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Article Author: Dan Rayner / English News.org / Article Published: 24th Night of þrimilce mōnaþ 2269.RE / 24th Night of May 2019.CE
English News Analysis of the Conservative Party Leadership Candidates and thus next Prime Minister of the UK
English News Quick Analysis of each Candidate currently announced or highly likely to run for Leadership of the Conservative Party and ultimately the next Prime Minister of the UK.
Theresa May has announced she will step down on June the 7th. This would likely be the date the next leader takes office. However her tenure as 'caretaker' prime-minister could continue for up to 6 weeks depending on whether or how fast the Conservative Party organises a conference of members (if it even gets to that) to vote on the final candidates. It will likely be decided unfortunately by the preferences of the individual MPs of the majority Remain-preferring Conservative party MPs currently serving in Parliament.

The ratios next to each name are Betting statistics Indications: Indicators of expectations of who will become Prime Minister according to random people's bet placements (more reliable than polling but still susceptible to bandwagon effect and affected by media-image manipulation):
Boris Johnson
Betting statistics Indicator: 10/11
Bicycle-Cuck-is-racing-towards-power1Boris Johnson is not Jewish: However Boris Johnson is a disgusting cuck to Jewish subversion who says he likes migration, thinks mass non-white migration is good. Whilst he supports Israel as a Jewish only state: this is definitional cuck-hood: Boris Johnson supports(enjoys) Israel having a sense of racial identity and pursuing further racial measure yet supports Jews and Jewish political-ideology indoctrinated freaks undermining the UKs racial identity and composition (keeping up the Christian defilement of our spiritual identity also). Boris Johnson is probably the no.1 most likely candidate to make anti-Semitism an offence, even more than Dominic Raab (who is a Jew) as Boris's fake-patriot appeal and comical style can be used to appease or placate sufficient people to be able to pull off otherwise unthinkable acts of subversion and treason (like with his support for mass-immigration, which somehow mainstream Conservative normies engage in cuck-vision to somehow selectively overlook).

Dominic Raab
Betting statistics Indicator: 5/1
Dominc-Raab-Jewish-Picture1Dominic Raab is Jewish. However from his appearance he is likely not entirely Jewish genetically. Apparently his father was racially Jewish but mother appears to be not Jewish racially from available information. Dominic Raab is an unthinking supporter of the Jewish Supremacist Quasi-State of Israel. He is married to a Brazilian (½ non-white) marketing executive and Google employee. Some statements he has made have been practical however: for example stating that migration has caused house prices to rise by 20% over 25 years and that feminism was "pitting men and women against each other". He did oppose the traitorous Brexit deal and resign as Brexit minister along with the prior Jewish Brexit Minister David Davies. Note how both of the first 2 Brexit Ministers were Jewish, the only exception being the insignificant final Brexit Minister who became such after the deal was already formatted. Dominic Raab is an establishment kneebender in every other regard.

Andrea Leadsom
Betting statistics Indicator: 12/1
Andrea-Leadsom-Jewish-Candidate-Conservative1Andrea Leadsom is not Jewish. Andrea Leadsom supports leaving the EU however she is a weak-minded person who collaborated with Theresa May despite the vicious way in which Theresa May forced her out of the prior conservative leadership campaign. Andrea Leadsom has a background working for the banks just like Theresa May did. Andrea Leadsom has supported Jewish propaganda proposals for the construction of a 'holocaust memorial and Learning Centre' (propaganda facility) right next to Parliament, in the park usually used by democratic protestors. This is the kind of Jewish -Subversion Andrea Leadsom is willing to put her name to.

Michael Gove
Betting statistics Indicator: 12/1
Michael-Gove-Jewish-or-Not1Michael Gove is not Jewish. However he has been a complete slave to Jewish-Supremacism both in Britain and Internationally... (just like most of the Westminster political establishment). Michael Gove supported Vote Leave and was partly responsible for the self-inflicted wound of the extra funding for the NHS pledge (no sensible person should ever want to waste money on the NHS).
Michael Gove supported the traitorous deal and it is clear from Gove's past that he is a ruthless subversive and Machiavellian manipulator who simply clings to whatever position will get him a promotion. He is an archetypical, unprincipled, egotistical Westminster politician.

