Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

Be on alert when taking part in community organising: the compromised leader and compromised movement method, the moral criminality of organised anti-English, community organisation corrupting and mis-directing efforts: a classic example

The pro-jewish-supremacy (Zionism and jewish-racism alike) appointed leader the of the EDL has for the last time demonstrated to the nationalist community and all of the nation, what he really is and what people like him are.

A worthless coward, traitor and outright political and cultural thug.

The same can also be stated of the Jewish-Supremacist leader of National Action, another failed, street-thug attempted movement, albeit, a far less noticeable and detrimental group than the EDL.

Thanks to the expose by the Asatro News this would-be-EDL group has been annihilated and its attempted defilement effort has been absolutely halted in its Jewish tracks and reduced to a steady decline.

-Something every person with intelligence should already have figured out long ago. The English Defence League or EDL, was a Jewish promoted and funded false opposition movement, emerging from a small, practically irrelevant old EDL akin to a small demonstration group that was rarely heard of.

The EDL became solely obsessed about the spectre of "radical Islam" in order to divert the attention of pseudo-nationalists and nationalist inclined folk, especially with the working class, away from the genocidal horror that is mass-immigration, more accurately termed as 'comparative demographic genocide' against English folk (and against all Europeans across all of our respective countries) towards focusing merely on so called: "Political Islam". 

The EDL not only disrupted and diluted the concentration of other Nationalist events and organisations, engaged in acts of espionage and intimidation but had the primary goal of severely damaging the visual face of what 'Nationalist' or 'Patriotic' movements and individuals look like.  The EDL follows in the long line of movements dedicated to deliberately defiling the image of racial realism and patriotism in the eyes of the general public. Although the EDL gave many young white working class men a platform to express their anger and frustration at "Islam", their talent and youthful energy was and now has been confirmed as largely wasted. 

Significant portions within the EDL and large strains within certain regional divisions although encouraged politicisation of their demonstrators against wider multiculturalism, although the route cause of the promotion and origin of multiculturalism was barred from discussion in the pro-jewish-supremacist EDL (The EDL even had its own Jewish division reserved for jewish activists) many attendees at EDL events quietly spread the truth about such origins of our current predicament, as in how the country ended up in the situation it is in today. 

Despite mainstream opinions on the EDL, which were correct as far as the leadership and the hooligan attendees were concerned, there was a serious entryist force within the EDL, many who were and still are serving BNP activists.

Having spoken to one myself I know this as an absolutely empirically verified fact. The EDL is dead, Stephen Yuxley-Lennon (genetically Irish with some semitic (jewish) blood) has served as the ultimate expression of the tactic known as the co-opted leader and has failed, now resorting to snitching on his fellow marching-mates.

The image of nationalism as a credible, intellectual, spiritual and ultimately beautiful force for the salvation of Britannia's land may at last be on the straight road to ascension, public agreement (more than it already is) and ultimately governmental power without interruptions from the EDL or any similar defilement efforts any more (especially after the collapse of National Action). Folk who care for the future of this nation and of all the European nations: do your research on (the leaders especially thereof) any group before joining it, so that this method of defilement of our cause is not repeated ever again. Morew importantly, analyse the effect any particular group is having on national political discourse, that is the only irrefuteable method of assessing whether a group or even a mere website is advantageous in the war to awaken and impower our beloved English folk.

The time for mediocre movements is over, only uncompromisingly pure, genuine and popular folkish positions that attract ordinary members of our English population are able to lead in this fight for the existence of our nations. 

The ordinary people of this nation are the only people who will be able to save this nation and save it they will, all we need to do is to wake up as many people as possible, engage in counter power initiatives (such as setting up our own media companies, banks and farming chains) and take the honorable, galant and forlorn role as the spearheads in the coming philosophical rebirth of our nations.