Article author: Asatro News & Volunteer writer / Published: November 25th 2013 (1st edition article) / 25th Blót-mónaþ 2263.RE

They lied, and they will always lie: until we remove them

An outbreak of embarrassed blushing broke out in the BBC's studios following the on-air revelation that 89% of the British public do NOT think that immigration is a “good thing for Britain”. 

  • In the above link go to 56;00 to see the shock as 89% of mainstream viewers (they have to be mainstream to have watched a BBC propaganda show like BBC Sunday Morning live) vote against immigration, and the facade of our current 'democracy' is exposed.
  • In the above link go to 57:00 to see the truth about the Jewish nature of Christianity and why we must rid ourselves of its influence, or watch from 56:00 through to 58:00, to see the brainwashed liberal think the opinions of the British people "is a shame", and then go on to try and say we should be more Christian about it. That just about proves everything that needs to be proven about Christianity.

Benjamin Zephaniah is the over-joyous ( & most-recent) propaganda face for overt racism gainst us English folk & all other Northern European folk in the UK

One could tear apart absolutely everything said by the panel of anti-whites (and the extreme anti-white, Benjamin Zephaniah ), that is if this were a true democracy where the far right was included on programs such as that, which we are not and when we are it is Nick Griffin making a fool of himself, or some illiterate working class retard complaining about "Islam" over and over again like a 1990s tape player with a hammer stuck through it..

The unfortunate poll result came at the end of Sunday Morning Live (broadcast 24/11/2013), a result rather at odds with the cultural Marxist pro-immigration stance of Britain's biggest unofficial tax-collector-cum-thought-controller (BBC).

But what does this tell us that we did not already know?

Has there ever been a legitimate poll that has shown the majority of Britons to be in favour of immigration (to its true 80-90% range) ?

 A YouGov poll in November 2010 found 81% supported tighter controls on immigration. -This is the kind of result range that fair, unbiased polling questions produce on immigration, besides what we had been tricked into thinking, our people naturally support what is good for them, and know what is not good for them.

Ask yourself: "yet what has happened since?" 

: The latest Eurostat figures show that, for the unmitigated disaster that was 2012, Britain earned the title of Europe's fastest growing country, with a net rise of 400,000 in a single year, a third of which has been attributed to immigrants. 

But also, these immigrants are reproducing rapidly, bringing us just 9,000 live births shy of France, the nation with the highest number of live births in Europe (guess why that might be). 

In-fact ALL net population growth in the UK is as a result of non-indigenous births, this is logically undeniable and shows the Daily mail headline is underestimating  the problem by more than 2/3rds (lying, by hiding the full scale of the problem, it is the worse form of lying, as it makes people comparitively passive), as the indigenous birth rate, is well below the replacement level of 2.1, and thus our numbers are actually decreasing, thus all growth MUST be coming from groups exterior to the indigenous (Northern European), mainland European and Eastern European populations within our nation.

Every statistician worth employing knows this, or can see this, simply be looking at the data and so too do all the anti-whites such as featured in the above BBC propaganda piece and the entirety of the political, media and education establishment, they are openly lying to their audiences, it is not as if they do not know, they do know, they are actively and consciously lying and this is why the British people, especially the English people need to wake up, because until then the media and political class will do nothing, but appear to talk about the subject, as a facade, and whilst they are all 'debating' a subject, the British people made their mind up about a long time ago, it is our land, our children and our lives that will be being damaged, ruinated and even destroyed entirely.

By their own poll 89% (the entire white population (minus the political class) plus, 4% of the immigrant populations opinion) of the overall population does not even like 'immigration', let alone mass-immigration.

This is encouraging for us, as we folkish individuals have a colossal-majority support from our people for the policies we espouse and the political positions we stand for, the jewish-supremacist fueled liberal establishment is on life support as far as its democratic appeal is concerned, this is the ONLY reason they are even talking about immigration, as they literally have to, in order to survive in terms of public opinion.

 A BBC insider source (yes the Nationalist Asatru News has one of those, only one so far) tells me that the BBC literally receives 1000s of letters and emails every single month from British people complaining about the BBCs bias on this subject alone... 

It is our duty to deprive the BBC of its life-support, that is why I launched the Nationalist Asatru News, so that we do not need to rely on the BBC any more, except for using their material to demonstrate their own genocidal intent. 

Given that Britain is already the most densely-populated nation in Europe, how can any immigration be justified?

The answer is blindingly obvious: it cannot be justified. 

