Article authorAsatro News  / Published: 29th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 29th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014

They are waiting for us, Our 5th column of already awakened folk.

Awakened folk are present, even in the camps of our enemies, our to be found allies, Northern, Germanic and Nordic Europeans who will do everything they can to save our folk, if only we inspire hope and courage in our folk, when the time is right, and only when the time is right will they unleash, and simultaneously reveal themselves, millions of ordinary people who think like I do in these articles but do not have the courage to speak openly themselves.

One can see our covert Germanic racial-allies occasionally, or more accurately: their shadows, like spirits, they leave their marks, as they flow unseen from one instance to another, and they show their truths, to those who know their signs or who can look deeply, in the pro-Germanic imagery and pro-Asatru cultural inspiration of the US TV series Vikings as a recent example of this.

There are even covertly Ethnic Germanic Nationalists in Hollywood, the BBC, ABC, CNN, in Government: Brussels, Westminster and elsewhere and in the staff of every single University in the nation, especially in the staff of the University of Sheffield.

There are numerous Nationalist lecturers and staff, some academic, some purely administrative, but they are there, in the shadows of their own fear, awaiting liberation, it gives you hope to even know of their existence, but more importantly it gives you inspiration.

Knowing that there are those awaiting our resurgence who are counting upon us -personally-, it makes me realise, we fight for a racial, ideological and spiritual cause, but also for a deeply personal one, that for each one of us who are defiantly awakened and known for our views, there are 10 or more people who know instinctively what we say is true, who remain silent, like spectators, awaiting the time to roar in support and riot and surge to the salvation of our folk.

From positions of authority, education, administration and corporate, military, governmental and social connections; they await to make a move on behalf of their folk, with hearts as pure as diamonds, dwelling from within the ranks of dust blowing aimlessly in the winds of time, they glint so distinctly as they pass you by.

That the Germanic eye alone may notice them.

Especially an Nationalistic and Asatru awakened pair of eyes, like those you perceive the world through, that understands the truths they know all too well from the inside.

Can you imagine how easy it is for a person to be awakened from seeing the Jewish domination of a university department from the inside? Or from inside a Hollywood film studio? Or a governmental department?

Excruciatingly easy, there are more covert nationalists than there are of us overt nationalists, by a ratio of at least 10 to 1, it is self-evident, for the silent and cautious always outnumber the non-silent(!) and self-sacrificing(!) few, like ourselves(!)

Our covert allies are of-course isolated, demotivated, and overly-cautious of making any earthquakes at this moment in time, but they are there, like the political version of sleeper agents within a population.

They are

Our 5th column.

All we have to do is PROVIDE THEM WITH some mechanism, path or hope to enact the beliefs we hold in common, for until WE Nationalist Asatruans ARE IN POSITION, they cannot risk making any considerable moves to assist our folk in throwing off the Jewish-Supremacist chains over our civilization and institutions.

But do not lose hope ever, for we are here... and we are working day and night to get into position, so that those who conceal their views, may be able to unleash themselves, into a purposeful and unstoppable civilization wide uprising, rather than a career end.

Until WE PROVIDE THEM with a vision of their destiny, of hope, courage and a viable plan for them to participate in from within their well-earned and long-suffering positions, they will do nothing spectacular, but continue their long silent march.

As soon as we have provided our covert allies with hope, a plan and a mechanism through which they can realistically help us without massive loss to themselves, then they will be literally coming out of the woodwork everywhere, like mystic Huldufólk, they will appear from behind every rock, tree and half-open door, like the jólasveinarnir, they will cause surprise, and sew mischief, that we will act upon and utilise for the sake of all our folk.

They like the Vættir of the Forests deserve and require the occasional offering, something to keep them fighting, to keep them on a worthwhile path, they need to see that our victory is inevitable, for them to wager every part of themselves on our victory, not only in the long term, but for the immediate and essential short term future, which in our age is infinitely and incorrectly considered far more important than the long term future, for our covert allies this is a truth, that we must observe in relation to their standards of their own life.

Fighting for our folk should not create negative consequences for them, until that is achieved, in some way or mechanism, they will not contribute to our struggle.

It is my plan and current reality to enable our covert allies to have this, the best of both worlds, of fighting and of living: Nationalist Asatru, simultaneously public and private, simultaneously clandestine and transparent, everlasting and yet transient.

It is our duty to work towards establishing that framework, that is why we exist in this fight, those who have sacrificed all hope of a mainstream career, for reasons some of us did not truly comprehend or fully calculate, we are the prime movers of the salvation of our racial-folk.

The inevitable, first over the top, the first to Valhalla, the first to establish the networks and frameworks that will save our folk.


In your mind you must hold it as your duty and your duty alone, we are a noble, intelligent, strong, wise and resourceful race: It is down to you in your individual state of existence to prove this, we are only as strong as the weakest link in our networks, in our efforts to awaken our folk.

Each link is only worthy of considering itself (and thus being) apart of the first among the awakened if and only if that link (you) are willing to contribute to this struggle.

Get out of the mindset of inaction and write articles, the 2nd most efficient form of activism, the least costly of the two best solutions, followed by the less numerically efficient and less personal forms of activism of leafleting and demonstrating.

First and foremost is the use of human emotive conversations, on a one to one basis with as many people as you possibly can in your personal life, the most self-sacrificial and noble social act, to risk your image in the eyes of others solely so that they may become awakened.

One after the other, until everyone you know is awakened...

And by that time, we will have power, by the effects of each and every one of you awakening everyone you know, it is mathematically undeniable.

This is the most effective way to convince someone of the truth, and a truth like the one we carry as our burden, is to sit someone down and tell them in authoritative and confident terms, that this is the reality we face.

Use emotion to implore people to action, use emotional weight in your words, combined with statistics and facts, but more importantly, your personal connection emotions, facial expressions, tone and confidence to convince individuals to the truth you are relaying to them.

You will awaken more people through personal conversation of our truths, than you EVER WILL merely through leafleting or writing occasional articles.

I will admit this, although many articles like this are written like conversations, to show you the format you must emulate, if my articles convince you, use them to convince others, use their style, adopt it, and wield it like a weapon yourself.

A good teacher, aims to teach their students to become better than themselves, it is my aim to teach each and everyone of you reading this who cares for our Germanic folk, to be better than me, to be more effective than me, I am the standard to surpass, the standard to succeed and learn from, just pay attention...

Observe the truths I have written here and throughout this website, and wield them in your own life to awaken our folk, it is your duty and yours alone, it is down to each and every one of you to save our folk, to forge the pathways, destinies and hopes we all hold in our hearts into a reality.

Awaken yourself and rise to the service of our folk, for as long as you remain idle, you are not awake in the service of folk.

Prove you are awakened, serve our folk, awaken our folk.

Through powerful, convincing articles and powerful, convincing, emotive conversations first and foremost, through your life, as effectively and worthwhile as you can make them, calculating target conversions solely on their usefulness and your chances of success in awakening them.

Each person you inspire to action, each person you awake is a multiplication of the chances of our hopes, destinies, and dreams for our folk coming through.

Go forth, like Sleipnir, like Gungnir through the air of war, like Mjolnir upon Thor's anvil, over and over again, hitting your targets, awakening our folk and reaching the perfection of awakening all our folk.

Hail our Gods

Hail our Goddesses

Hail our noble, wise, intelligent, beautiful, resourceful, eternal, elemental, English Folk