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Article author: Volunteer writer & information/topic sourced via the Express / Published: 30th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 30th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014

A cataclysmic flood of migrants and high birth rates racially assaults Britain's demographic composition by over 1000 new non-whites a day. Soaring non-white birth rates and immig­ration of non-whites are assaulting Britain’s ethnic composition by over +1,000 people a day, official figures revealed on the 29th of May.

The number of people living in England alone is set to rocket from 53 million in 2012 to more than 57 million by 2022, according to the Office for National Statistics.

That means the number of people living in England primarily and in the UK as a whole is growing by 384,410 people a year, equivalent to the population of a city bigger than Bristol. Including the 220,000 estimated purely from direct immigration. Showing the necessity of expelling all non-whites if our nation is to remain ethnically Northern European within the next 40 years or less.

This sincere, apocalypse countering necessity of expelling all non-whites must become professionally and positively publically articulated, as it is an issue pertaining to our very survival and rights as Northern Europeans in our own homeland.

Realists warn the boom could place an unbearable strain on public ­services already buckling under the strain of mass immigration, from the internal non-white birth rate alone which stands at +160,000 per year.

   There are no credible plans to provide the school places that will be needed so it will be ordinary members of the public that will pay the price. The public have woken up to the consequences of mass immigration(as UKIP's election victory has indicated). It is about time the chattering classes did so too.
-Alp Mehmet, of Migration Watch

Our folk need to be woken up to the genocidal crisis that is being forced upon our people by the very presence of these non-white expanding populations.

   This awakening needs to start occurring en-masse in the next few months (2019 UPDATE: and it did and we won the EU referendum to Leave! Just have to actually leave then start the next phases of empowering this awakening).

English News will be releasing a professional documentary on this subject in an attempt to start this national discussion, amongst our Northern European folk. (somewhen)

The ONS figures predict the biggest growth in London, the South-east and East Anglia, directly as a result of the non-white ghetto that is Londonistan, the population of which is increasingly sprawling out into the neighbouring commuter towns and urban areas surrounding London.  

The capital will become home to 9.4 million people by 2022 – up 13 per cent from 8.3 million in 2012 If we do not prevent or alter the current course.

London will be 70-90% non-white, due to people fleeing London, and the non-white increases. Our folk need to realise that when our fellow English and European folk are forced to flee an entire city due to a foreign population's increase and crime rates, that is comparative demographic genocide by definition.

The heavily Asian (Pakistani, Iraqi, Bangladeshi and Indian) borough of Tower Hamlets in east London will show the biggest growth in the country, at 22 per cent, adding 58,100 new residents to the existing 263,000 by itself if we do not intervene.

Such an intervention is for the very survival of our folk and must occur with uncompromising efficiency and political will power, will power that will be exerted by a renewed and morally courageous English population, standing up for our own ethnic rights.

Those Jewish-Supremacists, other non-whites or self-hating Marxists who call our racially aware folk racists or some other inherently biased emotional suppression phrase, are attempting to deny us our own ethnic rights, they are in their intent and effect, attempting to deprive our folk of the political will to stand up for our absolute right to exist as a truly ethereal, elegant, extraordinary and eternal ethnic folk.

   “Many of them are making their way here and are quite open about the fact (that they are parasites). Whether they want to claim asylum, find work, or take advantage of our benefit system, they see Britain as the place where the streets are paved with gold.”
   -Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP home affairs spokesman

   The public have woken up to the consequences of mass immigration
   -Alp Mehmet, CEO of Migration Watch

   The ethnically Northern European and wider European public now needs to be woken up to the consequences of the accelerating mass non-white population increases, and the dire necessity of countering such in absolute terms, this effort must start professionally, en-masse in the next few months.
   -CEO of the English News, Dan Rayner

In London overall almost 90 per cent of population growth will be down to the number of babies being born, showing how immigration is not the issue, but the horrifically high non-white birth rates combined with the subsequent drain on our wealth from welfare, child allowance, school places, healthcare and massive anti-riot policing costs.

   The most damaging cost, is the cost this is enacting on the demographic and also the political-demographic composition of our nation, which must be tackled head on and immediately. Millions of our people have become the victims of non-white criminals, which is an atrocity. Those who staunchly defend non-white immigrants are the likes of the ethnically Jewish Barbara Roche, who revealingly pushed Labour immigration controls to facilitate the invasion of millions of non-whites into the UK. Peter Mandelson stated this was for electoral gain, for the Jewish-Supremacists it was an act of racial-warfare by proxy.

   The racist-hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacists needs to be exposed, and our people must realize that: IT IS RACIST NOT TO OPPOSE NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION and that every single political commentator and Jewish-Supremacist who supports any non-white immigration is a genocidal anti-European racist espousing via hypocrisy a malicious, manipulative and murderous moral, political and thus anti-European racial double-standard.

   We must awaken our folk so that they can mobilize themselves politically to start pushing towards re-taking Westminster or national power and political discourse at other levels, so that we can protect our very right to exist, this effort must be accelerated like never before in the next few months.          

Only 10 per cent of the increase in the London population is due to uncontrolled immigration. ONS figures showed 25 per cent of newborns in Britain today has a foreign mother, with births rising 90 per cent from 98,000 in 2001 to 185,000 in 2011.  

That is 10 times the number of births to British-born mothers. Outside London, the population across South-east England will grow by 7.8 per cent, and 8.6 per cent in the East of England due to the non-white populations and Eastern European populations residing in our lands outside of London, most of whom are commuters to London. Thankfully (comparatively) the biggest rises, at 15 per cent, are projected in two areas with large eastern European communities instead of non-white populations, Corby in Northamptonshire and east Cambridgeshire.  

The North-east will experience the slowest growth, just 2.9 per cent over 10 years, while in the North-west, Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria and nearby Copeland populations will fall by 1.5 per cent. Britain also has a growing elderly population.

There will be 22 per cent more ­people aged 65 and over by 2022. And a horrifically rapidly increasingly non-white child population.

   We must reach the stage where the public are openly talking about repatriation before the current infant population reaches adulthood, so as to minimize the damage caused. Ideally this awakening should be surging prior to the 2015 general election.

In London, elderly people are only 11 per cent of the population, compared with 17 per cent in most other regions, due to the low non-white life expectancy and the exodus of the majority of London's Northern European (indigenous) population.

Article author: Express (modified) / Published: 30th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 30th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014

Britain's overcrowding crisis was yesterday laid bare when data revealed a 25 per cent leap in the number of households that are home to six or more people.  

   An analysis of census statistics showed there were 543,000 households in 2011 with at least six residents – up from 433,000 in 2001.

The Office for National Statistics said the surge was down to “economic or cultural factors”, such as young couples living with parents because they cannot afford to buy a home and immigrants sharing houses. London, Luton, Slough, Bradford, Birmingham and Leicester had the highest number of six-person homes.

   All of these Cities and Town areas have majority non-white populations, including illegal immigrants. With the majority of children being non-white, primarily Africans, Indians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis.

   These are our occupied cities, the archetypes of destruction and racial-demographic onslaught that must be used as examples to awaken our folk to the dire necessity of expelling all non-whites for the sake of our safety and survival in the long term.

   “All of these areas have been identified as having high levels of overcrowding and also have high proportions of the population identifying with Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi ethnic groups.”
   -ONS report

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