And yet immigration has a majority support within all mainstream political circles, even the so called anti-immigrant groups continually say: "of-course I think immigration is a good thing -it is just a matter of numbers" The disgusting bias of the political class is obvious, as many of them are immigrants themselves (like Barbara Spectre, who is a Jewish immigrant in Sweden promoting more immigrants to come to and 'integrate' into Sweden and just like the H.I.A.S in the United States). They simply cannot find any genuinely ordinary, indigenous folk who support non-indigenous folk parasitically immigrating into our ancestral lands.


-Because no ordinary, indigenous folk are support such a ludicrous thing, and all normal folk are rationally self-interested and thus oppose immigration.

Talk to 100 people in Wiltshire, Dorset or Devonshire about mass-immigration and 100 people in Wiltshire, Dorset or Devonshire or any of the South West shires will tell you immigration is the worst thing that has ever happened to this nation, and that it is the reason Great Britannia has fallen so far, all the way since the mass-jewish immigration in the 1880s-1920s into the UK, to the mass non-white immigration that has been continuous since 1916, intensifying in 1945 and 1998 especially. 

Our people have suffered long and hard under the 'imported demographic revolution' of the jewish-supremacists and the parasitic political class, who really have no class at all, it is about time we annihilate their efforts by organizing against them.

But just look at what's around the corner.

In January 2014, the floodgates will open to Romania and Bulgaria, summoning forth a tsunami of gypsies, that we have neither the power to stop, nor the resources to cope with, hopfeully they will move to a Pakistani community or generically non-white inner-city area, to act as a sort of bulwark between the third world immigrants and us and simultaneous perform the role of a catalyst for subsequent anti-immigrant sentiments.

The NHS is already at breaking point; police numbers have been cut; taxpayers are already shelling out £400m for unemployed EU migrants annually – and believe it when I say, these gypsies are not coming here to work!

Indeed, they openly brag about quintupling their benefits by moving to 'Benefits Britain'.

Remember when David Cameron pledged to bring immigration down from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands?

They all lied, and they will ALWAYS continue to lie until we remove them. 

-There is no other option it is now to late to negotiate, they have had over 110 years to change immigration policy, they have not, nor did they ever intend to change their policies, they have simply had their agenda.

It is time we stop engaging in the controlled 'debates' of the political class, and go straight to our people directly, it is time we start working to oust the entire current political, media, educational and financial hierarchy and most importantly it is time to oust the entire jewish-supremacist effort that resides behind them.

-From the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), the tens of thousands of Jewish and gentile leftwing and so called right-wing editors of every major news company in the UK, including the BBC, to the heads of every single bank we can get our hands on (83% of the media is Jewish owned (in terms of stock ownership), 93% of the banks are Jewish owned, and jews are over-represented in Parliament by a factor of 1,000%+) until they are removed, our peoples view will never be truly represented or served in government and national culture.

Side note: If Muslims were over-represented to the extent that Jews are currently over-represented in parliament (just counting the publically known jews, religiously not racially), Muslims would have over 260 MPs... Just to put things in perspective. Imagine the uproar if Muslims had 260 MPs in Westminster, and yet there is not a single word about the Jewish over-representation in parliament, no quotas to introduce 'fair' ethnic representation... Nothing but deafening Hypocrisy...

There is no anti-Semitic fallacy here, it is statistically undeniable and visible for all to see, in-fact I am vastly under-estimating the scale of the over-representation, having used the easily available number of MPs who are religiously and ethnically Jewish and not simply ethnically Jewish, let alone all of the MPs who are partly Jewish, ethnically. More recently, senior Labour Jewish-supremacists Jack Straw and Ed Miliband have grovelled before the public with slimy, hand-wringing admissions of “we made a mistake”.

They are implying that, should they regain power, they will bring down immigration. 

Guess what? 

They're lying too. 

Politicians know that opposing immigration is a vote winner, and that is as far as it has ever gone or will ever go.

  As soon as the farcical “democratic” elections are done with, on goes the plan – the ethnic cleaning of the indigenous Britons by mass immigration, a process one should call "Comparative Demographic Genocide", symptoms of which are often called "White flight", "a failing economy", "high crime rates" and "integration", etc. Nonetheless, 89% of Britons opposing immigration is nothing to be sniffed at.

Although a British/English nationalist or 'folkish' awakening may be just an ambition today, this result shows that at least our people still retain the will to survive.

Make sure to do your bit to help unleash our people, if you can you might even be able to write articles from this website, or forward this article to a friend, whatever you decide to do remember to:

~ Keep positive ~ Keep practical ~ Keep persevering ~