Article author: Asatro News / Published: 10th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 10th day of Sol-month 2014

White Horse Waves Crashing against the EU

Switzerland has just constitutionally, as a result of a binding referendum: demoratically voted against the 'Freedom of Movement' clauses that were tied to Switzerland's trade deal agreements with the EU by voting to re-introduce tight restrictions on immigrants coming through the EU into Switzerland.

The Swiss people, through a referendum have amended their constitution to enforce tighter anti-immigrant restrictions, placing a cap on immigration coming through the European Union, which acted as a gateway to Switzerland. Switzerland has just taken a very significant step that will almost certainly be crucial in saving the racial integrity of the Swiss people.  

The political White Horse waves in Switzerland came from the Swedish folk themselves who voted to restrict immigration in defiance of the propaganda efforts of the majority of the Swiss political parties, unions, business communities, parliament and international Jewish pressure groups who wanted them to vote the other way (for continued mass-immigration). 

The vote was severely close with 50.7% of people in favour of restricting immigration, that it came so close, despite all the funding, biased news coverage and adverts is testament to the fact that for all the money in the world, the Germanic and Italian Swiss people cannot be denied their conscience, their understanding of what is best for them and their will to vote for their own (de-facto) ethnic, economic and cultural interests.

The French speaking cantons in Switzerland proved to be easily manipulated, who voted for continued EU immigration, likely due to their cultural closeness to France.

On the other-hand the sharp minded German and Northern Swiss-Italian speaking cantons voted to restrict EU immgration.  

The EU has reacted by stating it is reviewing its free-trade policies with Switzerland, in what is an obvious attempt to blackmail the political class of Switzerland or punish them for not being able to fool their people into accepting more mass-immigration. Ironically it is the EU which will lose, which will find itself more isolated as a political entity as a result of this vote.

The Swiss (Swiss-German) news website Neue Zuercher Zeitung stated:

"This is far more than a political slap in the face"

Another Swiss-German news website the Tages Anzeiger stated that the:

"Swiss decision puts Cameron under pressure"

-Accurately foretelling the far-reaching political effects of this vote in Switzerland, which will force David Cameron to make a tougher stance on the EU, and come forth with his 2 time (2009 & 2010) promised EU referendum.

The UK based think-tank 'Capital Economics' was commissioned by Geert Wilders to study the economic effects of EU membership on the Dutch nation (the Netherlands).

The study published its finding, and it is estimated that each household would be 10,000 Euros better off every year, for over 20 years, by pursuing no other economic policy, except leaving the EU!

The study has crushed all economic arguments for membership of the EU, if published widely (as the PVV (Party for Freedom) will), this report will leave the Dutch people wondering just why it is they are a member of the EU in the first place.

And then they will realize, when they look, as the 'Party for Freedom' states, at the massive numbers of Islamic and other non-white immigrants within the Netherlands.  

The EU is in its effect a gigantic 'melting-pot', to use that disgusting term that US based Jews termed for the cultural, ethnic, economic, spiritual and political destruction created from forcing multiple ethnic groups, cultures, economic immigrants, religions and political cultures into one single culture, it is a situation where the lowest culture drags down the highest and mediocrity is enforced.           

The EU is a system of enforcing racial, economic, military, spiritual and cultural mediocrity. It is the incarnate of the Jewish Talmudic method of attacking a rival people via proxy.

As this report irrefutably demonstrates on the personal economic level.

If this is the case in the Netherlands, just imagine for one second how many tens of thousands per year each UK household will be better of when we leave the EU.

And more than that, realize just what this genocidal, sabotaging union has done to our economic performance since 1973, when the UK joined the EU under the 'Conservative' Edward Heath.  

Just imagine what the Dutch people and all our fellow European people must be realising when we look at the bipartisan support for the EU from all of our political class and the full Jewish support for the European Union, contrast this with the fact that the EU holds each member state back and has done so much damage, economically, militarily, demographically, culturally, religiously and scientifically.

The removal of what was a production-inducing level of competition between each European state, has resulted in an undeniable degrading in performance as nations, on every level, in addition to the overt sabotage enacted via the EUs infamous red tape, creeping taxation and legislated theft.

The White horses have been rising in the Netherlands, with the staunchly anti-Islamic-immigrant 'Party for Freedom' forecast as the number one political party for this years EU elections, as is the Front National in France and UKIP here in England (it is just England, as Labour (3rd in the EU election predictions overall) polls higher than UKIP in Wales and Scotland for the EU elections).

