental genetic interests of our elegant, intelligent and extraordinary Germanic folk.
This is my task, to motivate all of our folk in accordance with this perspective, folk like yourself, who hold in their hearts a pure Germanic idealism and love, to replace 99% of the political, media, financial, educational, religious and social authorities that afflict our nation with a folk idealism and honour bound love that shall drive forth our civilization and ensure our progeny: our beloved sons and daughters future’s for eternity.
I and in time, all our folk shall enact this through a campaign driven by unfaltering, unwavering and unstoppable love of and for our folk, to ensure all our people’s future evolution, purely and without restraint from foreign elements, for eternity.
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