Jeremy Hunt
Betting statistics Indicator: 16/1
Jeremy-Hunt-Asian-Wife-Yellow-Fever-Cuck-Race-Mixer1Jeremy Hunt is not Jewish. He is a race-mixing subversive, producing 3 children with a Chinese wife. Not ironic at all considering he is a distant relative of the controlled opposition image-defiler Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists.

He is as you would expect: a disgusting Remainer who then pretended to be a supporter of Leaving the EU because it was politically advantageous for him to do so. He has a total weak-minded looking cuck-face. As health secretary he increased the spending on the dysgenic NHS and bent the knee to socialist welfare ideology whilst also being the bogeyman for the left to gin their NHS-worshipping, Low-IQ'd and indoctrinated support base up against for Labour election efforts.

Penny Mordaunt
Betting statistics Indicator: 20/1
Penny Mordaunt is not Jewish. Penny Mordaunt supports leaving the EU. Penny Mordaunt was named after a light cruiser! She is the daughter of a paratrooper. She was born in Torquay, Devon. She is a Royal Navy Reservist. She has a really weird past. Due to the loss of her mother she worked as a magician's assistant to a President of the Magic Circle organisation (nothing to do with any form of Paganism, just a lowly show Magician organisation). She also served as the head of Foreign Press for George W. Bush's presidential campaign in 2000. She has a typical post university political career: Conservative youth leader, political staffer, communications staffer, then MP, subsequent Ministerial positions, most recently as Secretary of State for Defence.
Sajid Javid
Betting statistics Indicator: 25/1
Sajid-Javid-Race-Pakistani1Sajid Javid is a Pakistani. Sajid Javid was used by the Conservative party due to his ethnicity to avoid media criticism where a white home secretary would have been made to be a media demonization target for the logical and required increase in stop-and-search and sensible policies such as blocking Shamima Begum from returning to the UK.
Sajid Javid is a supporter of immigration and multi-racialism and should not be in office. He is the racial subversives' choice for Conservative leadership. The Jewish dominated media have tried to gave him an image boost to try to try to put a non-white Conservative party leader and prime minister into no.10
Rory Stewart
Betting statistics Indicator: 25/1
Rory-Stewart1Rory Stewart is not Jewish. Rory Stewart seems to be of Scottish ancestry. Rory Stewart not surprisingly is a Remainer traitor who thinks that the only acceptable form of leaving the EU is not leaving it. Rory Stewart has a Scottish name and was raised in Malaysia and Scotland then the usual Oxford. He was a Foreign Office bureaucrat in Indonesia. Rory Stewart is a deformed-looking human version of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit with worse teeth. He has a disgusting duck-mouth (no offence to ducks) and an overall freakish face. He looks like a traitorous, subversive runt: acts like a traitorous, subversive runt and ought to be expelled along with all the non-whites. He would likely try to stop us leaving the EU along with his Civil Service allies like he has been doing already.
Matt Hancock
Betting statistics Indicator: 50/1
Matt Hancock1Matt Hancock is not Jewish. Matt Hancock is however a disgusting Remainer who supported Theresa May's subversive deal. He worked for the banks before going into politics.
He then took the usual assistant route into politics and clawed his way into becoming an MP candidate and up from there through his willingness to be a traitor and having no principles, bending the knee to whoever was in a position of dominance in the Conservative party. He is a disgusting normie who eats waffles on television. He is a unsincere person who does not understand the responsibilities of government and is a careerist individual.
Steve Baker
Betting statistics Indicator: 50/1
Steve-Baker1Steve Baker is not Jewish. Steve Baker is a member of the European Research Group (ERG) within the Conservative party. This is the group of MPs opposed to the European Union. He is not a kneebender, having threatened to leave the Conservative party (undoubtedly for the Brexit Party) if Brexit was frustrated further. He has been hostile against the traitorous civil service and has made comments against the Civil Service's neutrality. He is hated by the media establishment and civil service for this. He resigned as under-secretary of state for Exiting the European Union in protest of Theresa May's traitorous deal in 2018. Baker has advocated a return to the gold standard for currency and the Austrian school of economics. This identifies him as an opponent of the Jewish banking supportive establishment to a limited degree. However he worked as the chief architect of global financing and asset service platforms at Lehman Brothers bank from 2006 to 2008. However this could have caused him to become informed as to the problems we face.
Graham Brady
Betting statistics Indicator: 50/1
Graham-Brady1Graham Brady is not Jewish. He chaired the 1922 Backbench committee (a group which is supposed to represent the opinions of Conservative backbench MPs and give them collective influence in the face of Ministers and the Government).

