Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

Analysis of United States White House press conference:8th October 8PM GMT

Barack Hussein Obama: "It is like not turning up to my own party"

Amid blaming "extremist...right" interests and 'forces' Obama reveals his egotistical leadership style.

Obama as an incompetent leader, still demanded that others compromise to his failed positions during the near-total government shutdown that has only just been delayed by 3 months.

He demands in effect that Republicans surrender their 'principles' to his 'principles'. And in the end they did, but not for a while.

Obama destroys the economy, tea-party backed republicans refuse to legitimize his deliberately engineered economic suicide dive of the US economy: Obama blames the crisis on them for not compromising. 

Amid picking out Jewish and Jew-ish liberal names from the audience of reporters Obama turns to blame "extremist positions... from the right", because his spending agenda will not be legitimized by the U.S House of Representatives, due solely to the presence of semi-principled Republicans, who in the end were outnumbered and whos resistance fell to nothing as the debt limit was juet raised to $18 trillion.

The first Jewish president's controlled destruction of the U.S economy, culture and racial composition has been forced into a climax: from this may either start the beginning of the end of the Obama administrations legitimacy or its supremacy, either way the end of business as usual on capitol hill is absolutely guaranteed and has continued unabated since this press conference, despite the compromise of the weaker elements of the Congressional Republican 'right'. President Obama's analogy of buying treasury bonds and buying a house, draws a useful demonstration to the reality that the U.S is being bought up and sold out to other people, whos interest is self-evidently not in the long-term interest of white America, or any rational, marginally patriotic citizen of the U.S to that extent. 

  • 8:11pm GMT "We had decimated core Al-Qaeda" 

The sickening, agonising irony of this statement (which although misunderstanding the reality of the Al-Qaeda) is that the first Jewish President of the US was willing to spend hard earnt U.S tax-dollars to rebuild them, after using those very public funds to "decimate" them. 

  • "this [ridiculous]... idea this republican came up with...the republicans should argue for a limitation of those items in the budget" i.e they should use a strategy that is less effective in stifling Obama's legislative agenda.
  • "republicans thought... we do not have to compromise, and we came pretty close to default." 
  • "we are not going to negotiate around the debt ceiling" --Hypocrisy--

President Obama then moves on to deliberately harm the U.S economy and the US dollar (USD) again by stating that U.S default would definitely cause a "world wide [economic] catastrophe".

  •  8:20pm GMT "what has changed in the political dynamic?" [to reporter]"they are aware of the fact I am not budging"

Republicans for once in their mediocre existences are utilized union strike tactics against a union Marxist, fighting fire with fire with some excellent results, for as long as the government shutdown lasted.

To illustrate this perspective, American political commentator Ann Coulter said in response to the current events: "this is how government is supposed to work", referring to the separation of powers encoded in the U.S constitution in order to prevent dictatorial leadership from violating the interests of the people of the nation, in accordance with the philosophical tradition of government inspired from the works of the ethnic English late 17th century philosopher John Locke. 

It is very surprising that comparatively moderate republicans (including the tea party endorsed Republicans in that description) have learnt to strike, union style, obviously observing the surrender of the GOP to Obama at the 11th hour they still have a long way to go.

Evidently this government shutdown, as far as the study of politics is concerned has already made internal political history, whether this government shutdown becomes a historical watershed for the shattering of the current political status quo, is what one should watch out for in coming shifts in public opinion.