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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 25th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 25th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014

(Denmark's Folkish Political Earthquake)
The Dansk Folkish political revolution has commenced, The Danish Asatru culture and naturally folkish political allegiance of the Danish folk has finally culminated to produce an initial Dansk Politisk Jordskælv and has made implicit Folkish politics officially the mainstream political perspective amongst the electorate and increasingly, as this EU electoral victory and the already pertinent and strong Danish folkish presence in the Allthing demonstrates: Folkish politics is soon becoming the primary force in Danish politics.

The Dansk Folkeparti has secured a historic 1st place in the Danish EU elections, after a fantastic and powerful campaign, followed by an astounding and prominent national TV debate performance by Morten Messerschmitt, which also saw the popularity of Rina Ronja Kari increase simultaneously.

DANMARK EU PROCENTIn the polls the Dansk Folkeparti is represented by the Ø or O as in the chart of the results.

The Dansk Folkeparti won in almost every electoral district area of Denmark, showing massive potential for a strong 2015 Folketinget election campaign, as the Dansk Folkparti is popular with the electorate in almost all of Denmark, minus the heavily populated, immigrant occupied København and Arhus urban districts.

   Morten Messerschmidt is the Vice chair of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) alliance in the EU parliament, which also includes UKIP. Morten Messerschmidt, whose very name legitimizes the Luftwaffe, has immense personal popularity in Danish politics, having previously been an MP and a long standing Dansk Folkparti member.

Video Link: Farage discussing relations with the Dansk Folkeparti & Morten Messerschmidt

Although the Dansk Folkeparti victory brings only 4 MEPs into the EFD alliance, the domestic influence of the Dansk Folkeparti, and more importantly, the underlying, racially-self-assertive Danish folkish politics is the most significant outcome of tonight's EU election results, which are merely the visible aftershocks of a grass roots politisk jordskælv that has already caused massive fissures in the dominance of the Judeo-Socialist and moderate conservative, Venstre in Denmark.

What this indicates is that the Dansk Folkeparti is set to become a majority political force in Denmark by Denmark's national election of September 2015.

What this also indicates is that the Dansk Folkeparti will continue to be the party which decides the composition of the Dansk government and who becomes States minister and from which parties various ministers are appointed in the common event of a hung parliament in the Danish multi-parti electoral system come September 2015.

There is also a strong possibility that the Dansk Folkeparti will take multiple ministerial positions through its inevitable Jordskælv into the Danish Folketinget in 2015, especially the ministerial position encompassing immigration in a likely Venstre & Dansk Folkeparti post September 2015.

Although the Dansk Folkeparti, like Geert Wilder's Parti Vor Freedom in the Netherlands is pro Israel, its hard-line on immigration has for decades, ironically protected the Danish people from the effects of Jewish promoted mass-immigration and multi-racialism.

This glaring inconsistency, and the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in Denmark, shows that if the Dansk Folkparti truly wants to capture the spirit of the Danish folk, it has to purge itself of all Judeo influence.

The number one electoral issue in Denmark, as in the UK is increasingly becoming 'immigration', or the presence of non Danes in Denmark, to describe the cause of the anti-immigration sentiments, which are, as aforementioned, in reality an indicator of an increasingly politically folkish culture and resurgence occurring throughout the culture, political opinions, spirituality and economic concerns of ordinary Danish folk.

   The Danish folk's support for the Dansk Folkeparti is as a result of the natural collision boundary between the juxtaposed tectonic plates of Judeo-Christian, Political correctness, Thorning-Schmidt Socialism and on the other side: the Asatru culture, folkish sentiments, libertarian economic leanings and individual Danish folk's personal conflict, distrust and hatred for the very existence of the mainstream and leftist political class, who are the opposite of everything the Danish folk want, deserve and now, are voting for.

   For the Danish folk, the EU election Jordskælv, like all Jordskælvs was inevitable, and it is simply a matter of time, as with all Jordskælv causing tectonic plate boundaries, it is not a matter of if, but rather of when, the next Jordskælv will occur.

   The Danish Folk, augmented with an elegant, extraordinary, ecstatic and enigmatic Asatru cultured spirit and political will-to-independence will again cause many a Jordskælv, not only until Denmark leaves the Jødisk designed and promoted, dysgenic European Union, but until all of Denmark has been cleansed of third world immigrants and in its entirety returns to being the Denmark of the Danes, and fellow Nordic and Germanic folk alone.

   The Danish folk in the future must go further than the Dansk Folkeparti, and there will come a time, in the next 10-20 years when the Dansk Folkeparti itself, if it does not become more Asatru inclined and overtly Folkish, will need to be wiped aside to make way for a pure Danish resurgence that values the Danes on a truly Folkish and spiritual level, rather than the current Dansk Folkeparti's Christianity-derived sympathy for Israel, the Jewish ethno-state and Jews and its passive Christian defilement.

Make no mistake this is a racial resurgence as much as an anti-EU and anti-immigration electoral victory and this victory is just the beginning, by the will of the bravest of the Danish folk, further political revolutions will come to pass.

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