Article author: Asatro News / Published: November 7th 2013 (1st edition article) / 7th Blót-mónaþ 2263.RE

The unstoppable emergence of truth: The destructive role Jewish-supremacists have on European and International politics is becoming well known on multiple levels...


Recently ex-foreign secretary Jack Straw, no less than an elected official who has worked in the foreign ministry and foreign policy spheres of government for over 2 decades has openly stated the link between domestic Jewish-supremacist influence (in lesser words) and the control of the UK's foreign policy and also made hints towards the Holocaust guilt industry in stating "Germany's obsession with defending Israel".

Our former foreign secretary (among other positions), who presided in office as Foreign secretary during (2001-2006) at the height of the middle-east Jewish-supremacist ( domestic based and Israeli based Zionist influence) caused invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has stated in a mainstream forum (Global Diplomatic Forum), in the eyes of the media, international and domestic, that "...Jewish groups with unlimited funds" are the main reasons, causal and correlative of the entire Israeli-Arab conflict, especially in reference to the blocking of any two state solution between Palestine and Israel.

It is clear to anyone informed or involved in the subject that Israel does not want a 2 state solution, it wants to wipe Palestine off the map. -Hypocritically Jews the world over complained when the former President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad merely predicted that the same fate would occur to Israel in its near and short lived future, this false and politically-augmented hypocritical complaining occurs continually at the same time as Jewish immigrants to Israel, many from Britain, America, Russia and France are actively going to Israel and partaking (actively (in IDF service) and demographically) in the genocidal destruction of Palestine as I write this article.

Many Labour politicians (like Jack Straw) have mentioned and objected strongly at the crimes of Israel (without actually following those words up with actions or campaigns of a deserving magnitude) but drawing the link between domestic Jewish control and international Jewish control is a line those pro-Palestinian political figures do not cross.

Primarily, this is due to the fact that the acknowledge-ment of Jewish power, instead of "Israeli influence", in being a form of criticism of the Jews in effect, is not something many on the left can ideologically handle, as their ideology (findings its roots in Jewish, well-connected manipulators epitomized by the likes of Marx, Saul Alinsky, Genrikh Yagoda, and all the way back to Saul of Tarsus result in an ideological and world view that cannot simply allow itself to make such comments, almost as if it is a psychological self-restriction, upon inspection this is obvious, the minds of the ideologically 'Judaized' persons literally acts as a prison on such thought, directing the holder of such Judaized views into complicity in their own destruction.

Secondarily, they would come under a severe threat of electoral challenges and face the removal of the party whip (getting sacked by their own political party).

On a tertiary level there is then the threat of social exclusion by groups and circles with Jewish individuals controlling admission and who is 'popular', this also applies to circles within the left, that due to the regular and mechanical like placement of Jewish persons, throughout every leftwing organisation, prevents and reprimands any discussion of Jewish-power.

The far-left and moderate left is quite obviously a facade when it is realised that at its core, as detailed is a cadre of racially-supremacist Jewish individuals and groups, supported en-masse by the entire Jewish community, in their promotion of 'tolerance' (a.k.a Genocide) and liberalism (a.k.a, tacitly allowing Jewish pseudo-intellectuals to set the political customs and discourse).

This is not just vague speculation, the recent proposal by the (intrinsically racist) 'European Jewish Congress' on the promotion of 'tolerance' and the punishment for offenders demonstrates this continual trend on the left. Now for a member of the Labour party and ex-cabinet minister at the highest levels: Jack Straw has set the precedent for a new wave, or surge of 'disclosure' by government officials on the existential and political threat we all face, all over the world, from Jewish supremacist groups with "unlimited funds" not through some abstract danger, but through the direct causing of wars, the promotion of terrorism in response to such and the promotion of continual international instability, democracy spreading and thus massive and sustained long term economic damage to our economies through the disruption of vital trade routes and market confidence. And that is just a small summary of the International dangers created by what Jack Straw has correctly identified as the source of our world's current political problems.

Is there hope that other Political figures will follow in Jack Straw's example?

I think so. If you look at Jack Straw's history it is very much like the track record (speech wise) of most moderate political figures, he mentions the Palestinian issue, the threat Israel's nuclear weapons pose as "potential threats" as much as Iran's (theoretical) nuclear weapons and so on. Jewish individuals all across Europe have also suggested in their words and behaviour that such a mainstream 'diagnosing' of the cause of our problems as originating in Jewish-racist manipulation of domestic and foreign policy is about to occur on a scale never before seen. 

And it has already started. In response to this growth in understanding of the sheer amount of damage Jewish individuals, groups and lobbying efforts have caused all of Europe, the Commonwealth and the entire world, now 1 in 4 European Jews in a recent study over all of Europe, feel wary or scared of openly admitting they are Jewish.

Not because antisemitism is on a rise particularly, to warrant 25% of Jews being literally scared to be Jewish, (it is on the rise but not at such a rate) but because 25% of Jews are expecting a backlash for their crimes against Europeans and dozens of other entire racial groups on a lesser scale such as from Persians, Turks, Palestinians and the enraged Muslim world on a foreign and domestic level.

Here are three relatively recent examples of openly self-evident Jewish manipulation, in the controlled destruction of the European peoples.

Just watching these pieces below I find myself wondering: how long will it be until all of their futile governmental bodies are all rendered unto nothing more than dust, how long do they honestly think they can keep up this genocidal manipulation. Nationalist Asatru prediction: The Complete collapse of Jewish power over Europe will be enacted by the year 2035, that is to say, that in only a few years time, over 2000 years (possibly up to 6000 years) of manipulation and destruction will be defeated and reversed, now is a most worthy and noble time to be alive in this struggle, it is our greatest responsibility and our most glorious right, keep inspired fellow Asatru minded, European folk, in the words of Alex Kurtagic: "enjoy the struggle".


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