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Article author: Dan Rayner / EnglishNews.org / Article Published: 16th day of Ærra Līþa 2269.RE / 16th day of June 2019
The Conservative Party prefers a Labour Government to the UK leaving the EU
The spiteful Remainer Prime Minister Theresa May has backed an equally traitorous Remainer to succeed her: Rory Stewart whose leadership campaign is being managed by his Jewish wife, Shoshanna Clark.

Although formally resigned as leader of the Conservative party Theresa May is now a more insidious technocratic Prime Minister with no accountability for a few dangerous weeks more. This vile out of control Prime Minister although outgoing is trying to do as much damage as 'it' can.
She has set in motion an insane £27 billion spending package to increase leftwing teacher's salaries and waste billions on the pointless wastage of non-white inner city schools.

Theresa May and the Jewish core of the Westminster establishment would rather see a Labour government than have the UK leave the EU. The Westminster establishment think they can replace Corbyn immediately or within a short time period for a more compliant leader. The so called Conservative Theresa May has backed the subversive former diplomat Rory Stewart to become her successor. This would be electoral suicide but achieve their primary self-destructive aim: to stop us leaving the EU. They are willing to literally trash the Conservative party to achieve this. The political establishment value the EU above all. The EU is the primary entity facilitating the Kalergi Plan after all.

The EU is keeping the nations of Europe tied together and through that combined political dilution: slowing down nationalistic uprisings whilst facilitating massive internal and external migration to 'undermine the homogeneity' of each European nation. For this plan they are willing to sacrifice the Conservative party absolutely without a doubt. The Conservative grassroots members do not want this: but they no longer have a real choice (p.s: Vote Brexit Party in the next General election). They have the fake-Brexiteer Boris Johnson and likely Rory Stewart or perhaps Jeremy Hunt as their likely choices for leadership (read misdirection) of their party.
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I was once a member of the Conservative party at the age of 16 when I volunteered in a member of Parliaments constituency office for an academic year. I know that many within the grassroots of the Conservative party are racialist (I was for example) and traditionalist. At a meeting I went to the side talk was all about the crisis of replacement migration, about there being 'too many'. This is the core of what Conservatism is about in this context within this crisis we are being subject to. Conservative principles on economics, freedom, competition are secondary to 'conserving' our nation itself and infact they inform this core principle. Anyone who is racially aware needs to ditch the Conservative party. I realised this at the age of 16 and a half... In the short term it looks like the 'democratic' options are vote Brexit Party or engage in mass non-payment of taxes coupled with street blockades, protests, non-cooperation with the government, etc.

It is transparently obvious that the Conservatives are a party that had been hijacked probably around the 1930s. The post war Conservatives were not allowed to repeal the NHS that had been setup by the 1945-1950 Labour government of Clement Attlee. In historical hindsight it is clear that from this point onwards a bureaucratic core of Jewish infiltrators had taken over the key donor and party organisational framework of the Conservative Party. They turned the Conservatives into the designed-to-fail opposition to their Labour Party at the time which was to be the engine of Jewish Socialism in Britain. This failed due to several key electoral defeats and key moments. Most notably when, as I have on good authority: according to a Lt.Col: a general at Sandhurst was handing around pamphlets against the then 2nd Harold Wilson government. However notice how it was the pathetic, subversive-conservative Edward Heath government that had signed away our national trajectory to the slow destruction of the EU framework. The Conservative Party has since at least the 1930s been willing to deliberately enact policies of subversion and refuse to repeal or undo acts of subversion authored by the Labour Party. Both of the Race Relations Acts for example were passed under Labour Governments after lobbying from the Board of Deputies. The Conservatives although many key members opposed them did not repeal these laws. The Conservative party has not reversed the mass migration enacted under Labour despite promising their members they would.

So now informed with this historical precedent and trajectory we should realise that the Conservatives are, have been and will continue to be a fundamentally infiltrated political entity which lies openly to its support base and relies upon scaring voters into supporting them versus the spectre of the Labour menace. Meanwhile it is the Conservative party that pushes the subversion albeit at a slower pace and often due to their refusal to repeal prior subversive acts.

The outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May (who is an ideological slave to Semitic subversives) has confirmed this trajectory in 2019. This trajectory is undeniable. The Conservative party is so badly infiltrated that it is willing to dispose of itself to attempt to stop us English people having our vote to leave the EU fulfilled. The Jewish dominated Westminster Establishment, civil service and media are entirely complicit in this regard: being full of Remainers and they would risk a Labour Corbyn government if they have to, to try to deny us the result of our democratic vote. The social contract between the citizen and the state has been entirely invalidated by these subversive bureaucrats and their willing, compliant FPTP election system 'elected' representatives.

If you would like to join a real network of English activists to disseminate information and form the essential Network of political organisation to do something about this situation then email English Asatru At Protonmail Dot Com.
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