Article author: Asatro News Published: 1st day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 1st day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014


The most recent ComRes/ITV News poll has indicated the EU elections vote percentage for UKIP at 38%.

This is a colossal increase of 8% in less than a single month.

  • UKIP 38%                       (+8)
  • Labour 27%                    (-3)
  • Conservatives 18%      (-4)
  • Liberal Democrast 8%  (-0)

Polling companies have suddenly encountered a massive upsurge in the UKIP vote, that even seasoned political analysts were caught off-guard by, this massive upsurge has come during the week past that was portrayed in the Jewish-owned media as a week of controversy for UKIP, with multiple scores of articles, literally hundreds of them over the internet on every major Jewish-owned news website and paper, detailing ‘Racist’ comments by UKIP members.

This has coincided with, if not caused this sudden upsurge in the popularity of UKIP with ordinary folk.

These ‘racist’ comments have been immensely popular with the English public, causing a surge of 2-6% in UKIP's popularity in less than 1 week. UKIP is surging because it is inadvertently tapping into the ethnic nationalism inherent in the English folk.

The rise of Englishness that has been so suppressed and oppressed for over a thousand years and at a genocidal level of oppression in the last 80 years and especially in the last 17 years during the Jewish Labour government from 1997-2010, and continually under the Jewish Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government.

The mainstream media and academic political discussions are openly talking about “The UKIP threat”.

Neutrality has gone out of the window, the mask has been dropped and the Jewish-dominated media, political establishment and educational establishment have engaged in an undeclared war against UKIP.

Barbara Roche a Jewish-Supremacist and allegedly fanatical anti-white racist has started a “cross-party-campaign” the “Migration Matters Trust”, which means a Jewish led campaign, which is thus representative of the entire political establishment in order to counter UKIP.

It is Jews like Barbara Roche who are seeking to gin-up non-whites into supporting the Labour party whilst simultaneously spreading malicious lies about UKIP.

Barbara Roche, can only be described as the UK’s version of Barbara Spectre.

Barbara Roche (pictured) was Labour’s immigration minister from 1999-2001, during the acceleration of non-white immigration into the UK, she is one of those Jewish-Supremacists who nationalists will especially seek to put on trial for attempted genocide of our folk, when we re-take our nation, if she does not flee immediately to Israel.

Barbara Roche’s anti-UKIP campaign is indicative of and representative of the Jewish-Supremacist attitude of the entirety of the political, media, financial and educational Marxist-establishment.

The Kosher Conservative Jeremy Hunt, has called UKIP unpatriotic, for being racist, showing the worthlessness of Conservative non-patriotism, that supports the artificial (several million pounds worth of) promotion of the Mo Farah’s of this world at the deliberate expense of the English folk and other gold medal winners in superior sports, such as Horse riding. UKIP presents a threat to all of the major political parties.

Polling research suggests that UKIP is drawing votes from all political parties.

Including the liberal Democrats, Labour, the Conservatives and the BNP.

UKIP is truly becoming the implicit people’s army of the English. UKIP's rise is primarily in England, with almost no support in Scotland and Western Wales.

The left has openly admitted for over a year that UKIP is the de-facto English nationalist party. 

UKIP's vote predication has surged to 44% in the South West, up into the 40% range in less than a week.

UKIP is now scheduled to get over 50% in 2 entire MEP regions; this is a historic first for any patriotic, (civic) nationalistic political party.

UKIP is scheduled to receive 52% in the West Midlands on the 22nd and 54% in the Eastern region have indicated that they will vote for UKIP.

This will be a landslide victory for UKIP at the EU elections according to the Comres and ITV News polls.

YouGov polls are also depicting a very similar picture.

Not only is UKIP surging, but UKIP, is surging through a rehabilitated, mainstream nationalism, undoing over 70 years of defilement enacted by Jewish-sponsored, funded or infiltrator-led groups such as the BUF, EDL, BNP, BDP, NA, etc which all sought to present any self-concerned ‘Nationalistic’ people as weird, non-mainstream types. UKIP's nationalism is a catalyst for further political revolutions.

32% state UKIP is a racist party and yet 38% are intent on voting UKIP in the Comres and ITV News polls.

It is self-evident that there is a considerable divide between far-left, liberal types, non-white voters (including Jews) and the rest of the general population.

Although the biased wording of the questions responsible for concluding that UKIP is racist, is now known.

There is also the possiblity that some people are voting for UKIP precisely because they think it is 'racist', those people need to realise that the mainstream definition of racist is a non-applicable term and thus should have abstained from answering negatively that question in polling surveys. 

UKIP if it is racist, is only arguably racist for not doing enough for us English folk and wider Europeans, in its absolute inability and reluctance at exposing the Jewish-Supremacist driving force behind the EU and mass-non-white-immigration or for failing to expose the crime rates of the non-whites that are afflicting us and demographically assaulting us.

Although in effect UKIP is proportionally in our racial interests as the best political party at this point in time in a realist consideration of UKIP being the primary force able to remove us from the European Union in the shortest amount of time.

This past month has been filled with dozens of comments by UKIP candidates, officials, and party members, each and every time the media has reported upon such, it has only made UKIP more and more popular. 