Graham Brady supports leaving the EU however it is clear he has been soft in his approach to this. He has been largely neutral as chairman of the 1922 grouping of backbench Conservative MPs.
Esther McVey
Betting statistics Indications: 66/1
Esther McVey is not Jewish. Esther McVery not surprisingly is probably the joint least-favoured candidate by the media, betting agencies and the civil service who all doubt her candidacy chances. This doubt is not actually doubt in the eyes of the media or civil service (only in the minds of betting agencies) but is indicative of the fact that they hate her and do not want her to become Prime Minister ever. Esther McVey confronted the head civil Servant (the flat-faced freak, Mark Sedwill, who hates this country) and was shouted down by him in a cabinet meeting which she then left and resigned. Esther McVey does not bend the knee to civil service bureaucrats nor the media narratives nor illegitimate authorities.

She resigned on principle and after vocally and uncompromisingly confronting the civil service establishment and Remainer traitors in the cabinet. For this they hate her above almost all the other prospective Conservative leadership candidates. Her husband-to-be MP Philip Davies (also not Jewish, unlike some Davies'es) has opposed various subversive bills and organisations within the Parliamentary scene. Philop Davies also opposed gay marriage, anti-white descrimination and the 'equalities commission' of Labour when in opposition. However she had a career in television and has Jewish friends. They even called her  'Esther OyVey' it seems that she is not Jewish herself but grew up with Jewish friends and colleagues in her TV presenter career before entering into politics. She does however seem to have strong views against the Jewish occupied Civil Service and European Union. In some regards Esther McVey could be considered aware of Jewish influence having been aware of them her entire life. However this could have created philo-Semitism or private opposition to Jewish Subversives. She is seeking to target traditional labour blue collar supporters and in this regard is very useful in blocking against Labour.
Conclusion of analysis of the candidates:
Most of the confirmed and potential Conservative Leadership candidates are subversive traitors however; Esther McVey, Penny Mordaunt, Steve Baker and Graham Brady are the best of the worst and are the least subversive or traitorous.

It is no surprise the media hates them and they are subsequently seen as individuals unlikely to become leader of the Conservative party and thus Prime Minister. However if the Conservative party membership got a vote (and assuming Boris Johnson is exposed as a fraud or makes one of his usual PR mistakes to kill his own campaign) they could win.

However the Parliamentary Conservative Party is filled with Remainer traitors who quite frankly are more loyal to the ideology of the Labour party: they will seek to put a Remainer into No.10 along with the entire Jewish establishment and media that will be ruthlessly attacking the candidates who support leaving the EU in a form of campaign dysgenics to result in a bad Conservative leader who will continue to block us from leaving the EU.

All of the candidates are ultimately disgusting friends of Israel and supporters of multi-culturalism (to a submissive lesser or traitorous greater extent) and Jewish Supremacism (more openly or privately). Really I would strategically prefer the Conservatives to simply collapse or become the opposition party to a nationalistic political movement in the long term, or the opposition party versus the Brexit party in the short term until that occurs, forcing labour out and then paving the way for a racial nationalist movement. The Brexit Party will too however get taken over by Jewish Subversives (if it has not already at some levels) just like UKP became JEWKIP around late 2015 because any party that does not explicitly (or covertly) prevent Jewish-Subversives from joining it: will get infiltrated by them.

Those that try to prevent Jewish-Subversive infiltration (be it leftwing Jewish saboteurs or Jewish Supremacist pro-Israel supporters) will always get infiltrated unless they engage in genetic screening of all significant candidates. There will be serious infiltration attempts at all levels of our politics and society until we remove all Jewish Subversives from positions of political influence and simultaneously expel them all, like our wise ancestors did when we forced the Monarchy to expel all Jews from England in 1290.
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