There have also been some little White Horses in the rivers and all over the Fields of Southern England, in the worst flooding since 1760, which have served as an apt reminder of the disloyalty and disdain the Jewish beholden, financed and founded political class in Westminster have for the people and land of England, as articulated by Nigel Farage: the hypocrisy and betrayal of the foreign aid budget (money being given to non-white countries for the sake of it).

Covertly Farage implicitly reveals that the foreign aid budget cannot logically be based on charity, and is just therefore an excuse to drain wealth from our people* otherwise the money would have simply gone to 'aid' causes here in England or in ordinary times, to the homeless or to pay off the impoverished government's debts to its Jewish financiers.

*The foreign (non-white countries only) aid budget, comes ultimately through the money stolen via VAT on things you buy, via the taxes and stealth taxes on your income, business and your property itself.

In Germany, a legal White horse has risen against the European Central Bank, the OMT, 'Outright Monetary Transactions bond purchase (sounds like the Jewish banking fraudulent attempts to steal our money akin to the efforts of Jewish bankers in the1920s or 2000s all over again) which the German Constitutional Court has deemed as potentially in violation of Germany's constitution and laws.  

Just in-case anyone thought German bankers were free, or in control of EU policy, as is commonly scapegoated by the Jewish media, especially in Greece, they are not, they are controlled by the EU and the Jewish financial lobbies, advisory groups, "European(Jewish) central bank" and aptly named 'international' finance groups such as the IMF.  

In France Dieudonne M'bala M'bala is continuing his high-profile expose (through his own persecution and restriction) of Israeli policies and Zionist control of the political discourse in France, in an exclusive series of interviews with PressTV, he took the opportunity to state:

“There was a lot of muscle flexing by the Zionist Movement over the Dieudonné Affair, which was named after me. The decisions of the Council of State to ban a comedy show in France are the first ever, not just in France but in the whole of Europe. By flexing its muscles, the Zionist Lobby wanted to discourage everyone who would want to attack Israel’s politics... [interior minister Manuel Valis] attacked me and the freedom of speech and expression in this country in general....[the Quenelle] gesture is anti-establishment, against this political system, against this Zionist system, because Zionism takes up a considerable amount of space in the French establishment"

He concluded with the powerful statement, that will help to rally people the world over, against Zionism:

"This [Quenelle] is a slave’s gesture who looks at himself and who dreams of emancipation,”...  

Truly revolutionary anti-zionist words, showing an encouraging trend, even by non-whites like M'bala M'bala, that Jewish Supremacism is going to face the biggest force in its entire 6000 year old existence.

White Horses have come crashing through the political discourse in Hungary, with the continual rise of Jobbik, but also of the Fidesz party (equivalent to UKIP), allowing them to challenge the Jewish moral stranglehold on Hungary.

In Hungary, the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities has stated it is going to boycott all government events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the "Holocaust" in Hungary, until the government rejects (which is unlikely) its own proposal for plans for two World War two memorials that commemorate the small number of Hungarians who died during the German invasion of Hungary in what the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities has stated is an attempt to deflect away Jewish suffering, and Hungary's supposed role in the non-existent Jewish Holocaust.

It is ludicrous, that this hubris filled Jewish group has opposed a WW2 memorial commemorating dead Hungarians, because it deflects away from Jewish suffering and Hungarian 'guilt' for the non-existent holocaust. The Hungarian government also has halted a project that was focused on highlighting the imaginary "(Jewish) child victims of the Holocaust", the Hungarian government stated it has halted this plan due to uncertainty over "its historical approach".  

Was that "Holohoax" denial by the Hungarian government?-Not-quite, but it is most definitely not "Holohoax" demagoguery as seen in other European nations and in calling into question the "historical approach" of anything related to the "Holocaust" the Hungarian government has taken a massive although under-reported* move toward restricting Jewish shoa-business in Hungary.

*I had to go to the pro-Jewish (US based) Fox News to find any mention of it.

White Horses are rising all over the EU, and soon it will all be washed clean under the hoofs of White Horses, and in its place shall resurface a new Europe, much like the old 1930s Europe, but more widely awakened, informed and armed.

With a sense of betrayal and injury this new Europe shall rise: caused by Jewish-Supremacists, subversive and predatory Christians, naive fools, traitorous groups and our entire political leadership, like never before experienced in our history, the spirit of1290 is starting to seem like an understatement...

Through democratic resurgence or civil war, it will make no difference.

This awakening is unstoppable.