 Roger Helmer MEP stated (reported as saying): 

“Different people have different tastes. You may tell me you don’t like Earl Grey tea... you are entitled not to like it if you don’t like it” (our people have as much right to dislike homosexuality as they do certain types of tea) and that he rightly found Lesbian and Sodomite relationships: “distasteful if not viscerally repugnant”.

Jackie Garnett (UKIP member) rightfully(albiet missing the point that its the immigrants and not just their religion that need to be banned) wrote: 

“ban Islam and knock down all the mosques”.

Our folk are voting for UKIP because it is not afraid to be called racist, because UKIP is realistic, straight-talking. 

 The so-called Racist views of UKIP are extremely popular with ordinary folk, outside of the Jewish-Marxist hegemony that rules over Westminster and the Jewish-staffed editorial offices of almost all major newspapers and broadcasting companies (especially the BBC).

 UKIP is popular because it is an implicitly racial realist (through being an anti-mass-immigration and anti-political correctness) political party.

As shown previously, opposition to immigration is mainly a racial issue, dividing between racial groups, and not an economic issue.

Thus it is self-evident why our folk are voting for UKIP and why the mainstream political parties and Jewish-led and financed so-called far-right parties and groups are all in opposition to UKIP and are doing there best to subvert it.

The mainstream political parties’ fear of UKIP become clear, when it is seen that UKIP is becoming the catalyst for an unleashing of self-asserting English and British identity, at the core of which is a pure and honourable nationalistic opinion. UKIP is also simultaneously outflanking and undermining the electoral stability of the main established Jewish-Supremacist political parties in the UK.

It is a nationalistic spirit not seen since the crowds of cheering patriots lined the dock sides at the return of the glorious, victorious British fleet after the victory in the Falklands war, but more than that it is the re-kindling of an ancient, racialist spirit, that favours UKIP more and more each and every time it is portrayed as racist: i.e. standing up for the right of our folk to remain the majority in our nation.

UKIP NEC member and ex-Conservative Cabinet Minister under Margaret Thatcher: Neil Hamilton has personally aided this effort to make nationalism into the mainstream political ideology by stating “UKIP is attracting decent BNP voters”, challenging, authoritatively, and intelligently the negative stereotype created by the BNP of a large segment of the population: the overtly self-defined ethno nationalist inclined segment of the electorate and ex-electorate that once voted for the now dead and allegedly fraudulent BNP.

This process of making nationalism into THE mainstream political ideology will lay the foundations for an unstoppable awakening against not only immigrants but everything that stands in the way of this new, mainstream nationalism.

UKIP at its core is a political party that is held-up by and responsive to patriotic English and wider Northern European folk. Non-whites do not genuinely participate in the membership of UKIP, the continual headlines by the Jewish media clasifying UKIP as racist, is actually keeping UKIP pure in its membership, and it is the membership who shape all future UKIP policy.

The mainstream media is laying the foundations for its own destruction and it is hilarious, for it is already unstoppable..

According to an Opinium/Observer poll Nigel Farage is the most popular party leader with a 34% approval rating*.

In-fact UKIP as a political-party is statistically more popular, by 4%, than its leader, Nigel Farage. 

Indicating that UKIP will INEVITABLY take millions of votes in 2015, even if Nigel Farage remained an MEP and leader of the EFDD group in  the EU parliament. (Has since happened)

*According to the same poll, Ed Miliband’s approval rating has fallen by 2% to 20%, with 46% disapproving of Ed Miliband’s very existence in politics. (Ed Miliband lost the election and was pressured out as party leader, the Jewish subversive lost the election)

UKIP has sealed the end of mainstream politics, this is why the de-facto English nationalist party has been regarded increasingly as “the UKIP threat”.

UKIP has long-since banned Hope Not Hate affiliated persons from joining UKIP, describing the anti-English, anti-White racist group Hope Not Hate as "extremists", preventing Hope Not Hate members from ever overtly influencing UKIP internal policy.

UKIP in being democratic will become more and more and more nationalistic, as our people gain the moral courage to stand up for our ethnic identity.

UKIP's internal membership is between 95% and 99% white, mainly English folk, the people who are in a position to alter or drive future changes in UKIP policy at the NEC and local level are our folk.

UKIP's immigration policy is already to freeze permanent settlement immigration (those families moving to live here and displace us) to 0 for half a decade.

In addition to only giving out 50,000 places for work immigration (which will all be taken up by Northern-European Danish, Dutch and German service personnel and corporate staff alone).

That is just the beginning, if permanent immigration stopped for 5 years, many immigrant families would leave, due to not being able to import their families in after themselves, with tighter work and immigration restrictions and UKIP's realistic approach to reducing welfare and cutting down on restrictions on employers, will force hundreds of thousands of recent immigrants to leave within those 5 years, out of sheer economic pressure, let alone the resurgent English nationalism that would subsquently be rising.

It is our duty to awaken in our English folk the ethnic sentiment and perspective to re-take our nation, so that, after that 5 year freeze on all permanent-settlement immigration expires, there will be a massive grassroots movement lobbying for the then UKIP and independent nationalist government to permanently ban immigration for settlement, forcing out additional hundreds of thousands of non-whites, again leading to further political revolutions.

UKIP is the catalyst, UKIP is only the beginning, that is the true reason why the Jewish-Supremacists in the political, media, finance and educational systems fear UKIP.